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VR Music Games to Explore in a Theme Park

VR Music Games You Should Explore in a Theme Park

by Kieran Edwards

Virtual reality (VR) technology has gained a central position in the industry, and people are inclined toward it. It has taken over almost every sector, from education to entertainment and health. Speaking of the word joy, VR has introduced some amazing VR music games that kids and adults can enjoy alike. A theme park can be a perfect place for playing these rhythmic VR games to make your weekend special. This post is about VR music games you should explore in a theme park. Keep walking with us to know more!

VR Music Games:

Playing with musical instruments is always fun to make your day special and spark a moment of happiness with your family. Slashing the beats of adrenaline-pumping music can be no less than an adventure – especially when you are on a VR set. A theme park can provide you with this facility, and you can feel it real. Let us go through the following list to understand better which games you can enjoy.

1. Beat Saber:

Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythmic game published and developed by Beat Games. The game can spark a closer-to-reality gaming experience for players who can play their favorite beats with their siblings and friends. The game is featured in a neon surrealistic environment, and the players will slice blocks representing musical beats.

Beat Saber is a compatible game and supports numerous VR headsets. Owing to this feature, almost every theme park offers this game to players for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Players can choose from five different soundtracks with varying difficulty levels in the game. Do you want to play this game with your loved ones? Consider booking your VR park Dubai tickets and visit the theme park!

2. Electronauts:

The second game on the list is Electronauts which allows you to ride the vibes of a top DJ playing. The game could be your chance to shine on a musical stage or boost your confidence to play the beats right. If you want to control the musical rhythms with your device, Electronauts could be your best chance.

You can create music with confidence no matter your level and skills with this VR-exclusive gaming experience. With more than 80 musical tracks and songs, you can fully enjoy the trance and make your day memorable.

3. Pistol whip:

Pistol whip is a virtual reality music game developed in 2019 by Cloudhead Games. It is a stage-based shooting game where you have to defeat your enemies to the music while moving through the level. The game also features movie posters that correspond to different movies, which will make you feel like composing the track for your favorite film.

Your player character will move forward smoothly during the game, clearing the level while defeating the enemies to the sound. It is more like an endless runner game, where enemies will appear and shoot at you. If you fail to dodge the bullet, you will lose health. The VR experience will feel like an adrenaline-pumping activity.

4. OhShape:

On the list of VR musical games, OhShape is a perfect game developed by Odders Lab. The game fuses dance choreography with posing, supported by background music. Players might find this game similar to the Beat Saber, but they need to move their entire bodies in this game. The game is available for most PCVR headsets, and you can play it in a theme park as well.

Being a player, you need to move through the carved walls, dodge, and overcome obstacles that hit your way. The bullets follow a musical pattern, and buttons are required to navigate through the menu and barriers.

5. Synth Riders:

Synth rider is a freestyle VR musical and dancing game where you can lose yourself in the incredible music. Players can ride the unique rail system and meet friends in multiplayer mode to make the game more exciting. Moreover, you can also get a good workout in the process as you will dance to more than 75 songs and music tracks.

The game has modern-day technology integrated with VR devices to make your moments memorable. Do you want to play this game and dance with your loved ones? Consider booking your VR park tickets near you and pay a visit the next weekend for a memorable experience.

Explore the VR World at a Theme Park!

VR experiences are fast becoming known as technology is taking over multiple sectors. VR theme parks are great sites for kids and adults alike to try adrenaline-pumping games and feel the thrill in real. With closer-to-reality immersive experiences, your weekend could be as memorable as you dreamed it to be. Consider booking your tickets today and pay a visit next weekend with your family to make the weekend special. Don’t forget to take your cameras!

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