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Terea for IQOS ILUMA: Heets Flavors

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“Did you know that only specially designed TEREA sticks work with IQOS iluma! When standard HEETS are used, the gadget will become contaminated and smell bad. Terea, however, is incompatible with other IQOS models. The rod can get hurt by the steel plate.”

TEREA STICKS are specially designed heated tobacco units intended for exclusive use with the IQOS ILUMA induction heated tobacco device.

You cannot use The original blade series of heated tobacco products (such as the IQOS, IQOS 2.4, IQOS 2.4+, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo, and IQOS 3 Multi) with TEREA SMARTCORE STICKSTM. This technology demands further customer education. Because without proper knowledge you won’t be able to tell which device is compatible with which heated sticks. Our website MyHeets has detailed descriptions of such products so it is easier for you to buy heets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Alternate of Cigarettes

Tobacco is burned in cigarettes, which produces a lot of carbon monoxide. Compared to cigarettes, IQOS emits significantly fewer hazardous chemicals since it does not burn tobacco. Therefore, it is evident that IQOS cigarettes are a superior way to smoke cigarettes. MyHeets offers iqos for sale online in Dubai and the UAE. We are the top online store nearby that offers a variety of heets varieties. Due to our quick shipping and high-quality service, our online store is a dependable source for electronic cigarettes in Dubai. Your mind will be blown by our enormous selection of flavors, which will also improve your whole smoking experience. We also provide stunning IQOS gadgets with a variety of uses. Therefore, pick and order your heets from myheets.ae to be delivered to Dubai.

The integrated blade is the primary distinction between HEETS and Terea Sticks. The company has sealed TEREA sticks in contrast to HEETS sticks, and an induction-heated steel plate located inside the tobacco bag. Therefore, there is no tobacco residue and no need to clean the device after use when TEREA sticks are used with IQOS ILUMA. You may now smoke better tobacco in a simple and clean way with the brand-new IQOS ILUMA prime and TEREA tobacco sticks.

The company designed these sticks only for The IQOS iluma, which lacks a blade. The authority has completely enclosed Mini cigarettes, preventing the buildup of carbon deposits and tobacco crumbs in the heating chamber. The disagreeable undertones typical with IQOS have vanished, greatly enhancing the sticks’ flavor as a result of this innovation.

User feedback indicates that the new bag design is quite practical. You do not require any cleaning, and there is no chance that the blades may break. The sticks of IQOS iluma are now sweeter and more aromatic, and using it is simpler and more fun. We shall go into greater depth about them.

Let us take a look at the European lineup of the Terea Sticks flavors before you actually decide to buy heets from their latest collection.


The taste of this Heets Terea Japan Stick is described to be of fresh menthol with slight hints of roasted tobacco and spices. According to users, it feels a lot like regular menthol cigarettes with a small twist. The tobacco strength is average or even slightly lower. This heated stick can remind you of the forgotten Turquoise Label.


According to the description and reviews, these mini cigarettes have a refreshing menthol flavor with notes of wild berries. The heated sticks are very fragrant, but the smell does not feel chemically induced. This specific flavor might gain the same level of popularity as heets Purple Wave.


The word Russet translates as “red” or “red-brown”. These tobacco Terea iluma heets are very strong, with an intense taste of roasted tobacco and malt. This might be a good choice of flavor for people who are trying to give up regular cigarettes and trying to find the same level of flavour and taste for IQOS devices.


Terea Bronze is a brown heat stick with a bronze sheen. One does not need to translate the name of the sticks – it is clear and so. Their taste is of soft tobacco, with a hint of cocoa and dried fruits. It is surely a very interesting combination. We would recommend this if you like trying new flavors. Who knows this might turn out to be your favourite. Tobacco strength is slightly above average.


In Terea Sienna the taste of roasted tobacco is combined with tea and woody tones. The users of this flavor have said that it is very similar to regular cigarettes. It is quite strong and you will feel the strength of tobacco from the very first stick.


The name of this flavor can be translated as “teak tree”. According to the users, it is quite fragrant with a slightly above-average strength. This might remind you of the nutty taste of Teak Selection from previous heets flavors that you will like.


The aroma of this one is quite intense, but it does not have a sharp or chemical taste.

The tobacco strength is medium or slightly high. This one has not brought anything new, rather it’s almost the same flavour as HEETS Amber.


These mini cigarettes are not too strong. However, these are very fragrant. You can say it is the same Yellow Selection with medium saturation.


The Silver pack of heets dubai, according to the description, the heets makers exquisite roasted tobacco with a light spicy-herbal note. It is not anything new though. You have probably already tried these in the Heets Silver series.


These are sticks with a soft tobacco mix and a pronounced menthol, in which there is a hint of peppermint. So, what’s new in this? Well, it is very refreshing and will suit lovers of frosty freshness. The tobacco strength is high.

Overall, we are very pleased with a decent selection of mini-cigarettes mostly without menthol. The heets company clearly created the line for European preferences. The Japanese version of TEREA is mostly minty.

Where to Buy TEREA in Bulk?

If you are eager to try out all the new flavors Terea sticks and looking for a place to buy heets or heated tobacco sticks then we know just the right place for you. IQOS cigarettes or heat sticks are the newest methods to smoke with style. Visit our online shop at myheets.ae to browse through our extensive collection of heets Terea along with many other heets selections at the best price in the market.

We are the most trusted name in Dubai, UAE for anyone looking to buy heets, IQOS, Terea, or any other electronic cigarettes or devices.  Additionally, we provide a selection of products for our customers including, Summer Breeze Parliament, Heet Purple wave, Heets Yellow, IQOS 3 Duo, Iqos 3 multi, Lambda CC, Lambda T3, Iluma Prime kit, Veev device, IQOS Heets Sienna Selection Arabic, Veev pods, heets creation, heets Marlboro, heets Dimension etc.

We also offer free delivery and that too at the fastest possible time. So, without further delay visit our site and see the marvellous collection for all your tobacco needs for yourself. We ensure that you will have a good time browsing through and picking out the good stuff for yourself. Get in touch to find out more about MyHeets.

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