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The Following 14 Braces Myths Should Not Be Trust!

by jeffchin

For anyone, deciding to get braces is a big step. They work wonders for straighter teeth and the ideal smile. But getting straighter teeth is not without its difficulties. Traditional tooth-straightening techniques like braces are not without their scary tales. Therefore, we’ve chosen to examine some of the most widespread misconceptions about braces Penang that you should totally disregard!


1. Only children need braces

On the other hand, it is never too late to get the smile of your dreams. Adults of any age are permitted to wear braces.

The ideal way to get the smile you’ve always wanted without putting your life on hold is through cosmetic orthodontics. In reality, there are many options for covert orthodontic treatments available, especially for adults. It’s interesting that one in five patients is an adult.


2. Braces Take too long to complete the task

Adults can get a straighter smile with today’s orthodontic procedures in as little as six months. Treatment times can be incredibly brief, depending on the type of appliances used and how much movement is required of your teeth. There is no reason not to get braces when you think about it this way!


3. Braces Are Too Painful

Between pain and discomfort, there is a significant distinction. It takes time to get used to all orthodontic appliances, but only a few weeks or months. The majority of the discomfort you’ll feel after an adjustment is transient, lasting only a few days.

The metal components of braces, which can pinch or poke, contribute to some of the discomfort. But a quick wax application can significantly reduce this.

In general, mild painkillers can be used to treat discomfort brought on by the oressure placed on teeth.


4. I Have a Hard Time Keeping My Teeth Clean and I’ll Develop Cavities

Maintaining good oral hygiene now requires a little more care than it did before you had braces. However, with the right equipment, it’s entirely manageable. For instance, using threader floss, electric toothbrushes, and fluoride rinses makes it much simpler to maintain healthy teeth while wearing braces.


5. Orthodontic Procedures Are Exorbitant

One of the most environmentally friendly methods to address cosmetic problems is cosmetic orthodontics. Often, only a few teeth, if any, will require veneers or full bonding.

Flexible payment options or health insurance frequently help to address the issue of the cost of comprehensive orthodontic care.


6. I Won’t Be Able to Eat My Favorite Foods Because of Braces Penang

This myth should definitely be disregarded. Your orthodontist will undoubtedly advise you to limit your intake of sticky or sugary foods to avoid gumming up your braces, but your regular diet shouldn’t be impacted.

In general, wearing braces has no effect on what you eat. However, they do affect your eating habits, such as how often you chew each bite. Remember that digestion begins in the mouth, and for best results, chew each bite 30 times before swallowing.

With braces, you’re simply more conscious of how you eat and whether you’re chewing your food thoroughly. Overall, wearing braces will straighten your teeth and possibly even resolve some digestive issues!


7. Vacations Are Less Fun With Braces

Another untruth If you wear orthodontic appliances, you don’t have to skip the holiday feast or the sweets. That doesn’t mean you should go crazy eating buckets of candy, but it does imply that, with a few adjustments, you can enjoy your family’s holiday time.

It’s always a good idea to reduce your sugar intake, braces or no. But that doesn’t mean you can never again indulge in sweets. Just remember to avoid eating sticky, gooey, and chewy foods while you have braces on. You should possibly avoid treats that are hard and crunchy as well.

What’s left then? You could choose soft desserts and treats like ice cream or baked goods. As long as the meat is deboned and cut into manageable portions, you can still eat it.

However, give up the raw vegetables, popcorn, chips, and nuts. And always remember to brush your teeth after meals, particularly if you’ve indulged in sweet treats.


8. Nutrition Has No Effect on Dental Health

The opposite is true, as you can see. Your oral health is significantly influenced by your diet, braces or no braces. With braces on, it becomes even more crucial.

Junk food, processed foods laced with chemicals, an excess of sugar, and a lack of unprocessed, whole, and healthy foods typically make up poor nutrition. In fact, a person’s mouth can reveal a lot about their nutritional status. Poor eating habits have an adverse effect on the body as well, and they manifest in the mouth as cavities, tooth decay, and gum diseases.

Consider this: if your teeth end up decaying from a poor diet, wearing braces to create a beautiful, straight smile is useless.


9. Braces Can Stain Your Teeth

This is untrue as long as you maintain good oral hygiene while receiving treatment and schedule regular visits with your general dentist.


10. Our braces will lock if I kiss someone else who is wearing braces.

We enjoy debunking myths like this one. Two lovers finally share their first kiss, but they are prevented from kissing by their braces, as you may have seen in a movie or book. Comedy gold, that is.

The likelihood of this actually occurring is extremely unlikely. The edges and loose ends of the wires and brackets are kept close to the teeth, and there aren’t any that could catch on other people’s braces penang.


11. Any dentist may apply braces.

The best person to handle braces in children and adults is a trained, specialised orthodontist. In order to diagnose and treat oral health problems like crowded teeth and misalignment, orthodontists have completed years of additional training.


12. Braces Make It Difficult to Play Instruments and Play Sports

Your orthodontist might be able to set up a protective mouth guard for sports and musical instruments. Wearing a mouth guard is crucial, especially in contact sports like football and wrestling. You may need to practise getting used to the braces if you play an instrument, but you will still be able to do so.


13. Braces Have to Be Worn for a Long Time

Simply put, this is untrue. The length of time you wear braces penang depends on how well your teeth are aligned and how your oral health is. The length of treatment varies depending on the circumstances of each patient, but it typically lasts one to three years. Almost never do patients need to wear braces for more than three years.


14. It appears unsettling and ugly.

They are aware of the patient’s mouth’s sensitivity. They are also aware of how uneasy it may be for them to wear brackets. The basic idea behind clear dental braces has been updated as a result by the dental industry. Today, everyone can get the appropriate orthodontics equipment thanks to the availability of invisible braces. Additional variations include tooth-colored fixed braces and lingual braces.


Have you come across any other braces penang-related orthodontic myths? There are many options available, but rest assured that getting braces is the ideal way to achieve straighter, healthier teeth as well as a radiant smile!


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