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The Top 5 Things To Do On Gozo

The Top 5 Things To Do On Gozo

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Described as the legendary Calypso’s Isle in one of the classics of Homer, titled “Odyssey”, Gozo is an island of peaceful bays and fishing villages. You get to see some of the beautiful landscapes existing on the earth. You can prefer our list of top 5 things to do in Gozo if you are thinking of visiting Gozo lately. Mostly, the visitors are attracted to his place because of the coastline beauty with amazing beaches. 

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Now, let’s see what the most charming and exciting activities to do in Gozo are. We hope you find them interesting and all these help you shape your travel plans. We will be dealing with the places and the related activities in detail.


During the mid-16th century, the Turks destroyed the walls built by Saint John nights. Victoria is the capital city of Gozo. And the most interesting part of this city is that it is based on the hilltop. This hilltop is encircled within Citadel. If you want to have a view of the village and countryside and then to the stretched sea, you can come here. Some of the main attractions of Citadel and nearby include the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Virgin Mary Statue, the Folklore Museum, the Old Prison, the Gozo Museum of Archaeology.

Ggantija Temples

UNESCO World Heritage has accepted it as one of the most important historical places in the world. The inspiration of the word “Ggantija” comes from the  Maltese word. The meaning of this word is “giant” in order to get to the temple. The tourists take a pathway that is way too beautiful. Following this path, you will reach the Interpretation Center. It is basically a museum that reflects the lives of Neolithic times. It displays several artworks from the history and archeological history of Gozo island. 

Seaside Resort 

Seaside Resort is located in Marsalforn. This is one of the best spots to visit during the summers. Actually, this is a fishing village that has now turned into a beach resort. This charming village challenges the sleepiness and calm environment of the whole of Gozo. It attracts a huge number of visitors and the locals as well. You can come here with your children to play in the sand and enjoy the colorful beach pebbles. Also, you can allow your children to wade in the seawater. In contrast, the adults go swimming quite safely.

Moreover, this spot is the initiating point of Marsalforn. Some of the main diving destinations in the village include the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole. Also, you get several restaurants and cafes to taste the flavor of the place. 

Historic Nadur

The name of the village ‘Nadur,” comes from a Maltese word that means “to keep guard.” When you come out of the village, you will see a tower, “Ta’ Sopu Tower’. The tower was built as the watchtower in the year 1667. When you reach this village at the hilltop, it gives you the whole panoramic view of the countryside and the two islands, namely, Malta and Comino.

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Dwerja Bay

In the year 2017, A strong storm destroyed a very large natural arch called Azure Window. However, before 2017, this particular destination was one of the main reasons for tourists attractions to Dwerja Bay. But, the destinations are still worth paying attention to. With the Inland Sea, the bay begins. Those who love snorkeling, and swimming, can definitely come here. You can dive deep into the sea, crossing the arch from under the water. 

You might be lucky enough to encounter some of the sea creatures such as octopus, parrotfish, lobster, sea bream, and some other species of fish and underway creatures. 

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