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Top Reasons To Use Electrical Failure Analysis Services

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Failure and damage analysis from SAS Powertech helps you pinpoint the main reasons why a product fails, establish accountability, and enhance performance moving forward.

When a component or product malfunctions, you need to figure out what went wrong and stop it from happening again. Our failure and damage Electrical Failure Analysis Services pinpoint the underlying reasons for breakdowns, establish accountability, and enhance performance moving forward.

Why utilize SAS Powertech’s failure and damage analysis services?

We provide you with highly qualified personnel, specialized labs outfitted with cutting-edge analytical machinery, unmatched resources, and demonstrated knowledge to help you:

  • Carry out a root-cause study and establish roles.
  • By preventing failures, you may enhance performance and prevent failures from happening again.
  • Obtain quick and reliable findings using a variety of techniques from our fully equipped testing laboratories, including mechanical testing, metallography, and welding tests.

A World Leader’s Reliable Failure Analysis and Failure Prevention:

We are a client’s first choice in every industry because we are the global leader in failure analysis and failure prevention. We provide you with unmatched experience after effectively determining the reasons for failure in over 1,000 investigations each year.

With PhDs or Master’s Degrees in mechanics, material science (metals and polymers), physics, electronics, and chemistry, our technical professionals are highly educated engineers. As a result, they provide you with comprehensive experience in a range of failures with Electrical Failure Analysis Services approaches as well as industrial skills, regional accreditations, and experience. We serve as consultants to the legal and insurance industries and offer professional testimony in civil litigation because of this.

For instance, our failure and damage analysis services include:

Material assessment:

Using a mechanical, physical, chemical, or microstructural examination, we can give you professional failure from Electrical Failure Analysis Services of any type of material.

Corrosion investigation:

We can identify the optimal alloy and/or coating for your requirements, and evaluate and manage your corrosion issues.


With the aid of fractography, we can determine the cause of breaking, analyze the shape of fracture surfaces in metals, polymers, and ceramics, and assist you in introducing countermeasures.

Evaluation of electronics:

We are able to identify the underlying reasons for electronic failures in control units, sensors, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, and assembling and packaging techniques.

Fire Damage Investigation:

In order to put your equipment or structure back into service safely and effectively, we can examine the extent and kind of damage caused by fire and identify its underlying causes.

Expert Witness:

Engineers are available from the beginning of the legal process through the trial stages as expert witnesses. We offer engineering analysis, on-site accident investigation, and assessment of adherence to industry standards. We can also do failure evaluations for commercial and consumer products, examine other experts’ findings, find the causes of failure, and give forensic macro and micro photographic data.

Design review:

We can offer a methodical, thorough, and recorded evaluation of your design:


To develop the abilities of your staff and raise the caliber of your products, we can provide you with training sessions, seminars, and lectures.

What is Test Failure Analysis?

The practice of investigating a failed test to determine what went wrong is known as test failure analysis. Teams examine failed tests to identify the underlying cause of a failure. Software testing’s use of failure analysis enables bug fixes and recurrence prevention.

Importance of Test Failure Analysis:

DevOps’s main bottleneck is frequent testing. There is no reason why testing must be slow and tedious. Automation of the test process is helpful, but you also need quick feedback. You require insight into your tests’ performance to reduce testing delays. And for that reason, test failure analysis is crucial.

Teams struggle to report on tests without an effective solution.

  • Inability to see test performance.
  • Compelled to sort through a lot of results.
  • Significant delays occur.
  • Being unable to differentiate between noise and genuine flaws

Analysis of test automation failures is a crucial component of continuous testing. It is the only way to see how well your tests are performing. Numerous test result data are generated during continuous testing. However, test automation failure analysis aids in sorting through it to swiftly spot flaws and accelerate issue fixes.

In order to eliminate bottlenecks, testing teams need tools for test failure analysis. Not all test reporting, though, is made equal. You must look for a few key characteristics in a solution.

Important Characteristics of Test Failure Analysis:

The following significant characteristics are beneficial in test reporting solutions:

  • Find the root causes of your test failures to better understand what actually went wrong.
  • Actionable insights – You can debug apps with ease by using step-by-step drill-downs, which take the guesswork out of fixing errors.
  • Reduce the noise so you can concentrate on the actual flaws with false negative filtering. False negative filtering removes warning signs brought on by things like lab errors or pop-up windows.
  • Detailed test results — You can repair errors more quickly if your test reports contain rich artifacts. With images, videos, HAR files, crash logs, and more, you can see what went wrong throughout the test.
  • High-level overviews – Tools like heat maps are helpful for executives to quickly assess how well their tests are performing.
  • Dashboards – It’s critical to have a centralized, unified picture of all testing activities. An essential component of test reporting is a dashboard that syncs all test results.
  • Enterprise-grade – You need a solution that can manage the massive volumes of data that test automation exposes you to.

Increase Test Failure Analysis Quality:

You can concentrate on real failures that might pose a risk to the company rather than unfounded alarms by using the appropriate failure analysis in software testing solutions. In addition, as you scale and develop your DevOps process, intelligent test reporting will become increasingly important.

  • Check against computers and browsers online.
  • Analyze and report on test results to drill down on flaws.
  • Test at scale across platforms.
  • Sync up with any component in your toolchain 
  • And a lot more!

How does a Failure Analysis help?

Engineers that specialize in failure analysis are in charge of examining product malfunctions and identifying their underlying causes. The industries they frequently work with include consumer products, aircraft, and the automotive and automotive industries.

When approaching each new scenario, failure analysis engineers need to be able to think critically and imaginatively. In order to effectively communicate their results to customers or other stakeholders, they must also possess good communication skills.

Engineering Failure Analysis Work Environment

Engineers that specialize in failure analysis perform their work in a range of locations, including manufacturing facilities, research and development facilities, and office buildings. They normally work standard business hours, although they might need to put in extra time to fulfill deadlines or deal with pressing issues. Engineers that specialize in failure analysis may visit clients’ locations or other companies to look into product faults. Additionally, they could go to conferences or business meetings to present their research. Failure analysis engineers must be able to tolerate pressure and perform well under tight deadlines because their work can be demanding.


A team of savvy, field-tested specialists with 30 years of expertise who have been involved in actual solution designing and execution make up SAS Powertech Private Limited. We currently have over 2000 satisfied customers and over 1000 audits to our credit.

Experts at SAS Powertech are always available at your service and help you overcome the issues faced during and after availing of the services. 

To learn how our failure and damage analysis services can uncover the primary reasons for failure, specify roles, and enhance future performance, get in touch with us right away.

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