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Teaching English Abroad With a Partner

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People who think of teaching English in a foreign country occasionally inquire if they can do it with a companion, partner, or colleague. Without a doubt, the answer is indeed yes. In fact, among the most popular careers for married people overseas is instructing English as a foreign language.


Top 5 Tips To Consider if You Plan to Teach English Abroad with Your Partner

Obtain the Requisite Qualifications

Each country has its own regulations for recruiting English teachers internationally. Make sure you enroll in an approved TEFL certification if neither of you is TEFL certified.


Keep Track of Hiring Seasons

In several countries around the world, such as Latin America and Europe, the recruitment process for English instructors is seasonal. The recruiting and recruitment processes for several language schools and organizations are localized. 

To be prepared for prospective interview sessions, you should pay heed to the hiring cycles and schedules. Research and choose to work in a nation with a sizable labor market where it is simple to find English teaching positions. 

Your prospects of being recruited together will rise once you study TESOL online.


Salary Negotiation

Remember that new English instructors only make sufficient money to accommodate one person’s needs. The compensation of just one individual can only support the two of you for a limited time unless you possess other financial means. 

If you are unable to find employment in a nation that pays English instructors extraordinarily well, get ready in advance to negotiate your compensation with prospective employers.


Prefer Teaching in Distinct Institutions

Several language schools and universities occasionally hire couples, but you shouldn’t plan on teaching at the same institution as your partner. 

Numerous institutions can be located inside a 20-mile range of most large cities, enhancing your likelihood of finding employment nearby. However, working at distinct schools is beneficial because it enables you to expand your social circle and connections.


TEFL Accreditation Is a Must

To acquire formal training to teach English as a foreign language globally, you must join a TEFL course if you lack significant experience or a certification in English teaching. 

It will improve your likelihood of being recruited for a satisfying teaching post overseas, in addition to obtaining the skills necessary to become a successful teacher.



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