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Why is Applicant Tracking System So Important to Your Company?

by kathiemurphy

About 99% of the Fortune 500 companies utilize applicant tracking tools for a seamless and automated way of recruitment and hiring. In addition, nearly 75% of the recruiters are now using application tracking software to leverage the speed up the process of recruitment. Your company uses this automated tool that elevates your hiring process in tight labor markets. Global statistics have also reported that nearly 66% of the large companies, as well as 35% of the small companies, rely on ATS for hiring.

You can optimize your company’s ATS search and ranking its algorithm by matching your keywords to your published job description. This automated tool utilizes AI to seamlessly filter resumes regarding finding critical skills and titles. Moreover, with ATS, it helps real-time tracking of the application’s status and also allows archiving of applicant information for better hiring searches. It improves your hiring manager workflow and enhances the applicants’ experiences.


Why Integrate Applicant Tracking System Within Your Company? 

The companies utilize applicant tracking tools to attract, identify and hire the best candidates, enabling recruiters to focus and spend time engaging the top talents.

The advantages of the application tracking tool integrated into your company are enlisted as follows:

Reduced Time Spent with Enhanced Administrative Tasks 

On using ATS software, it allows you to speed up the process of recruitment and save yourself in doing other employee managing activities. It stops your HR team from manually publishing your jobs on job boards and follow-up emails individually. Rather, it helps your HR team to concentrate on other administrative tasks.

Provides Faster and Better Screening of CV

The ATS software automates the applications’ initial screening and utilizes algorithms to match the candidates against the job requirements. The employees not meeting minimum requirements are rejected, and the resumes matching with the keywords are ranked as per their qualification indicators. It allows your recruiters to stop wasting their time on irrelevant applicants and identify the most promising profiles.

Easy Facilitating of Collaborative Hiring 

On using ATS, it helps facilitate collaborative hiring, and HR teams easily and quickly share notes and ratings on each of the candidates. It helps drive a collective decision-making process, and that helps allow assembling diverse and successful teams.

Improved Hiring Quality 

With improved quality of ATS, it helps improve hiring quality. It also helps in engaging with the best candidates in the applicant pool. It helps automate administrative tasks, and recruiters have the time available to engage with the candidates in the selection process. A tracking system helps gather information and comprehensively assess the candidates before making a hiring decision.

Boosting Employer Branding 

With the consistent and engaging process of recruitment, it helps strengthen your employer branding. On using an applicant tracking tool, it helps your company to attract and engage your candidates. It also allows for impressing candidates and improvement of your talent pipeline.

Enhanced Experience of Candidates

The automated tool used helps improve consistency in the process of recruitment, and that helps in enhancing the candidate experience. It is the key to the success of your candidate’s hiring process. It also allows your companies to adapt strategies and implement tech solutions to enable faster and better hiring.

Speeding-up Recruitment Cycle  

Using the automated tool helps centralize information and organize the same in a unified platform, and it provides recruiters with fast access to the hiring process. It also helps increase communication, and helps provides follow-up, and moves candidates to the next steps. It also allows recruiters to develop and execute an effective workflow.


What is the Importance of Having Software for Workforce Management in Your Company? 


The unified software used for workforce management includes diverse aspects of the management of talents, including payroll scheduling, leave management, attendance and time management, and conducting essential HR services. As a result, your company is benefits from workforce management software in diverse ways, and those are enlisted below:

Less Paperwork 

The unified software helps automate your HR workflows from recruitment to offboarding and enables you to upload and access workforce data. In addition, storing data in the cloud system helps improve location and provides employees working remotely with better access to the policies.

Less Duplication and Improved Manual Entry 

On using this unified system, it helps add and change information without information duplication in multiple systems. It helps in hiring candidates and also helps in adding more information to the existing profiles without re-entering information like demographic information and contact details.

Consolidated and Unified Reporting 

On using this automated tool, it helps in storing workforce data across diverse platforms. It provides a centralized platform to locate your workforce data, which helps develop a comprehensive picture of the employees. It helps in enhanced capability to better support and making of decisions. Along with this, it also helps provide managers with information about the teams.

Consistent Updating of Reports 

This unified software helps your employees join, terminate and change the benefits per the requirement. It also helps save time and reduce errors, allowing assurance and preventing conflicting information from flowing across the system.

Improved Compliance 

Using the unified system enables you to pull data from one platform. In addition, it helps in creating accurate reports and meeting compliance requirements on time.

Better Communication Between the Payroll and HR Functionalities

Using this automated system helps simplify the process of integrating payroll and HR activities into one system. It also helps communicate the updates to the employees and provides less likelihood of miscommunication and information getting lost in the translation.  

Better Employee Experience 

With a unified workforce management tool, it helps your HR department to provide a better employee experience by adding salary and payroll benefits to the employees. In addition, this unified tool helps give access to the information, and the employees don’t have to ping your HR team for the same.

Fewer Occurrences of Errors 

On using the unified tool, it helps to enhance employee experience and also allows managing the system to cut down on errors. Moreover, this tool helps in integrating data into this unified platform and helps cut down on errors.

More Insights into Your Workforce 

With consistent reporting of data, it helps in a better understanding of your workforce. It helps to see the activities and programs that help drive the best generation of revenue. This unified workforce reporting allows you to understand trends in diverse areas like turnover and hiring, measuring benefits, training, and payroll spending. Moreover, insights provided help track the success of workforce programs over the time.

Elevated HR Reputation

Using a workforce management tool helps in the easy handling of payroll and HR systems to provide timely and actionable activities to the business leaders. In addition, this unified tool helps exceed employee expectations and build a positive reputation for enhancing business efficiency and accuracy.

Improved Analytical Functionalities

By providing the ability to access real-time data, this automated software helps in measuring your business performance against the plan. In addition, the HR managers provide sophisticated information to analyze and manage your business in an effective way.


Wrap Up

On using the multiple systems, it helps manage your workforce on a real-time basis. This software comprises of having consolidated HR and payroll activities. On using the automated software, it helps improve data accuracy and the efficiency of your workforce.

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