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The Best Online Carnatic Music Platform

The Best Online Carnatic Music Platform

by poorvanga

Poorvanga is one of the Best Online music Academy in Tamil Nadu to learn Carnatic music. Through courses from renowned professionals, we make the greatest learning approaches for Carnatic music accessible to the entire world.

Use our experience and gain Indian classical music. We provide you with the necessary equipment so that you can realize your full potential and accomplish your musical objectives. Join Poorvanga Online Music Classes in Tamil today to share in our goal of a vibrant global community of musicians who are united by a shared love of music.

Where does Carnatic music come from?

Indian classical music includes carnatic music.Carnatic is the most popular and dominant form of Indian classical music today. The origins of Carnatic music can be traced back to the ancient Sangam literature and musical treatises, such as the “Silappatikaram” and “Tirukkural”.

Carnatic music is primarily vocal-based, with instruments playing a subsidiary role. There are two major categories of carnatic instruments: stringed (chitra veena, venu, violin etc.) and percussion (mridangam, ghatam etc.). The vocal style in carnatic singing is known as “karnatak raga”. It was not until the 18th century and the arrival of European influence that it started to be recognized as a classical style. However, the roots of Carnatic music go back to 200 AD as evidenced by references in ancient Tamil texts like “Tirukkural”

How did it get the name Carnatic music?

The southern Vindhyas region is commonly referred to as Karnatakam in ancient scriptures. This may be the origin of the name of South Indian music. The Sanskrit word “Karneshuathathi,” which is pleasing to the ear, can be used to translate the word “Carnatic,” according to one interpretation. Unlike North Indian music, which has been profoundly influenced by Central Asia and Persia, Carnatic music has withstood the test of time and remained unaffected. Different composers from different eras have added to the repertoire of Carnatic music.

How do I acquire Carnatic music?

To build a solid foundation for the musical system, it is important to learn Carnatic music from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher throughout the formative years. More than 500 Carnatic music classes taught by great musicians are available at Poorvanga. Additionally, we provide Online Carnatic music Classes in Tamil Nadu for students throughout the world of all ages and skill levels.

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