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What types of screens for what uses

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SMD Screens displays are commonly associated with digital signage advertising, but what about other uses? Real communication tools are easily adaptable for all kinds of integrations. The power of SMD Screens technology, unlike LCD, lies in its ability to provide optimal visibility for viewers, regardless of distance.

The screens of the “Ultra” range from Ledeca are thought out and designed to broadcast dynamic multimedia content at a short viewing distance. The 3 screens in the range, detailed below, have in common their small pitch and their very high resolution. These characteristics make them essential for meeting rooms, television sets, or reception halls.

Finally, they have the particularity of being flexible on-demand, whether concave or convex.

The Rubisroom: an optimal led screen for meeting rooms

Within a company, a community, and in most organizations, meeting or videoconferencing rooms are a place for central discussion and decision-making.

In an era where remote exchanges are multiplying, the importance of equipping yourself with high-quality technological equipment no longer needs to be proven. To enable the broadcasting of dynamic audiovisual content, LED screens increasingly appear to be the ideal solution.

It is with this in mind that we offer the very high-resolution Rubisroom led screen. With an adaptable pitch of 0.9 to 1.9 millimeters and a very wide viewing angle of 150°, it fits perfectly into all types of meeting rooms and guarantees maximum visibility for all participants, both for those directly in front of the screen. then those at the back of the room.

Regarding the distribution of content, the advantage of Rubisroom lies in its great adaptability and its optimal management of very high-quality media. It supports very high definition (from HD to 8k) and handles the most dynamic media perfectly thanks to its refresh rate of 3840 Hz.

A led screen like the Rubisroom quickly becomes an indispensable tool for crisis meetings, management committees, sales presentations, and much more.

Fully adaptable and customizable, the Rubisroom LED display dramatically increases meeting interaction and efficiency.

The RubisBroadcast: an LED screen to dress TV sets

Television sets, regardless of their size, have a habit of streaming multimedia content to inform and dress the scene. It is essential today to attract the eye of viewers with dynamic content, broadcast on led screens. The evolution of television has led to changes in the equipment used: cameras, microphones, control rooms, and screens, in particular.

To create a complete video wall or affix a single screen. LED technology seems the most suited to the current needs of the broadcast field.

PLF Industries has a wide range of SMD Screens including the RubisBroadcast, specially designed for covering TV sets. Like the Rubisroom and Rubishall screens, it makes it easy to stream in high resolution, from HD to 8K.

The choice of interface and control solution is free thanks to our video processor, supplied during installation. Thus, it is very easy to imagine all kinds of scenes and configurations to fully correspond to the expectations and constraints of each set.

The RubisHall: a led screen to welcome and receive

Frequently visited spaces represent a perfect opportunity to communicate widely. To broadcast advertising or simply to decorate a space. The led screen makes it possible to envisage all types of static and above all dynamic content.

The low pitch and very high resolution of our RubisHall display give it maximum visibility in high traffic areas. Increasingly replacing SMD Screens. LED technology offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of distribution and management of content even maintenance. Optimal for internal communication but also external and commercial relations, it offers great possibilities for distributing content. On a wall or fixed to the floor, this small pitch LED screen will energize your spaces.

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