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Why India is the Hot Market for Private Equity Outsourcing?

Why India is the Hot Market for Private Equity Outsourcing?

by jerrylazow

The high GDP growth rate of India over the last few years has placed it at an obviously high position to achieve success with private equity outsourcing. A large number of companies across the globe rank India as their preferred outsourcing destination. Although many other countries like the Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, and China have emerged in the field, India has successfully outmanoeuvred others and emerged as a top outsourcing destination for private equity companies. Primary differentiators include easy government policies, an immensely skilled workforce, and the fast-developing infrastructure of the country. Read on to know why India remains an ultimate destination for outsourcing PE work.

Cost-Efficient Services

The cost of living in many developed nations is considerably high. So, hiring local PE firms incurs higher costs. On the other hand, hiring PE experts in a remote location like India is a cost-effective of getting the job done. The lower cost of hiring Indian PE professionals is the key benefit most PE investors look for. Additionally, despite their low cost of services, Indian companies maintain quality standards according to global requirements. 

Flexible Pricing Options

One of the main reasons why India is a top outsourcing country is the massive cost savings a company may achieve. It is because of the enormous gap between staffing costs in India and other developed countries. Pricing flexibility offered by Indian companies allows creativity and freedom to manage budgets and reap the deserved profits.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

India has world-class cities with global connectivity and state-of-the-art infrastructures, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. PE firms in these cities have the best and most dedicated corporate infrastructure to cater to the needs of world-class organizations. Two-tier cities like Jaipur, Indore, and Bhubaneswar also showcase similar infrastructural developments. As a result, they can offer similar private equity outsourcing services at a lower cost. These firms can dedicate big expert teams and large office spaces specifically for PE purposes.

Consistently High Quality Services

Apart from the cost factor, the consistently high quality of service also maintains India at a top position for outsourcing private equity. The highly skilled professionals and trained experts in India deliver quality services with the ability to time the market correctly. Consequently, companies choose India not only to save costs but also for quality and speed of service.

Updated Technological Solutions

Indian firms providing remote PE services offer their clients state-of-the-art technological and infrastructural support. Hiring remote professionals with futuristic training helps get the best quality services with the latest technical solutions. These outsourcing companies have the latest tools and strategies to deliver maximum benefits to their PE clients.

English Speaking Manpower

India is home to one of the largest English-speaking talent pools. They give PE investors a massive array of choices to finalize. These professional outsourcing experts are as good as graduates from a developed country. This way, PE investors in foreign countries can access the best talents without compromising their geographical limitations. An efficient hiring process with a considerable workforce of English-speaking professionals guarantees to form an excellent private equity team, making private equity outsourcing to India a lucrative option.

Better Client and Communication Support

With several modern communication apps active in India, like Skype, Zoom, Team, and Hangouts, communication becomes an immediate and smooth process between teams located worldwide. The global business world largely relies on these apps for communication, and this reliance further increased during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. During this time, almost every employee worked from remote locations, be it from home or any other part of the country or the world.

Concentration on Deliverables and Core Strengths 

By outsourcing the PE processes to Indian companies, investors can focus on their deliverables and core strengths related to the financial sector. Indian outsourcing experts are proficient in their respective fields, increasing the investor’s overall efficiency. Outsourcing the PE process to an expert organization helps handle the tedious task of selecting, managing, and monitoring the investments with higher efficiency and reduced cost.

Private equity outsourcing is not just for PE giants and large investors. Due to its low cost and high quality service, outsourcing to India is a viable option for PE firms of all types and sizes. Outsourcing non-core business processes to experts provide better results without any management-related chaos.

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