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The great employee migration: How can companies attract and manage new talent

How can companies attract and manage new talent

by Syed Anas

Companies today are doing everything in their hands to recruit top talent for their businesses. However, attracting new talent is not as hard as retaining and managing it. Staff member retention allows companies to develop their workforce. Employee retention is all about the many policies and practices used by companies to retain their workforce.

Subsequently, those companies that achieve high employee retention rates are more inclined to meet the company’s objectives and in recruiting new hires. A well-planned and well-executed retention strategy are crucial. A company that has the aptitude to retain its talent can operate at a high level without having any disruption.

Employer of record in Dubai and recruiters wish to attract the most talented staff members for their company, especially for roles that are essential to performance and growth. Before hiring workers, companies need to attract them to their business.

Therefore, here are some tips for business owners and recruiters on how to attract and manage top talent in the United Arab Emirates:

Offer a positive work culture

Having a pleasant culture in your workplace is one of the main reasons future employees can be attracted to a company. Company culture is one of the most important aspects of job-offer evaluations. Consequently, to interest more employees, the workspace culture should be explained in the description of the job. Ultimately, generating a positive and unique image of your company will help you attract the right people from the beginning.

Provide appealing benefits and other perks

Most companies in the UAE offer many types of insurance. Including vision, dental, and other basic benefits. Nevertheless, it is an expected standard for every organization. A big amount of the United Arab Emirates employees stated that benefits in the workplace are a very crucial part of their job satisfaction. Organizations that have appealing perks such as maternity leave, 4-day work weeks, and gym memberships are more prone to attract and manage top talent easily.

Make use of top-notch technology

Using modern technology in the workplace is a great way of attracting and managing new talent. Most employees believe that having top-notch technology features available for them, allows them to do their jobs efficiently. In the same way, business owners can take advantage of having new technology and resources that allow them to manage their employees with no effort. When you advertise the use of current systems and software, possible candidates can feel more inclined to apply for a job in your company.

Reach out to candidates that can benefit your business

To reach out to the perfect candidates that can cover your UAE job vacancy, most companies acquire the services of a staffing agency. These agencies take charge of the recruitment, screening, selecting, and interviewing processes. As a result, they provide companies with the most qualified candidates for jobs in the UAE. Staffing Outsourcing UAE agencies have access to a wide talent pool that you can take advantage of. Plus, these teams usually provide other services that can streamline your business’ operations in no time.

Offer referral bonuses for current staff members

With an employee referral program, you can encourage current employees to source their professional network to provide candidates with an incentive. Therefore, offering referral bonuses can be a great source of high-quality candidates for you. Incentives can vary from gift cards, cash bonuses, paid time off, and more. Additionally, these types of programs can increase employee morale by letting them be more involved with the hiring process.

Provide room for growth and development within your organization

Growth is usually a core value in most companies. Consequently, they try their best to provide opportunities to foment that growth. Allowing them the chance to find ways to develop their skills and expand their experiences will result in a healthy work environment. Subsequently, it can be a deciding factor in whether or not possible candidates choose a new job at a company.

Offer a flexible schedule

Having a flexible work schedule will let employees work hours that may not coincide with typical business hours. Since not every employee can work standard hours, you must offer an alternative that works for them and you. Consequently, having the availability to provide a flexible option will help cater to the necessities of current and new employees. This plan includes condensed workweeks, flexible work hours, job sharing, and remote work.

Ensure that your staff members know what you expect

Making sure to give your employees the knowledge of what is expected from them is essential. Letting them know what are your expectations of their performance and contribution to the work culture will allow them to know what the benchmarks are.

Have a good HR team

If your company exceeds 50 staff members, you must have the support of human resource professionals. Even if you do not want to have an in-house team, you can always outsource these duties. With the support of an HR management team, you can free yourself from many responsibilities. Additionally, they will be there for you to deal with any challenges that may come your way. For instance, they can help you recruit employees, deal with any inside conflict, and manage other tasks.

Treat your staff members fairly

Staff members are the greatest assets to a company. The main thing that employers need to know is that if they want to attract and maintain top talent they must treat them well. When workers know that the organization they work for cares about them as individuals, they become more inclined to care about the business. As a result, this brings positive repercussions in stress management, work performance, company brand, and employee retention.

Knowing how to attract, retain, and manage your workforce consists of many collective elements. It is important to know that every organization has is variations. Therefore, if necessary, you need to seek professional advice from a team that knows how to help you with this issue. Finally, when an employer understands the motivational variables of their staff members, they can make a plan to build a more retention-favorable work environment within their company.

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