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Want to Extract All Attachments From PST File? – Complete Guide

Extract All Attachments From PST File

by miknobuspe

Many Outlook users are unaware of how to remove all attachments from a PST file. If you’re one of those users who keeps getting stuck on the same question. Then, discover the ultimate answer by following this technical advice and learning the precise procedure for saving all attachments from an Outlook data file.

PST files are proprietary data files created by Microsoft Outlook to contain its whole data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and much more. These files protect the integrity of Outlook emails and serve as backups for Outlook. As a result of big attachment files, Outlook data files frequently surpass their set size limit over time.

As a result, the vast majority of users extract attachments from Outlook emails and other data items. However, removing all attachments from large PST files is almost impossible.

There is nothing to be concerned about! Instead of manually extracting attachments, just use the best yet proven third-party software.

The Best Way to Extract All Attachments from a PST File

Although there are manual techniques available that allow users to retrieve attachments from Outlook PST files. However, it reveals a number of flaws, such as difficult and time-consuming stages, the need for technical competence to perform the tasks, and so on. To overcome all of these obstacles, it is important to employ some applicable automated software. If your Outlook inbox or another mailbox folder has thousands of emails, this will cause your PST to grow abnormally huge. After that, go to Softaken Outlook PST Attachment Extractor. This is an effective tool for downloading attachments from PST files while preserving the folder structure. The software has several complex capabilities, such as the ability to extract attachments from all folders (s) or a specific folder (s). A “Date filter” is also available for selective attachment extraction.

One of the software’s standout qualities is its ability to successfully pull all attachments from PST emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other items without experiencing any technical difficulties. It can save all attachments from OST and BAK files in addition to extracting attachments from PST files. If you want technical support, you may quickly contact a team of technical professionals who will answer all of your difficult questions.

The characteristics of Softaken Outlook PST Extractor-

  • Simple to use programme.
  • Convert contacts from Outlook to VCF.
  • Calendars in ICS format may be retrieved and stored.
  • For extraction, there are no size constraints.
  • All attachments should be saved to an Outlook PST file.
  • It is necessary to extract all emails and their components.
  • Save the generated files separately.
  • The location for storing results is selected by the user.
  • Outstanding performance across all Outlook platforms.
  • All versions of Windows are supported.
  • There is a free Outlook PST Extractor available.
  • Email addresses are simple to obtain.
  • The database preview is fantastic.
  • Get rid of any duplicates.
  • Customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let’s go through the functionality of the Outlook Attachment Extraction Tool-

  • To begin, download and install the software on your computer, then select the highlighted option.

Click the Browse button if you only have one PST/OST file.
File Mode – Select File Mode to add Outlook data files one at a time.
Folder Mode – Folder mode allows you to add many Outlook files from a folder at once.

  • At this point, you must select the items from Outlook files that you want to extract. Select one of the following to extract: Attachments, Calendar, Contacts, or Email Address.

  • This will allow you to choose a spot on your system to save the exported Outlook contacts.

  • When you click the Process Now button, the process of exporting Outlook contacts to VCF/MSG begins.

Softaken Outlook PST Extractor recovers Outlook contacts, email addresses, calendars, and attachments quickly and effortlessly.

MS Outlook PST Extractor’s Key Features

Program on its own

To work, PST Extractor does not require the aid of any other application. It cannot work without a standalone programme. No need for any extra app.

Designed to meet your specific needs

By archiving Outlook emails, Outlook Email Extractor satisfies the needs of both personal and business users. You are completely free to do whatever you choose.

Contacts from MS Outlook may be save to vCard

MS Outlook Extractor saves contacts from Microsoft Outlook for Windows in VCF format, which allows them to be read on other platforms such as Blackberry and other smart phones.

Simple to use

Outlook Email Extractor is a simple software. The application’s graphic interface is simple to use, with users only needing to follow a few basic steps to run the software.

Calendars in ICS can be preserve

It records calendars in the ICS format, which is widely support by email and calendar systems such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Calendars are safely recover from the Outlook PST file.

Gather all email data

All email characteristics such as CC, BCC, To, From, and Subject may be extract using PST Extraction. It is design to extract email attachments in a secure setting.

Delete all OST and PST files

Various components were retrieve from the PST and OST files by the Outlook Extractor Tool. Simply upload any size OST/PST file to extract data from it.

There are two file and folder modes

If you have a large number of Outlook files to extract their data elements, there is no need to upload each OST or PST file one by one. Use the Folder mode to create a folder of Outlook files all at once to segregate things.

Examine the file items in Outlook

When a user inserts an Outlook OST/PST file. In the application’s left corner, a tree-view displays the whole file contents. Users may rapidly mark and unmark items as they see fit.

It’s time to wrap things up

This post will provide the solution to those people who are looking for how to remove all attachments from Outlook PST file. We’ve gone through an effective and strong method for removing attachments from PST, OST, and BAK files. As a result, retrieving Outlook attachments will no longer be a difficult operation for Outlook users.


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