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The Impact of Digitalization on Work Productivity


by Fred Dexter

Some experts believe digital gadgets boost productivity, while others are vehemently opposed to this idea. Regardless of your point of view, technology has transformed the workplace. While some individuals argue it causes distractions, most feel it promotes productivity. Thus, a laptop or tablet may be a good investment if you need to concentrate and work remotely.

Technology has a stronghold on every aspect of our life. And it has affected our life to the point that they cannot fathom a day without their electronic devices and the internet. People in every organisation and business are working in a new dimension as technology advances. On the other side, the question of whether technology is assisting us in being more productive or simply wasting our time emerges.

Research conducted by Aruba has found workers who operate in a digital environment are more productive and motivated. They have more job satisfaction than those who do not work in the same setting. However, some critics argue both negative and positive points. Let’s take a look at both sides.

1.   Available 24/7

Due to technological development, we now have unlimited access to communication facilities. We can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. It is simple to work with the help of various tools, and students can also avail assignment help UK from online writing experts in no time. However, some aspects of digital technology, such as social networking sites and smartphone applications, maybe a distraction at work or school.

2.   Safeguarding Sensitive Information

Today, everyone is concerned about sensitive data. Organisations that collect data must exercise extreme caution since data loss may be disastrous. Digital technology, in some form or another, has enabled organisations to store data securely. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Drive and several other programmes can help you store data online easily and securely.

3.   Remote Access to Workplaces

With the advancement of technology, multitasking has become much easier. Different software and dashboards, for example, enable you and your workers to access virtualised workspaces. There are apps to help you decrease downtime and increase productivity. Furthermore, it is simpler to access virtual offices and apps from any phone, anywhere. Such as, assignment writers in the UK, can be hired from anywhere and you can also track your work remotely.

4.   Status of Productivity

Most businesses rely on digital technology to increase productivity. Although digital tools are unquestionably useful, everything depends on internet connectivity. Work efficiency will instantly go downhill if there’s a poor internet connection or a technological problem. So, productivity in this digital world means you have to have a strong internet connection and stay online no matter what.

5.   Increasing Profitability

There are several useful programmes available to assist people in earning more money. However, selecting a reliable, user-friendly programme with the right apps becomes quite difficult. The overabundance is depressing, as is the amount of time spent on digital resources. But once you get the grip of platforms that are good to engage your audience and increase brand visibility, then there’s nothing that can stop you from earning millions a year. You just need to be consistent and keep an eye on the platforms and sources that bring you an audience.

6.   Distraction of Attention

Not all automated devices comes with a hidden benefit. Smartphones will allow us to communicate with others whenever we want. However, this is both a benefit and a burden. With smartphones widely available to practically everyone these days, apps such as Snapchat and Facebook takes people’s attention away from their job. People can’t help but open their phones to check new notifications and upload stories and pictures for their audience.

7.      The Worst-Case Situation

Like many other modern tools, electricity and internet access brings business to a make or break kind of situation. If your internet runs smoothly, you are productive. However, power and Internet outages occur from time to time and such pity technological blunders bring disastrous consequences for both employees and employers. The easiest way to reduce the fallout is to keep backups wherever feasible. You may, for example, save an offline version of your slide presentation to a flash drive or utilise an online software that saves your work as you go. Or have other backup wifi options.

8.   Not All Digital Instruments Are Utilised Effectively

It is especially true with social media and technologies. Companies that rely significantly on social media platforms for communication, file sharing, money transfers, and other functions risk further derailing their employees’ productivity. Because employees must log in to their accounts, it is easy to get carried away. One ends up viewing friends’ updates and images and following up on personal conversations.

An hour might slip away from your job before you know it. Social networking sites may not be the best platform for such daily (or even hourly) chores as it leads to distractions. Instead, use social media for informal group announcements and general content sharing that is not job-related. If you like the inter-office chat feature, try Zoom or Google Hangouts, both of which offer fewer social notifications.


Digital technology has a positive influence on improving worker productivity and contributing to additional income generation. These gadgets, however, are frequently employed in excess, which might impede productivity and workflow. Using social networking sites for amusement can negatively influence the organisation’s success and communication with consumers. Organisations that add digital resources without rationale may also distract workers, efficiency, and work flow.

The ability of digital technologies to boost or diminish productivity is entirely dependent on the user.

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