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Talk To Your SAP B1 Partner In Mumbai About CRM Benefits

by Praxis Info Solutions

Most businesses know and identify SAP Business One as a module for ERP solutions. But not many of the tap into the CRM merits that this solution brings. In fact, some small businesses might be able to manage their sales and partnership management tasks with the help of SAP B1 without having to invest in an additional CRM solution. So, if you are planning to work with a SAP B1 partner in Mumbai, make sure that you discuss the CRM modules that your business can make use of.

CRM Benefits Offered By Business One

  • Convert Leads To Customers

Lead management and targeting will be the primary focus to improve sales. With the efficiency of managing lead data in Business One, it becomes easier to support the team’s efforts. You can also add limited levels of access for different teams in order to ensure data security.

  • Plan Better Campaigns

Marketing teams can benefit a great deal from the insights provided by a CRM system. Every campaign that the business plans will be better at conversions if the campaigns are designed accurately for the people the business targets. For this you need an overview of the market data. This lets you create campaigns based on what’s trending. And then comes the demand capture. With this you can promote your products or services as the perfect solution for the problems that your target audience faces. Finally based on all these inputs you can plan and launch a campaign based on the objective you set.Working with a SAP B1 partner in Mumbai helps businesses small and big plan customer-centric campaigns.

  • Manage Sales And Service

In the actual sale process, there are tasks like invoicing. Customers also need to be sent the warranty details and other after sale essentials. Business One helps in sending the rice price quotes to the customers who have requested them. And later it helps in documenting the responses. Along with this, for the orders that are placed, the CRM functionalities in B1 make it easier to handle automatic invoicing and documentation of the order details. These are handy for capturing the warranty and other after-sale nuances. And thus helps in strengthening a long-term bond with the customers.

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Identifying such ways to add more value to your investment will be one of the perks of working with a SAP B1 partner in Mumbai. You know the essential modules to invest in first. And then later once your team is comfortable in making use of the features of Business One you can go for more licenses or better upgrades.

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