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Top Dietary Food Supplement Brands in Pakistan

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If at the beginning there were only a few manufacturers of food supplements, the sector now has more than a hundred. This means that the market is very competitive. Making a choice is therefore difficult, especially when quality is set up as the golden rule. However, some brands stand out from the crowd, thanks to the performance of their products, which are often unanimous among users. Here you have the top 10 best of them for the year 2021 You can Buy Amazon Products in Pakistan.

Biotech USA

This Hungarian brand has its factories located in the United States. Following its creation in 1999, it quickly knew how to go beyond national borders. Now, there are more than 130 biotech stores in France. Italy, Austria and Hungary have the same. Its products are present in more than 70 countries around the world.

Its range of dietary supplements includes revolutionary pre-workout formulas, diet foods, a wide variety of protein powders, products for the growth and development of muscle tissue. Also available are more than forty vitamin supplements.

At present, more than 600 products are marketed in biotech stores, all designed for the well-being of consumers. The brand also adopts a much democratized policy and does not hesitate to improve its formulas thanks to customer feedback. Gluten-free, many supplements are made especially for vegetarians.


Several constraints quickly limit our body. Thus growth, overwork, insomnia, cold and periods of convalescence are quite difficult situations to live with. It is on the strength of this that since 1959, avidly has been serving young and old alike with food supplements dedicated to the desorption of all types of ailments.

The galena’s of its formulas are intended to be quite effective, the doses of vitamins, trace elements and minerals respect the proportions tolerated by the human body. Quite far-sighted, the brand particularly makes its syrups for children and people who have difficulty swallowing. For great practicality, vials are also available to take with you on all your trips. Finally, drugs are preferred for adults.

These supplements are to be taken while adopting a healthy lifestyle, as the illustrious brand does not fail to point out. Its successful products include Avidly Vitality Gums — Box of 60 gummies, Avidly Defense Syrup — Echinacea/Propels/Vitamins C and D — 240 ml, Avidly Vitality To Swallow — eco format of 90 tablets, Alvytyl Tonus, etc.


This brand of American origin owes its notoriety to its cult product: the No Explode energy booster. The latter has experienced an explosion in sales because of its almost miraculous effects. It is composed of a large panoply of biochemical catalysts. These work by stimulating nitric oxide production, muscle congestion and dilation of blood vessels. Thus, the metabolism works in a balanced and healthy way.

If it is true that the sports world owes the innovation of this vasodilator to SAN nutrition, the fact is that No Explode has managed to dethrone it and put it in the background. BSN didn’t stop there. She also made a masterstroke by developing syntax 6. The role of this dietary supplement is to help recover, maximize physical strength, repair muscles following the deployment of great effort and finally to have excellent endurance.


It is a recent brand that very quickly knew how to leave its mark in the hearts of consumers. Created in 2018, it operates in the field of tea food supplements and neuropathic infusions. This last medicine is completely natural. The products used are selected in a search for purity. The pillars of the brand are: the absence of controversial elements, an approach intended to detonate and rebalance the organism.

The creations do not incorporate any substance of animal origin, any superfluous ingredient, nanoparticle, aroma, adjuvant or sweetener. The choice of plants is made by keeping the totem intact and the dosages are made with infinite precision. Everything happens in strict compliance with the regulations in force and the body balance.

They are suitable for everyone: athletes looking for performance, people concerned about their well-being, vegetarians. Adults and adults use it effectively. This brand labeled AB and vegan has its laboratories exclusively located on Pakistan soil.


Nutritive has been on the market for a long time. Indeed, it was created in 1934 by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg. Its achievements are in the field of minerals, vitamins and dietary supplements. In some countries it is known as Nutria. This is explained by the partnership signed in 1972 with Amway, which also deals with the marketing of the products.

If the brand had good days in its infancy, it will have to wait until the 2000s to really establish its reputation. Indeed, in 2001, five of its products were the first dietary supplements to obtain NSF International certification. In 2004, its place of choice on the market was conferred on it by the effectiveness of its food supplements. In 2007, the Nutritive Trim Advantage Body System range originally known as “simply nutritive” was launched. It involves the creation and marketing of nutrition bars, vitamin supplements and antioxidants.

Even today, the brand is talked about. Nutritive products are among the best sellers on Amazon.


The stars know this brand very well. Specialized in sports nutrition, it has been operating in the market for more than fifteen years. Thanks to the performance of its research department, all its products benefit from an invention patent. Six stars pro food supplements are internationally recognized reliability. The brand of American origin has more than one success to its credit. Olympic champions, practitioners of collective and individual sports, all adore him.

Far from stopping at sports nutrition, it extends its know-how to food supplements for the development of muscle mass. Enthusiasts of this discipline are more than charmed. Well-being also holds no secrets for this pharmaceutical giant. Many protein supplements and meal replacements are dedicated to people concerned about their weight. This has also allowed him to win huge markets around the world.

Why take a dietary supplement to lose weight?

To lose weight and regain your healthy weight, several actions must be implemented and carried out jointly over several weeks to see results. Creating a moderate and progressive caloric deficit, relearning how to eat healthy, limiting stress, sleeping better and practicing regular physical activity are the main pillars of weight loss.
Doing a slimming food supplement cure can support you throughout your goal, to be associated of course with the advice mentioned above. Nature is full of plants with multiple benefits to help us be healthy. But it is also rich in active ingredients with interesting properties to contribute to weight loss! If you want to test a dietary supplement to lose weight, you will have the choice in front of several categories:

All of the brand’s laboratories are based in the United States. The supplements are designed in strict compliance with quality control rules.

Some of the brand’s best sellers include Six Star Pro Nutrition 100% Creatine at just 28.95, Six Star Pro Nutrition Testosterone Booster for bodybuilding buffs, Six Star Pro Nutrition Pre Workout Explosion which is a real hit. There are many others that have in common their impressive quality.

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