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Wedding Dress | Tips To Choose Right Bridal Dress

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Basic Bridal Dress Designs 

 Because there are plenty of styles and fabrics and you want the best. But choosing the right one for your wedding needs some homework. We have summed up the best tips to choose the right bridal dress for your shape. This information and tips will let you plan the best wedding day attire for your very special day. 

Every bride wants to look out of the world on this day! But what looked amazing for your friend may not look the best for you. And no matter how elegant the dress is, we can’t expect it to look the same for all. Like how one size does not fit all, one style does not work for all. Though there are no thumb rules this checklist is going to make things simpler.

What Wedding Dress Style Looks Perfect For You

Different styles are created keeping in mind a particular body shape. Before you decide what to wear, learn what would look the best on you. And what style makes you the most comfortable after wearing it? 


  • For brides with large busts, a dress with some structure would be the best. A dress with V-shaped necks with shoulder straps works well. Alternatively a strapless style with corset closures and boning. Make sure you are able to pull the dress firmly to hold you.


  • Brides with longer torsos should go for a ballgown style with a seam or waistband around the waist. Circle your waist with a voluminous skirt. A mid-length train would make your lower body appear longer. 


  • For petite brides, mermaid-style dresses or form-fitting silhouettes look great. If you are short, a train equal to the length of the vertical lines will make you appear taller. A column or sheath wedding dress sare lightweight and makes short brides look taller. 

What Are Different Types Of Bridal Dress Styles

Let us understand the different styles of wedding dress Adelaide offers. Once you know how to identify them, you can discuss the dresses with your designer. Once you understand your body shape, you can decide what style suits you best.

  1. Ball Gown Style or Traditional Style

The traditional and most classic style is the ball gown style. The ball gown features a fitted bodice and a seam around the waist leading to a full skirt. The ball gown can be layered out with a train for a perfect Cinderella look. Ball gown styles generally look great on all body types and are great for stout bodies. 

2. Mermaid Dress 

The mermaid style is also known as the Fit and Flare style. This dress is perhaps the most eye-catching style as well as flattering and curvy. It tightly hugs your body through the top and your thighs like a second skin. This dress features a flare below the knee. If you have a slim figure, it creates a beautiful hourglass shape. 

3. Form-Fitting Or Sheath Style

The sheath style follows your body shape but does not hug you the way the mermaid dress does. So if you want to move around easily =, this is the best style. It looks great on petite body shapes. Sheath style can be made in any fabric like satin and lace. Also, groom’s suits weddings should be considered while choosing bridal designs. 

4. A-line Style

As the name suggests, Aline style takes the shape of A. If you are not ready for the classic ballgown but want similar elegance, choose the Aline style. This allows you to move and dance freely. An overlay with beads and embellishment can be added to your skirt for more elegance. A shape style hugs you to the waistline and widens till it touches the floor. Aline works for brides with all different body shapes.

5. Trumpet

The trumpet silhouette looks very similar to the mermaid style. It does replicate mermaid style but the flare begins at the mid-thighs. With this, you can grab the beauty of a mermaid dress without feeling stuck in your dress. This will look curvy and also let you move freely on the dance floor. 

6. Empire Line

The Empire line bridal dress’s highlight is a high waistline and slimmer skirt. The silhouette is perfect for brides with pear-shaped bodies. The dress also makes the overall appearance taller. Indeed, the best for petite and small brides. The focus is on the bust instead of the bellies, waist, and hips.

When you choose the right style for your shape, you are sure and confident on your wedding day. Once you decide on the basic dress style, it can be further elevated with embellishments and accessories. 

Popular Wedding Dress Necklines 

As you approach your bespoke tailors, you might get overwhelmed while selecting the styles, fabrics, and necklines. Stop fretting about the neckline of your bridal wear. We have summed up the most common necklines for wedding gowns. 

  • Square – The square neckline goes wonderfully with A-line and Empire. Looks great for bodies with bigger busts. 


  • V Shape – V necklines are the most flattering and popular necklines. They look great on all body types and create a streamlined and proportionate look.


  • Sweetheart – Here is yet again a popular neckline for wedding dresses. This appears like a heart shape cut and looks stunning for a bustier body. But petite women can also look great in the same. This style is mostly paired with gowns with straps and sleeves. 


  • Scoop Necklines – This looks great on all silhouettes and all body types. The scoop shape varies from modest to bolder ones. They look super in Aline, Trumpet, Mermaid, and any other style. 


  • Off-Shoulder – Off-the-shoulder neckline is a favorite among brides. Because it suits all body shapes and all types of gowns. It gives a luxurious look for brides with narrow shoulders. But brides with broader shoulders should avoid this.


  • Straight – As the name says, this makes a straight line across the chest. It looks great for a bustier body due to its clean lines. 


  • Jewel Neckline – Also known as a T-shirt-style neckline, this offers grace and elegance. This looks great on small busts and narrow shoulders.


  • This features different shapes on each side or shoulder. But it is not the same as a one-shoulder look. It showcases unique designs on both sides rather than just skipping one shoulder. Choose this if you want to be the trendiest bride.    

And there are plenty of other options like the strapless, high neckline, halter neck, one-shoulder, plunging neckline, keyhole neckline, and boat shape necklines. Apart from styles and designs, fabrics are also important. Whether you choose satin or lace or chiffon or organza, what matters is to pair them with the right neckline and style.  

Wrap Up

The most important thing is finding a dress that you feel confident wearing. And when you are armed with all this information, you can’t go wrong in choosing your dream bridal gown. Hiring a reputed and experienced wedding dress Adelaide tailor can reduce your stress to half. Also, start planning your dress well before 3 to 4 months. We hope this post serves you a great deal while planning your dress. 

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