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What Makes ProxyCrawl Different From Premium Proxy Services

by cory.james
Here’s how this software can make unlocking your stuff a breeze. As far as the client is concerned, it can do a number of things, such as handling rotation of IP addresses, handling repeat requests, and handling user agents and fingerprints, among other things. Because of this, the client performs better than any other premium proxy that is currently available in the market.

What is a ProxyCrawl?

ProxyCrawl’s automatic unblocking technology allows you to sit back and relax as it is designed to automatically unblock blocked websites (usually with 100% success rate). It is expected that you will be able to use this tool with just a single request and not have to do anything else to use it. Using this tool, all the rest will be taken care of, including adapting to constantly changing blockades that may occur on the target sites.

With ProxyCrawl, you can manage all of your:

  • Rotations of IP addresses
  • The retry request should be made
  • Request headers
  • User-Agents
  • Fingerprints
You will undoubtedly benefit from the use of this tool over premium proxy services, as it will enable you to achieve some significant advantages. Even so, you will only have to pay if you intend to receive data from your target, which cannot be done with the premium proxy services if you wish to receive data from your target.

ProxyCrawl Advantages Over Other Proxies

ProxyCrawl is the only premium proxy server with three unique features that make it different from other premium proxy servers.

1.   Managing Requests

If When it comes to achieving the goal of success as quickly as possible, it is important to retry the logical and CAPTCHA procedures as often as you need to. Based on the analysis of results per domain and selecting the settings that are most likely to provide the highest success rate in each domain, this software is designed.

2.   Complete User Environment Emulator

  • Type of IP, IP rotation, TLS handshakes at the network-level
  • The protocol level – manipulations of HTTP headers, User-Agent generation, and support for HTTP2
  • On the level of the browser – Cookie management and emulation of browser fingerprints (fonts, audio, canvas fingerprints/WebGL fingerprints, etc.).
  • Browser level – cookie management and emulation of browser fingerprints (fonts, audio, canvas/WebGL fingerprints, etc.) through several different methods.

3.   Content Verification

We can manage your data by automatically auditing it based on several parameters, including the request timing, the data types, and the response content, and then deciding whether it is accurate and legitimate. As a result, we ensure that you receive the most accurate information possible.

How ProxyCrawl Works

The purpose of the solution is to provide organizations with the assurance that their data security is up to standard with the latest technology available in the market today. As a result, the following strategies are being employed as a means of circumventing and overcoming the blockade imposed on the transmission of data:
  • Management of IP rotation on a full-cycle basis
In order to achieve this, the program tracks IP addresses from all over the world, and changes/rotates IP addresses based on periods of time, status codes, and the number of requests based on the behaviour of the target site as it happens in real-time. It is possible to handle an unlimited number of concurrent connections with rotating IP addresses, which allows you to scale up or down by adding or removing IP addresses as you see fit.
  • Capabilities for solving CAPTCHAs and auto-unlocking
The ProxyCrawl program uses machine learning to determine which algorithm can be used to bypass the blockades on a target site to bypass those blockades. Among the wide range of capabilities of this system, we would like to highlight that it offers automatic CAPTCHA-solving abilities and request routing management, which
makes it possible to collect data as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Fingerprint customization in real-time
We use tailored fingerprint configurations in ProxyCrawl algorithms for them to be able to operate with a wide range of fingerprint types during the unlocking process. With the use of this technology, there is absolutely no risk of being labelled as a ‘suspicious entity’ due to tools such as ‘rate limitations’ to ensure that this does not occur.
To balance the load among several IP addresses, rate limitations are caused by the division of the load between multiple IP addresses. Our goal is to achieve the best possible success rates by regularly reviewing target sites and calibrating settings per-domain basis. This allows us to provide users with the best possible experience.

How ProxyCrawl Is Helping Companies Deliver Faster Results To Customers

Among those companies that have chosen to use ProxyCrawl in their business cycles to make the most of its powerful tools are the following two:

1.   Computers and Electronic Components Industry

More than 20,000 people are employed by this company, which is estimated to be worth over $30 billion, and it engages people in a total of over 20 different countries around the world. By using ProxyCrawl, they will be able to gain access to the websites of four or five of their competitors to collect information on the products and pricing they offer.
Despite the constant blocking, the individuals were able to achieve some progress spite of the continuous obstructions. With the help of Unlocker, they can gain more accurate information about the prices of electronic components and computer products. In addition, they can avoid having their accounts blocked, which gives them the ability to provide better value-added services and distribution services for these goods.

2.   Global Healthcare Production and Distribution

This company has a vital role in the production and distribution of COVID vaccines on a global scale, and this is a crucial part of its in-depth role. Having a market cap of over $230 billion, a company such as the one mentioned above can be considered among the Fortune 500.
With specialization in providing medical supply chains in international markets and being actively involved in the medical supply chain shipping process to several countries worldwide, tracking and analyzing daily retail sales is crucial to the company’s operations. The ProxyCrawl can be made use of by them to gain access to this type of information in real-time to gain access to this type of information.

3.   Digital Network Optimization Tool

App development companies have developed a product that works as an extension for Internet browsers that tells users when their customers’ schedules have changed and give them information regarding the people they will be meeting during the event. We have decided to implement ProxyCrawl to enable us to obtain data in real-time that needs to be processed from sites that are very difficult to access, such as Crunchbase, Google News, LinkedIn, etc.

4.   Regulating Royalties in Music

To monitor how music is used on social media sites such as Twitter, the company keeps track of how it is used. For their business to operate, these companies use software to gather publicly accessible data from social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok and present it to their clients, including collective rights organizations, record labels, and publishers, who forge legal agreements to ensure that their proprietary music is credited whenever it is played.

Final Thoughts

Using ProxyCrawl will allow you to unlock even the most difficult of target sites, meaning that your data collection process will be streamlined, which means that CAPTCHAs and IP bans will no longer be necessary. Because this will be the case, it seems that using free proxy alternatives to accomplish the same task will be a better solution than using premium proxy alternatives.
Our AI technology is very proud that it can engage and reengage with a given target site through different routes of communication until we have reached success, engaging and reengaging with it till we have achieved success. The decision to use it for your business is one of the easiest decisions you can make, given that you only pay for successful requests.

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