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Updated List Of The Top Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore

Updated List Of The Top Digital Marketing Institute In Bangalore

by Isabella R. Smith

A significant problem for both parents and students is selecting a successful institution because a learner’s overall career depends on it. Spending money on useless items is definitely a terrible bargain. Do your research till you can’t locate the ideal school that will help you develop your skills in the proper way. India is home to more than 50K institutions dedicated to digital marketing, some of which are accredited while others are not. These top 20 digital marketing institute in Bangalore can help you develop your abilities and potential overall.

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Bangalore’s top digital marketing institute

1. Academy of Digital Marketing

A digital marketing training institute with a base in Bangalore is called Academy of Digital Marketing. It’s one of the leading institutions in Bangalore that offers courses in digital marketing, PPC, SEO, SMM, analytics, graphic design, content writing, and Google AdWords certification. Trainers have more than nine years of expertise in their specialised disciplines, allowing students to learn and review the necessary material at their own pace and at the appropriate time.


  • Certificate from DigitalAcademy360
  • Inbound Hub Spot Certification
  • Certification for Google Analytics
  • Mobile Advocacy Certification
  • Certificate for Video Advertising
  • Search Certificate for Advertising
  • Certification for AdWords Display
  • Search AdWords Certification

Offerings for Courses: Following Course Completion, a Certificate is also given.

  • Course in Digital Marketing
  • Course on Search Engine Optimization
  • Course on Social Media Marketing
  • Course on Search Engine Marketing
  • Course for Google AdWords Certification
  • Course on Google Analytics
  • Course in Online Marketing
  • Course on Online Reputation Management
  • Course on Content Writing

2. The Institute for Mobile Research is the name of the organisation (IMRI)

(IMRI) is one of the greatest institutions in Bangalore; in addition to emphasising theoretical knowledge and practical work, they also place a strong emphasis on placing graduates in employment. They are offering three courses in digital marketing with certification for one month, six months, and one year.


  • Internet marketing
  • using digital analytics
  • optimization for search engines
  • PPC (Pay Per Click),
  • using social media,
  • Google Analytics,
  • managing one’s reputation
  • email advertising
  • e.g., video marketing

3. Name of the institution: InventaTeq

In Bangalore, InventaTeq has been providing cost-effective, high-quality, and practical training in digital marketing for more than 5 years. After completing the programme, 100% guaranteed job placements are offered. They use real-world initiatives to teach working professionals, business executives, software engineers, corporate companies, and individuals how to absorb knowledge into their minds.


  • (SEO, social media, and PPC Google AdWords)
  • Best SEO Instruction
  • Training in Cloud Computing
  • Data Science Education
  • Python Instruction
  • Web design training
  • Stage Classes for Data
  • Training in Angular and Node JS
  • Web logic education
  • .NET Training, among others

4. Name of the institution: Institute of Marketing

Another well-known brand in the Institute of Digital Marketing is Institute of Marketing, which focuses on offering top-notch instruction from subject-matter specialists and job placement guarantees. It offers two-month courses taught by professionals in the field to become specialists in digital marketing.


  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course Introduction
  • optimization for search engines
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • email advertising
  • mobile advertising
  • Landing Page, Campaign Content & Design
  • Internet marketing
  • Planning and creation of websites,
  • digital display advertising, web analytics
  • using social media,
  • When organising a digital marketing campaign,
  • Google AdSense and content marketing

5. Name of the institution: market Education

It was established in 2014 with an emphasis on providing professional instruction in digital marketing from both industry experts and some business owners. E-market education is renowned for offering the best academic and practical instruction in the field of digital marketing.


  • Course in Digital Marketing
  • Seo Training
  • Google AdWords PPC Training
  • Course about Adobe Analytics
  • Social Media Training
  • Course on Google Analytics

6. Name of the organisation: Digital Kora Technologies

Only Practical Digital Marketing Training is the focus of Digital Kora Technologies, which is also renowned for its best real-time training and work on live projects. Expert instructors with in-depth subject knowledge created the courses. Simply put, they will teach you every aspect of digital marketing through hands-on experience.


  • Training in Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Training for SEO
  • Cost Per Click (Ppc)
  • Training for Email Marketing
  • Internet Analytics
  • Use of social media
  • Online Income Streams
  • Online Digital Marketing Course

7. Name of the institution: Institute of Marketing

In a short amount of time, Institute of Marketing has become one of India’s top training centres for digital marketing. Every course that they offer has a professional certificate course available. Many professionals who work for large corporations like Cisco, Cognizant, Samsung, etc. have been trained by them.



