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Two Wheeler insurance plan

two wheeler insurance

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Do you also love your two-wheeler just as much as we do?
Loving your favorite things comes with a particularly odd fear of losing them, isn’t it? And your trust in us
make us believe in this statement more than ever.
What if someone tells you that they are here to share the responsibilities in need and sorrows in grief?
Just by hearing from our well-wishers, we tend to feel better, don’t we?
We, at okbima.com, are committed to sharing your responsibilities when this fear becomes overwhelming
for you.
Now the question is HOW?
To your relief, Okbima is here for you to compare and buy insurance plan online in India.
Also referred to as Motor Insurance Plan, it is a contract between the owner of the bike and the insurance
company where the company promises to cover the cost of damages caused to the bike due to any kind
of mishap.
Motor insurance provides coverage for all kinds of two-wheelers ranging from scooter to motorcycle to
Wondering why you need a two wheeler insurance plan ?
Here are some listed reasons good enough to understand the need of the two-wheeler insurance:
• As per The Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is compulsory for every two-wheeler owner to insure their
two-wheeler, failing which, a penalty has to be paid in form of cash or imprisonment of up to 3
• It covers all damages that are caused to the insured two-wheeler by man-made or natural
• It prevents the burden of repairs and other unforeseen expenses.
• It pays for the third-party compensation if someone gets injured in an accident with the insured
Two-wheeler insurances are of the following types : –
● Third-Party Liability-Only Cover: This mandatory policy promises to pay for the damages caused
to the third party only, in case of an accident.
• Collision coverage: It reimburses the damage to the insured two-wheeler and provides personal
accident coverage to the owner-driver of the two-wheeler.
• Comprehensive coverage: It is a comprehensive policy and covers damages inflicted upon the
insured vehicle, the third party or the third-party’s vehicle as per the requirement.
Additional benefits?
Did someone think of additional benefits?
We heard you, now that you have chosen us we would like to introduce you to the additional additional
benefits. We have a wholesome list of added benefits that are associated with your Two-Wheeler
Insurance and you as a two-wheeler owner with minimal charges :-
● Engine Protect Cover: A two-wheeler’s engine is one of its most important components, and
the comprehensive policy does not cover engine damage. If one chooses to opt for this addition,
Okbima will pay for the costs of repairing or replacing engine parts. This add-on covers damage
to the engine caused by engine oil/coolant leaks as well as hydrostatic lock.
● Consumables Cover: This add-on will cover the costs of consumable supplies like engine oil,
coolant, nuts and bolts and others that are used during the insured two-wheeler’s repair or
● Zero Depreciation Cover: Wear and tear decreases the value of a two-wheeler or scooter over
time. The depreciated value is generally subtracted from the claim amount during settlement.
However, if one chooses the Zero Depreciation Cover, Okbima will cover the cost of component
repair/replacement without deducting the depreciation value.
● Roadside Assistance Cover: If your two-wheeler develops a flat tyre, runs out of gas, or suffers
any other form of damage while riding, we at Okbima, provide hands-on towing assistance if the
vehicle needs to be transported to a local service center.
● Key Protect Cover: Imagine losing your keys while you wish to be somewhere you must be?
We totally understand the hustle of getting your keys made all over again, however, if one buys
the Key Protect add-on, Okbima will pay the cost of replacing the insured vehicle’s key if it is lost,
damaged or stolen. In the event that the lockset is stolen/damaged the add-on also covers the
costs of repair or replacement.
● Outstation Emergency Cover: If the insured two-wheeler breaks down or is involved in an
accident outside of a 100 kilometer radius of the place of residence, we are ready for your rescue
with this add-on. Okbima is obliged to pay the sum mentioned in the add-on cover if this add-on is
purchased. If you are a frequent traveler who goes on long bike/scooter journeys, the Outstation
Emergency Cover add-on is made for you.
● We are now live for you to buy insurance online in India at just a click of your mouse and
comfort of your home.

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