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The Top Healthiest Brands at the Grocery Store

Food giants that have been around for generations notice their sales falling as consumers become more cautious about what they purchase.

by zarawhite1118

Food giants that have been around for generations notice their sales falling as consumers become more cautious about what they purchase. Kraft Heinz Company–maker iconic household staples including Velveeta. Philadelphia, Grey Poupon. Jell-O. Oscar Mayer. The company’s fourth-quarter sales dropped 1.1% in the U.S. (the biggest market), and 0.6% globally, with overall sales declining 0.3 percent.

Although this is disappointing news for the big food industry, it is helping smaller companies rise to the top of healthy eating. In tribute to these young stars, we have compiled a list wholesome brands who are changing the grocery market. These companies use transparent labels, clean ingredients, fair practices, and follow sustainable and ethical practices in bottled and jarred packaged goods. Below you’ll find out which brands are rising in popularity. Many of them have been voted our go-to snacks for weight reduction.


39 grams of sugar in a 12-ounce can Coke. One 12-ounce Spindrift Raspberry Lime is 1 gram. The expression on your face after you learn that Spindrift contains only real fruit juice, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no nonnutritive sweeteners (yes stevia included): priceless.

Spindrift’s sparkling waters with delicately flavoured sparkling water are a must for every household that values good taste and real food over artificial ingredients. Spindrift participates in 1% for The Planet. This is a group of companies who pledge to donate one percent of their annual sales (not just profits) towards environmental causes. Spindrift can help you save 131 calories per can by replacing soda with it. This food swap can double your weight loss.


Siggi’s yogurts live up the brand’s slogan of “simple ingredient, not a lot more sugar.” Siggi Hilmarsson, siggi’s founder was in New York in 2004. He longed for the same yogurt he had grown up with in Iceland, known as skyr. It was thicker and lower in sugar. And it was free from artificial flavors. The humble beginnings of selling homemade skyr to local farmers markets led to the transformation of what Americans now expect from yogurt: low sugar (Siggi’s yogurts are between 5-11 grams of sugar), real ingredients (seriously no fake stuff), high protein (10-17g per tiny container). These yogurts have been ranked number one on our list, based on their excellent nutritional qualities.

Dave’s Killer Bread

The first things that come to mind when you think “ultra-processed food” are chips, soda, and chicken nuggets. However, store-bought bakery bread is also included in this category. Traditional store-bought loaves are full of fiber-deficient refined flour, high fructose Corn Syrup, trans fat-like fats such mono- and diglycerides, bleaching agent like calcium peroxide, as well as other strange additives. Dave’s Killer Bread is free from all of these. They make whole grain, organic and high-fiber breads without the use of any ultra-processed additives.


This is the story of one of America’s worst carbs. A single ingredient can be altered to create a pasta with a similar taste but more nutrients. Banza’s chickpea spaghetti has four times the protein, almost half the net carbs and twice the fiber as regular pasta in the home depot health check.

Banza set the stage for better pasta. Other companies followed her lead with bean-based pastas. Modern Table is also a fan of their blend of red and white rice flours, pea proteins, and pea proteins. Ancient Harvest is our favorite because of its POW! You can choose from black beans, green or red lentils to make your pasta.


Applegate was one the first processors to put emphasis on the way their animals are raised, as well as the final product they use. Applegate only sources humanely reared meat and uses no hormones or antibiotics. This! Below is our Eat This!

Hope Hummus

Hummus is considered a healthy food. This means that the ingredients are often glazed. However, what you’re not seeing is mildly concerning. Some of the most dangerous hummus brands include inflammatory vegetable oil, high levels sodium and sketchy preservers like potassium sorbate. This is all changing. Their organic hummus makes it easy to make your own homemade hummus. Their tubs are so unique that you will be eager to get them after tasting the earthy Black Garlic, and zesty Sriracha. Their tubs are made of organic garbanzo and extra virgin olive oil, lemon, spices, and a little bit of citric acid as an innocuous preservative.


Gayle Tauber, a husband-and-wife duo, and Phil Tauber, started the Kashi Company in order to make nutritious, whole-grain ready-to eat cereals more accessible to all Americans. Kashi was founded in 1984 by Gayle Tauber and Phil Tauber, who were pioneers in the pursuit of low-sugar, whole grain cereals. This revolutionized American farming, which Kashi began in 2016.

Kashi teamed up to Quality Assurance International, a USDA certified organic product certifying body, in order to create a new certification called Certified Transitional. The transition from organic to conventional farming can take three years. Many farmers don’t have the financial resources or ability to grow organic products, but they still need to sell them at regular prices. Kashi’s certification can help. “Transitional” crops are plants that are in the process or converting to organic. They are considered organic but have not been approved by USDA Organic.

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