  • Digital marketing diploma
  • Certification for Product Marketing


  • Inbound Digital Marketing
  • sophisticated web analytics
  • AdWords Professional by Google

Additionally, they work with corporate training.

8. Name of the Institution: OMIT

A full-time digital marketing training facility with locations in Koramangala and Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore, OMiT targets job seekers, entrepreneurs, college students, and corporate personnel. For various student goals, they provide several courses.

Courses include:

  • Courses in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Quick Start Guide
  • Course on Corporate Digital Marketing
  • College-level Digital Marketing Course
  • SEO Education
  • SEM Education
  • Social Media Education

9. National Institute of Digital Marketing is the name of the organisation.

The National Institute of Digital Marketing (NIDM), created by Mr. M. S. Kumar, is a digital marketing training facility with the best specialists in Bangalore. More than 5000 trainees have been trained by their team of digital marketing instructors, who have also led 250+ batches and 50+ corporate workshops. The companies that send trainees include HP, ThinkVidya, PWC, Marlabs, Myntra, and Flipkart.

Training Courses Provided:

Program for Digital Marketing Training

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) (Search Engine Marketing)

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click

Google Analytics and web analytics

10. Name of the institution: webmarketingacademy

Web marketing academy is an ISO-certified organisation that offers consultation, training, and workshops in digital marketing, social media, and content marketing to MNCs, small business CEOs, CMOs, and marketing and sales executives. They achieve this by hosting frequent get-togethers and inviting business executives, industry leaders, and representatives from Fastest Career Growth Center to speak.


  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Concepts
  • What modern digital/web marketing means
  • How can digital marketing be incorporated into the traditional marketing mix?

strategy preparation Allocation of funds for email, social media, mobile, and content

Why start with mobile?

Module 2: Website Importance

Mobile marketing and websites

CMS and Wordpress

Inbound Marketing Module 3

The inbound marketing approach

SEO Module 4 (Search Engine Optimization)

Lookup Engines

Workings of Search Engines

Webmaster Guidelines for Google

Optimization for search engines

SEO (on-page and off-page)

the most recent search engine algorithms

Panda Updates on Google

Penguin updates from Google

Brain Rank (AI)

Section 5: Global SEO (Blended Search Engine Optimization)

SEO for videos, images, and other types of content

Using SEO on social media

for PPTs, SEO

Local SEO – Google Places/Map Listing

Search Console, Module 6 (Google Webmaster Tools)

Module 7: Marketing & Content Development

Creating a content strategy or plan Content

Social media calendar

Management of content (Including content development)

For social media, content

material for a webpage

material for blogs

supplementary materials

Content Promotion

using a blog for business

Marketing & Optimization for Videos

Live streaming

broadcasting live on Facebook

Social media marketing in Module 8

Use of social media

Social media promotion

How to create a social media strategy

Facebook: How it functions

Facebook advertising and marketing

How YouTube functions

The best way to use video ads

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Social media, Live Videos (Facebook Live)

Module 9: AdWords on Google (Pay Per Click)

Cost per Click (Google Ad words)

advertisements on Google

Strategies and analysis of the competition

Google Digital Marketing Certifications are included:

AdWords Foundations

Search Marketing

Dispatch Marketing

Video Marketing

Advertising for Retail

Smartphone Marketing

Email marketing in Module 10

Module 11: AdSense and Affiliate

AdSense by Google

Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate & AdSense Module 12

scenario for B2B and B2C web marketing

effective digital/social media case studies

Google Analytics, Module 13

Google Analytics (Google Analytics)

methods for measuring digital marketing

Tools, reports, and useful report insights

Resources (How to keep up-to-date with the industry)

11. Name of the institution: Internet Academy

The 1995-founded Internet Academy was created to train professionals in the newest technology. offers expert training that covers every aspect of digital marketing. It is an authorised Android ATC training centre in Bangalore and the first training facility to hold ISO certification. Over 25,000 students were assisted by Internet Academy in their academic and professional endeavours.



Internal SEO Measures

External SEO Measures

Webmaster Resources

AdWords on Google

a description of advertising

Ad Groups and Campaigns

Ranking System

Licensed Advertising

Bid Modifications

Display Network by Google

Using display networks for advertising


ad videos


Advanced AdWords Tools, among other things

11. Organization Name: Cheerons

Our goal at Chee-Training Ron’s and Consulting is to give the learner useful training that aids in the execution of their future plan. The curriculum was specially created by professionals in the field.


