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Why Integrate Simple & Accessible Live Chat Support in Magento 2 Store?

by carmellablick

For every business, customers are the lifeline and the key to success. Whether you’re an owning eCommerce company or one that uses their website to sell in-person services, customer support plays a crucial role in every sector. These days customer live chat support is the primary requirement of every business. Live chat is one of the most popular way to build healthy relationships with your customers. It opens door to more sales while also providing a greater level of service to anyone who arrives at your website.

Live chat extensions are making it easier than ever to provide the best customer support. Right from your website, the customer can get information about your business products, resolve their queries, or get customer support.

When chatbots and self-service don’t have the answer, live chat empowers agents to deliver the support customers want and need — quickly, and cost-effectively. As part of your end-to-end support solution, live chat makes it easy to quickly share files, and implement webhooks that collect dynamic data.

Live chat extensions always put your customers at the core of your conversations.

Let’s take a look over the benefits of live chat extensions for the most popular website building platform, Magento 2:

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

The customers feel confident to do business with the companies providing support easy, hassle-free and instantaneous. The “Live Chat” button gives them more confidence to solve problems faster and assure your customers that you’re there when they need you. This is a simple, yet very effective, practice to improve both customer service and loyalty.

Increases customer engagement

The customer interaction increases with the live chat option. More than half of customers prefer live chat over phone/e-mails due to instant response. A good impression gives customers a reason to stick around.

Live Chat Support Personalizes conversations

Instantly answer questions in real-time, refer to in-thread notes, send and share files, ratings and feedback to the agent enhances personalization. Magento 2 chat extension helps you to improve personalization.

Complete customer context

Use the timeline view to see which actions visitors took before engaging with them. Route messages to the correct agents based on location, URL, device type, or other conditions that suit your business needs.

Keep sensitive data protected

Share personally identifiable information (PII) in a secure, fully encrypted manner.

The live chat customer support helps customers have any issues that might arise with the business’s products. Add quick and efficient live chat in your store with Magento 2 extensions to make sure that the customer comes back to your site and also refers your services to their friends.

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