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Turning Your Basic Live Stream Into A Professional One

by Scarlett Watson

Host: Hi! I have conducted numerous live streaming events but didn’t get much profit out of it. Can you help with it?

Live Streaming Expert: Hello Sir! Sure we will help you with your live streaming event. You can integrate multiple additional features into your live streaming with our services. We offer various elements that can be helpful in boosting communication, engagement and networking opportunities in your event.

Host: WOW! Can you elaborate on these features a bit?

Live Streaming Expert: Sure! We offer a full customization option through which you can create an event of your desires. There are some features most liked by our clients. Here I am sharing the complete work of those 16 elements with you.

16 Features to Turn Your Basic Live Streaming Into a Professional One!

16 Elements that can be helpful in pivoting your basic live streaming into a professional event are as follows:

  • Live Chat:

You can integrate a live chatting option that can be helpful in adding some valuable interactivity to your event. Furthermore, the live streaming services make communication between the audiences easy with real-time texting.

  • Emoticon Reactions:

The audience may feel a little bored if they just have to sit and listen to the session. Furthermore, you should provide them with emoticons so they can share their feelings and experience with the speakers in real-time. Also, you can add the hooting and clapping sounds to encourage the audience.

  • Like and Comment:

The live streaming services providers offer a shortcut to like the live streaming video and comment in real-time. Your speaker will be able to watch and respond to your comment live.

  • Live Audience Interactivity:

You can create an interactive environment for the audience by sharing the live stand. Hence, you can make the attendees join your stage and communicate that everyone can listen.

  • Personalized Ticker:

You can share various information with the audience in real-time with the ticker. Furthermore, just create a message about the announcement, update, changes in the event, reschedule, speaker change, and more. Then share it with a push notification. Hence, the message will pop up on the attendee’s screen, and they will get the urgent message in no time. Also, you can use the participants’ names to give it a more personalized feel.

  • Branded Logos:

Branding and promoting your business is a crucial part of live streaming. Hence, you can use the logos in the live streaming for more clear marketing of your brand at the event.

  • Branded Frames:

Audiences are looking at the speakers all the time during a live session. So, you have a nice chance to convert the people’s view into your brand promotion idea. Furthermore, integrate the frame in the session around the speakers with your brand marketing displaying all the products and services.

  • Countdown Timer:

You can implement a sense of urgency for the audience. Furthermore, you can use the countdown timer for it. Hence, integrate it into your registration or sales page to make the audience take some action quickly.

  • Real-Time Archiving:

You will always get some late comers at your live streaming who will not be able to understand your event as they have missed a part. It can make them leave the event without wasting a minute. Hence, you will need real-time archiving to add a solution to this. The best live streaming platform offers to reverse and watch the live streaming video the audience has missed without difficulty. Furthermore, there are no more sessions missed or the attendees leaving.

  • Content Delivery Network:

You may need to create and provide high-quality content with a more extended availability and better performance. It is possible effortlessly with the help of a strong CDN.

  • Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding:

You can fight traffic fluctuations faced during the event over bandwidth. Also, it can help you efficiently adapt to the present live streaming conditions.

  • Internet Connectivity Solution:

You do not have to face any lagging or hindrance during the webcast with high-internet connectivity. All you need is to use the proper net with the ethernet cable. Wifi can be a good option; however, you may face some fluctuations in your bandwidth because many other users are connected to the same wifi.

  • Unlimited Streaming:

You can get an unlimited streaming option if you reach the correct events live streaming services. Hence, you do not have to stop conducting any event. Just plan and execute all your events without the hassle by choosing the right solution.

  • Third-Party Integration:

You can boost engagement, entertainment, interaction, and payment ease for the audiences with the right integrations. The live streaming services offer a flawless integration to any app or software you want. Hence, you can integrate some to get a better workflow, such as Whatsapp, Zoom Meeting, MS Team, Google Meet, Razorpay, Paypal, and more, as per your wish.

  • Customer Support:

Sometimes, a technical issue can create trouble for the audiences and hosts to enjoy the full live streaming. Hence, you can get complete support from your live streaming services in order to troubleshoot all the flaws.

  • Insights and analytics:

You can get complete support from the experts of virtual event live streaming providers. They will provide you with a detailed analytic report of your entire event. Furthermore, it will include various information about the event engagement, users spent time on different parts of your event, and more. Also, you can get the individual attendees’ data reflecting the most and least liked aspects of your event. However, you can use this data to measure your event success rate as well as make smart decisions for your next live streaming event.

So, these are the various features that can be helpful in turning your basic live streaming into a professional one. You can get a better reputation and name in the industry without a hassle. Hence, your brand will get a global name in a quick and convenient way.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in pivoting your basic live streaming event into a professional one in no time.

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