Basics of digital marketing

Basic Website Understanding,

Instruments for Digital Marketing,

Keywords, rivalry analysis

marketing with content

optimization for search engines

using Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn,

using YouTube Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM),

Branding, online reputation management, and more.

12. Organization name: Onlinism

With the intention of providing online training to teach people about digital marketing, Onlinism began operations. Along with training, they also offer a service agency that works with foreign clients from the USA, Dubai, Australia, etc.


Overview of digital marketing,

using Google AdWords

using social media,

optimization for search engines

email advertising

PPC Marketing,

marketing with content

using Google Analytics

Internet marketing

Generating leads and more.

13. Name of the organisation: Sky Dream Consulting

A business that also offers digital marketing training is Sky Dream Consulting. The business was founded more than 7 years ago and has more than 1000 clients in their clientele. The business offers solutions including web design, web development, content management system website design, integration of content management systems, setting up blogs like Blogger and WordPress, SEO, and other related services.


Online Marketing

SEO Education

Blog Promotion

PPC Education

Website Design



14. Affiliation: Indras Academy

The founder of Indras Academy, Indra Sena, trains students in digital marketing. The training course is made to help marketers who wish to work in digital marketing expand their skill set. They offer a two-month training course that covers all aspect of digital marketing.







Internet Development

Website Design

JS Angular






Learning Machines

Science of Data

15. Name of the organisation: Optimize India

Optimize India focuses on offering structured, cutting-edge training to its students so that they can use contemporary tools and equipment and demonstrate the skills they have learned during the programme.


advanced SEO instruction,

PPC Education,

Learning Google Analytics

Social media education

16. Apponix Technologies, the organization’s name

The most cutting-edge training and recruitment company, Apponix Technologies Private Limited, is strategically based in Bangalore and offers classroom and online trainings throughout India, the UK, and the USA.

What we prioritise Obtaining sufficient exposure to transform the norms of learning and development, solving workplace difficulties, offering specialised training solutions, eLearning concept, and incorporating in-person classroom learning experiences. Apponix is synonymous with professionalism and high-quality service, setting the standard with cutting-edge ideas and relentlessly pursuing EXCELLENCE across all market segments. We lay the groundwork for a successful career with a comprehensive strategy centred on addressing the long-term requirements of both employers and employees.

Courses: Both in-person and online corporate training

Windows Azure

AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Essentials


Online Marketing

Design and development of websites

Optimization for search engines (SEO)

SCCM 2012

the year 2012

Python Scripting

Hashtable-Big Data

Unix and Linux

Scripting in PowerShell

Managing tags on Google (GTM)

Computer testing

Java Education

17. Name of the institution: DIGITAL ROY ACADEMY

The full process of online marketing, including SEM, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, and other techniques, is taught at the Digital Roy Academy, a digital marketing training centre in Bangalore.


SEO Education

SMO Education

Training in Google AdWords/PPC

Training in Digital Marketing

18. Bangalore Training Institute

Training Another institute in Bangalore, Bangalore, trained over 2000 students, with a placement rate of over 100%. Provides Regular Batches, Weekend Training Batches, and Fast Track Batches depending on the specific need, with centres all across Bangalore.

Why Make a Decision?

Trainers who are IT experts

Totally Practical Training

Own Course Resources

Reasonable prices

Expert Counseling

Job Support

10000+ students, if you can believe

Get Certified and Advance Your Career


Internet marketing

constructing a digital foundation

online marketing websites

enhancing a website,

marketing with content


Blogging, SMM,

Internet marketing

There are many different types of marketing, including email marketing.

19. Organization: Elan Choice

With flexible full-time and weekend programmes, Elan Choice, one of the leading digital marketing companies in Bangalore, offers online lessons to students. Through their Mastermind Program, they can give their pupils a thorough understanding of digital marketing as well as real-world solutions.


a description of digital marketing

Optimization for search engines (SEO),

Search Console by Google

using Google Analytics

system for managing content

using Google AdWords

Lead generation and inbound marketing.

among others, online marketing strategy.

20. Name of the Institution: Info Campus

Assignments, theoretical lessons, practise sessions, CV building, and certification are all things Info Campus offers. Digital marketing courses totaling 40 hours.


SEO on page,

SEO off-page,


using Google Analytics

using Google AdWords

Additional tools for planners.

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