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The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2022!

by anmolkaushal

Having a clear understanding of where your website ranks for your targeted keywords is only half the campaign. You need to increase your rankings or maintain them through high-quality content. The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Expanding the visibility of a company in the organic search results is the main objective of SEO. Regardless of how functional or beautiful your website is, it is all for nothing if you cannot drive traffic into it. The efforts related to SEO push more visitors to the website, accelerating their prospects for better conversions, leading to more revenue and more customers. The SEO Experts In Mohali agree that there are some top SEO ranking factors in 2022.


Content is the champion when it comes to SEO. Within its ranking algorithm, Google also demands high-quality content as its priority. Furthermore, the high-quality content

  • Must contain valuable information
  • Should be well-written
  • Should match the intent of the users
  • Must be comprehensive and updated

User Experience

To what extent your mobile responsive website is good when it brings endlessly to load. The user experiences are another critical ranking factor when readers lodge around when they find difficulty navigating your website. The three fundamental things that you must consider to have an excellent user experience are

  • Your website should load at a high speed
  • Structure your website and organize the content accordingly
  • Employ security features for your website to make it a trustworthy source

Mobile First

Google has put into practice mobile-first indexing as approximately 55% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. It implies that it prioritizes the indexation of the mobile version of the websites beyond their desktop version. If you have both these versions, it is better that you switch to a unique performance that is mobile-optimized, mobile-friendly, SEO Experts In Mohali or mobile-responsive. So, do you understand the difference between these?

  • Mobile-optimized

This version features simple navigation, a single-column layout, and an uncluttered design, SEO Experts In Mohali and it functions best on mobile devices.

  • Mobile-friendly

This slimmed-down mobile version of your website barely compacts the dimensions of the desktop version.

  • Mobile-responsive

This version is flexible compared to the other two as its design reformats, scales, SEO Experts In Mohali and restructures based on the size of the screen and device. 


Backlinks are considered one of the essential elements of SEO ranking. The unpretentious ranking algorithm of Google is PageRank, substantially founded on backlinks. The best ways to buy backlinks are

  • Don’t buy backlinks since Google will ban and penalize your website
  • Check whether your links include the targeted keywords
  • Acquire backlinks from traditional and entrusted websites than accepting them from low-quality websites

On-Page Optimization

Be confident that your website is comprehended by the search engines and identify the content suitable for the users. You can accomplish this by practicing content optimization. Here are the elements that are necessary to optimize:

  • Images

Add visual characteristics such as charts, pictures, SEO Experts In Mohali and illustrations to develop an enhanced user experience. Include alt text and make sure to provide descriptive titles to your images.

  • Meta Description 

Such kind of description appears beneath the title in the search results. If you do not document or optimize it, the first paragraph of your page gets automatically exhibited by Google, which is not descriptive.

  • Title Tag

The title for each post or page does not affect the organic rankings. Nevertheless, SEO Experts In Mohali it plays a significant role in CTR (click-through rates), affecting SEO directly.

  • Header Tags

Arrange your subheadings and headings into H1 to H6 header tags. Doing so will help your readers quickly move over the framework of your page.

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