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Which Camera Rental House To Choose When Shooting A Short Film

by Ronald Ruiz

When aiming to produce a short film, planning your budget and keeping it as precise as possible is essential. Suppose you are one of those who own the necessary film equipment that can assist ideally in shooting your short film, then it’s perfect. But, if you don’t hold the required gear to create a short film or cover a video project, then investing your money in buying the equipment is not a good idea. It’s better to rent the necessary short film camera gear than buy it to save yourself thousands of dollars and do the job effortlessly. There are numerous camera rental houses worldwide; from where you can borrow top-notch film equipment gears at a low cost. In contrast, if you buy an ideal camera for short film production, the gear’s prices would cost you an arm and a leg. 

Therefore, renting from a trustable rental house has many benefits; the major one is it’s cost-effective. Additionally, because of the existence of camera rental companies, filmmakers can get their hands on advanced film camera gear and get an incredible experience. Additionally, they send your requested gear to your desired location without hassle. But there are many video equipment rental companies, so picking the best one can be daunting for filmmakers. No worries, this article covers Georgia’s best camera rentals, which can ideally facilitate shooting your short films and videos. So, pay attention to this guide and check which renting company suits your shooting needs and budget.

Best Camera Rental Houses To Choose When Shooting A Short Film

Following are some of Georgia’s ideal camera rental companies that own a wide range of equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and grid, sound gear, and more. These gears can help filmmakers effortlessly when shooting their short videos and films. Check out the list of top-notch camera rental shops and find the ideal match for your project.  

Atlanta Camera Rentals

If your goal is to simultaneously achieve quality gear and convenience, then your go-to place is Atlanta Camera Rental. Roger Alexander is the founder of this rental house and possesses more than ten years of experience in motion picture production. He owns this boutique rental house to facilitate today’s filmmakers and photographers. Atlanta Camera Rental house has a wide variety of high-performance gear, including RED and RED cameras, lighting & grip, Angenieux zoom lenses, camera support, and others. Hence, here you can find everything from the indie film industry to Hollywood’s perfect product choices. You are just a few steps away from starting to shoot your short film, contact their support team, ask for gear availability and then book the top-notch film camera gear effortlessly.


Whether you are finding the best camera gear for your tv commercial shooting or for an editorial shoot, Aperturent camera rentals are one of the finest places you can go. Their convenient booking process is what attracts most clients of Georgia. Now you can cover your shooting events by using their high-quality equipment. They own three offices, one in Atlanta, the second located in Dallas, and the third in Washington, D.C; all of the offices consist of a team of technicians who will ideally facilitate you in choosing the best gear. 

Professional Photo Resources

This rental company is as professional as its name. The best part about Professional Photo Resources rental house is that they have the most extensive collection of DSLR cameras and lenses from the world’s leading brands. It is one of Atlanta’s trustable camera rental houses, providing the best gear since 1983. Additionally, their experienced team ensures the quality and performance of equipment are on point. Thus, you can borrow authentic cinema cameras from there to make the short film shooting days perfect. 

Shudder Studios

This company is founded by industry veterans who know perfectly what a filmmaker needs and how to achieve quality results. Similarly, Shudder Studios owns excellent video rental equipment that aids ideally modern cinematographers and producers to achieve desired results. The rental house specializes in video equipment and possesses top-level gear. Moreover, their supporting gear and props like tripods, lighting, monitors, drones, grips, and others are also available at affordable rates. You can borrow their equipment by spending less and saving some real cash. Therefore, try renting some first-class cameras and support gear from Shudder Studios to reduce hassles while shooting your short video. 


KitSplit is one of the popular camera rental marketplaces, which is people’s favorite because of its marketing strategies. It’s a platform where most small and leading rental companies market their equipment. Similarly, they have a lot of camera gear and accessories from which users can pick the suitable one ideally. Additionally, they come up with money-saving offers for their clients and provide them convenience most of the time. Their rental costs are also way lower than other companies on the list. You can borrow the latest products, from high-class cameras and lenses to VR tech and audio gear, and make your shoots hassle-free. Lastly, this company offers excellent customer service and incredible budget-friendly deals, that’s why it’s another best choice for filmmakers. 

PC&E Atlanta

PC&E Atlanta possesses the right kind of camera gear for your short video project or music video shooting project. They own the latest and advanced cameras of leading worldwide brands, including Panasonic, Arri, Phantom, and RED. Here you can find the ideal gear to accommodate your short film production needs. However, they don’t own equipment for run and gun shooting sessions. Consider renting PC&E Atlanta gears if you are on a tight budget. 

Why to Consider Online Rental Options?

Online camera rental existence has wholly changed the rental landscape. Excellent rental companies like Atlanta Camera Rental brought too much convenience to many people. Whether about shooting a short video or covering extensive events, you can easily find high-performance and advanced camera gear on their online website and book. 

Online rental platforms are excellent for beginners who want to start their careers and get their hands on professional camera gear. If you are unaware of these rental houses, you should start your research today and discover how they are assisting filmmakers in an organized way. They own a wide range of inventory that are pretty hard to find in a rental shop. Additionally, they offer delivery services, so you can get your desired gear wherever you want. Hence, traveling with heavy film equipment is unnecessary when you can receive the gear at your selected location.  


If you are a beginner in the filmmaking industry and want to hone your skills, start making short films and videos. Short films’ short length and uncomplicated nature make them effortless; you can create them faster. You will require the right equipment to make a short film. You can have the best team, creative ideas, perfect location, and script, but if you don’t have the right tool, you will not be able to get the best results. Thanks to top-notch online camera rental houses, you can borrow excellent film gear by paying less and opting for renting instead of buying. Hence, this way, you can get access to some first-class professional equipment and can polish your skills. 

If you are really searching for high performance camera gear to shoot your short film, then browse Atlanta Camera Rental website and book the perfect film equipment.

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