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Top Places to Visit in Rajasthan for Adventure Activities

by roshanikumari

Rajasthan state is very popular due to its rich history, magnificent monuments, and giant palaces. Rajasthan has various beautiful palaces that highly attract people from around the globe. Besides beautiful palaces, Rajasthan is home to many ancient temples and flowing lakes that greatly enhance the beauty of a specific area to great extent. Mostly, people from around the globe came here to explore attractive architecture. However, there is something more in Rajasthan that you need to explore to make your experience much better – the adventure activities. Although every type of adventure sport is interesting, the hot air balloon adventure seems to be a unique one. Here comes the entire list of adventure activities to perform in Rajasthan.

Hot air balloon ride

This is the most thrilling and lucrative adventure activity to do in Rajasthan that you can’t afford to miss. If you truly desire to explore the landscape of Rajasthan from the skies, then nothing could beat a hot air balloon tour in Rajasthan. The view would be breathtaking as you would be able to view a panoramic picture of glistening lakes, grand palaces, and monuments from the sky. Enjoy the actual beauty of Rajasthan and cherish the moment. However, most people visit the place only to experience this exciting adventure. 


Paragliding is another adventure activity in Rajasthan that could be done under sparkling skies. The hills, lakes, and majestic monuments would look mesmerizing from the height, and due to this paragliding has become the most famous adventure sport in Rajasthan. Ensure not to miss the chance to view the entire city from the height. There would be guides to help you in landing and flying.


Cycling is considered to be a fun-filled adventure that is suitable for any age group and is the most cost-effective method to enjoy the beauty of the place. Cycling could take some time, but that would be a great experience as you would be able to view the palaces nearly. The major advantage is that you can relax for some time and could explore any site at your pace. View the cycling of people via sky balloon ride in Rajasthan


If you are on a trip to Rajasthan, you can’t afford to miss the camping experience. There are several types of tents and you have the freedom to select a specific one according to your needs. It would be an unforgettable experience as you could enjoy Rajasthan’s folk dance and song performed by people. The food served on camping trips is delicious and carries a taste that you can’t get anywhere, making the desert camping experience a thrilling one. 

Wildlife safari

Rajasthan is a home to varying types of wild animals and you should discover those wild animals via wildlife safari. It would be a very scary and exciting experience to get close to these wild animals. Desert safari and camel safari seem to be thrilling adventure sports and the camel safari would showcase the hard lifestyle of desert people. If you are lucky enough, you could get a chance to come across various wild animals. 


You can’t afford to miss out on the chance to experience adventure activities, especially hot air balloon adventures. The interesting part of these adventure activities is that they rejuvenate and refresh your mind and soul and are capable of adding extra excitement to your life. For a hot air balloon tour in Rajasthan, you could take help from various tour companies that could help you to get rid of the hassle. Skywaltz is the best balloon travel company that mainly deals in hot air balloon rides and helps people greatly to achieve unique experiences.

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