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Tips to Attempt Biology Mcqs for NEET Exam 2022

Tips to Attempt Biology MCQs for NEET Examination

by imaadinarayan

NEET Exams will be held in July 2022; students are concerned about their preparation for the examination. NEET is undoubtedly the most competitive exam in India after the medical entrance exam. Completing the syllabus before the deadline is complex, but it’s not impossible. Now it’s time for the revision for the examination. Today, we’ll discuss all the criteria you’ll need to follow to be applicable for the examination and the tips to attempt biology MCQs for NEET Examination 2022.

Criteria You Should Know 

Age Criteria

For State and All India Quota Seats, the minimum age for the students to appear for the NEET Examination is 17, the maximum age is up to 25 years old, and a relaxation period of 5 years for SC ST and OBC. 

Educational Qualification

Students must graduate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. A 50% aggregate in Biology, Physics, and Biology is required for general category students.

The Examination pattern

The Undergraduate NEET Exam is held based on three subjects Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. There are 180 MCQs in total in the NEET Examination, and the exam is 3 hours duration. You’ll get 4 marks for every correct answer, and for every wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

Tips to Attempt Biology MCQs for NEET Examination

Read the questions carefully

Go through the question paper thoroughly, and understand each question. It’s their nature to make the options confusing to test the students if they’re focused or not. First, try to understand the question without looking at the possibilities; afterward, look for the options.

Focus on NCERT Textbooks

NCERT Textbooks are the primary source of information. They are the most accessible language and clear the concepts as they provide the fundamental knowledge that helps students who are foreign to the topic. They’ve already read the NCERT textbook, making it easier to understand it.

Make proper notes

Notes are necessary; having appropriate notes will help you during revision and your examination as you’ll not have to go through the complete textbooks to understand the topic. The notes are written in your words, so it’ll be easier to understand them. You can also take help from the previous year’s question paper of neet.

Write down the essential formulas

At the time of examination, you’ll not have time to go through all the textbooks or notes or anything to find the formulas, the crucial formulas you’ve written down will save you time and energy which you can use in more important things.

Utilize your time

Only 2 months are left for the examination; you need to utilize every second for your revision. You can’t waste your time going through the textbooks or doing relentless things. Learn to manage your time, learn how to utilize your time with all the subjects, and try to complete everything before any deadline.

Make a study plan

A study plan is crucial at this point. As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to utilize your time and understand the need for the time you’ve left. A study plan will help you set your goal and achieve it on time. You’ll find it a waste of time, but if you follow it accordingly, you’ll complete everything on time. 

Concentrate on the weaknesses

Look out for your strengths and weaknesses, focus on your weaknesses, and realize and correct your mistakes. Use sample papers, essential questions, or previous year’s question paper for your reference. Strengthen your weaknesses before exams.

Appear for the mock test

Mock tests are essential to show you where you stand with your preparation. Appearing for mock tests can also boost your confidence as you will strengthen your weaknesses with time and not have trouble doing difficult questions. It also helps you to understand the pattern of the paper. You can refer to Biology MCQ questions for NEET

Clear your doubts

Ask for your friend’s help or your mentor or teacher; clear all your doubts. Ask as many questions as possible, take video lectures to clear your doubts but don’t back off. You’ve prepared hard for it and now backing off just because you’re not able to ask your doubts is not a good thing. 

Take valuable breaks

Take only beneficial breaks, don’t stress yourself out. You’ve to understand that it is a crucial period for you guys. After 2 hours of study, please take 10 minutes of break, in that meantime relax your body take a break from other activities, don’t use mobile phones keep yourself healthy, complete your sleep to make it good.


These tips can be constructive for students to answer complex and confusing questions. Preparation and pre-practice are the mandatory features of any test. Therefore, to get the most competitive exams like NEET, students must prepare well and gain the skills to deal with the many questions. Instead of just following the guesswork, those who want to explore can focus on the tips discussed to address the many choice questions in NEET in the right way.

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