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Why It Pays to Invest in an Electric Medical Spa Chair?

by stevesmith

Your spa or facial chair is the prime spot where most of your clients spend their entire experience of the salon. This is why a high-quality electric medical spa chair is essential when you are starting or expanding your spa business. Because there are so many options, it is essential to take your time and make an informed decision before forking over any money.

Plus, it is also a very consequential one- spas can provide a wide range of services. So, it’s the last moment to decide what your specialty is going to be. Let’s take a look at what a spa chair does and look at the different types of treatment tables.

What Is A Spa Chair?  

A spa chair is a procedure chair used to perform treatments in medical spas, beauty salons, and other healthcare facilities. In particular, electric spa chairs are popular with practitioners, technicians, and clients because of their versatility as being adaptable and adjustable pieces of furniture.

spa chair

Spa chairs are pretty much a necessity in any spa. However, there are different kinds of spa treatments and their purpose varies depending on their functionality. Basically, you have the option to purchase:

  1. Universal tables which are fully or partially electric with height adjustments, and adjustable headrests and footrests.

  2. Flat-top massage tables are also available.

  3. Med spa treatment chairs and estheticians tables are perfect for services that require precision.

  4. Specialty tables are especially for particular services, such as body massage or only face treatments.

Massage chairs are becoming technologically advanced! (Why are med spa chairs now more in demand?) 

To unwind mind and body, massage therapy is one of the most ancient and effective ways. Massage helps to prevent and treat back, shoulder, and neck discomfort. It also relieves anxiety and depression, promotes circulation, and preserves appropriate posture.

Due to their convenience, mobility, and time efficiency, massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular. With this boom, massage chairs are available in a variety of functions. For instance, many massage chairs use pressing, swaying, and rolling movements to target the service the client is looking for.

Technology is advancing in the med spa chair and massage industry. Many use the technology of thermo heated bed for superior relaxation, hand remote, and foot controls for easy operations.

So it is time to reinvent your salon and invite clients to indulge in revitalizing treatments. Did you know that having salon beds that may be customized precisely can help you with your therapy? Whether it’s Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, cupping treatment, aromatherapy, or deep tissue massage, these are a few examples of massage techniques that can be significantly enhanced.

Ultimately, you can only expect the best massage therapy, and a happy client when the therapist or estheticians can alter the angles, concentrate the strength, and apply precise pressure at the desired points.

However, choosing the one for your salon is a tricky process with the different design and style alternatives, choosing a spa chair is never simple. So do your homework before deciding. Here are some of the things to note:

  1. Try out different options and surf through different brands

  2. Choose an appropriate placing location

  3. Recognize your needs, including the long-term and short-term

  4. Prioritize the features whether you need an electric or hydraulic medical spa chair.

How Electric Medical Spa Chair Works? 

A heavy-duty electric facial chair comes with 4 motors rotating, which work well in all settings, from estheticians facilities to spas and more. The electric chair motors power to manage the seat angle, seat height, footrest angle, and backrest angle.

What’s more, these are designed to rotate up to 180 degrees in patterns dictated by the arrangement of the frame. You will also come across med spa chairs that have a restricted range of motion. By this, we mean that they can only go up and down the back of the chair.

Additionally, for simple on-and-off customer access, one reset button takes the chair to its upright position. To accommodate customers of all heights, these come with removable arms and headrests and also include a detachable center cushion to ensure flexibility.

Benefits of Electric Medical Spa Chair for your Salon 

The right spa chair can make a difference between a disgruntled customer leaving in discomfort and one leaving with a memorable experience. Something so fluffy is not what you desire.

From facials to microblading- as well as an array of medical and cosmetic procedures- choosing a chair that is versatile enough to accommodate all what you plan to provide to your client base will play into your ability to perform these services exceptionally well.

To learn more about the benefits of spa treatment chairs and tables continue reading:

  1. Easy to Adjust: If you are a full-time esthetician, it can be really draining for you to manually adjust the chair every time to reach different angles. The electric action of the spa bed allows you to focus on your job without having to put additional effort into lifting the bed up or down. When you need different heights for applying different types of spa actions, you should not be stressed about adjusting the height. Not only for the practitioner but an electric medical spa chair also offers many benefits to clients.

  1. Stable Structure to rest: Now that you have adjusted the height and the position of the chair, you certainly don’t want to see the client falling off the spa chair in the midst of a spa or facial treatment session. Most of the spa chairs from reliable brands have built-in stability.

For instance, when you have those traditional wooden chairs your clients may anticipate feeling restless and uneasy. While electric spa treatment chairs are supported with a substantial base. The client will be safe and you will be free of any worries when you choose a spa bed that is made to withstand the body weight and does not wobble unnecessarily.

Even with multiple adjustments, your electric massage bed will remain firmly in place.
  1. Optimal comfort: The spa experience begins the instant your customers come through the door. It can’t be said enough if your client is not relaxed they won’t enjoy their treatment no matter how good your service is. So choose your spa chair wisely! For the utmost level of luxury, while giving treatment, electric spa tables are your answer. They can lay back, relax and unwind after a hectic day while you work on tailoring the therapy.

  1. Luxurious look and appearance: For your clients to feel extravagant and lavish when visiting your salon, you need to invest in high-quality salon equipment and furniture. Apart from the friendly and professional staff, you need to create an environment where clients get the best services. There are many ways to customize high-quality equipment. These have a distinctive appearance, helping to create an inviting atmosphere for your new customers.

  1. Increased convenience for employees: If your estheticians or technicians are not at ease, there will be a lack of quality service. Generally, they are well-trained to do what they do. But facial beds help them to work more effectively than a traditional wooden chair.


Whether you have been in business for a bit or you are just starting- it is easy to feel a sticker shock. However, when you understand where your investment is going, you may realize that an electric medical spa chair is worth every penny. So, do your research to determine what you actually need against what may put you into an uncomfortable debt.

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