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Styles and Features of Bathroom Cabinets With Mirrors

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The basic storage unit is usually mirrored with a stationary shelf. However, more complex units may include adjustable shelving and lighted shelves. Single-paned cabinets are usually hinged, whereas larger tri-view cabinets may feature sliding doors. Fog-proof mirrors are a luxurious extra. To maximize the storage space in your bathroom, select a unit that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful. Read on for more information on the many styles and features of bathroom cabinets with mirrors.

Cabidor Deluxe mirror cabinet

With a framed mirror and patented hanging hardware, the Cabidor Classic Mirror Deluxe is the latest in innovative space-making storage solutions. Its convenient mounting system utilizes hinge pins and patented hanging hardware to fit any standard door without leaving a hole on any surface. This makes the cabinet easy to install. Even if you don’t have enough space for a mirror cabinet, this innovative design is still a great option for adding storage space to your bathroom.

The framed mirror of the Cabidor Deluxe mirror cabinet allows you to maximize storage space while concealing a full-length vanity mirror. Inside the cabinet, you can keep all of your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials out of sight. You can even use the cabinet to store hairdryers, beauty products, and medications. It even mounts to the non-hinged side of a door, which makes it a versatile storage solution.

Jensen Hampton locking recessed mirrored medicine cabinet

The Jensen Hampton locking recessed bathroom cabinets is designed for recessed installation and features a heavy-duty steel frame with a satin nickel finish. Its mirrored door hides the lock on one side, while a continuous piano hinge and magnetic soft-close door seal the contents. The cabinet’s overall dimensions are 15-13/16″ width x 25-1/2″ height. It is available in a variety of finishes and can be ordered in custom sizes.

This recessed mirrored medicine cabinet is designed to be mounted to a bathroom wall. It has ample storage space and a full-length mirror to display your beauty products and toiletries. This unit is easily installed, requiring only a few tools. Installation is a snap thanks to existing hinges on the wall. Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to use it right away.

Zenith X4311 medicine cabinet

This recessed, glass-fronted, 20-inch-wide medicine cabinet with mirror comes with three adjustable-height shelves. The cabinet’s stainless steel frame and rust-resistant plastic body are aesthetically pleasing and durable. It can also be mounted on a wall or recessed, which will accommodate both left and right-handed consumers. Despite its relatively inexpensive price, this cabinet isn’t necessarily the best choice for every bathroom.

Whether you have a vanity mirror or not, you’ll need a place to store your cosmetics and other accessories. This medicine cabinet is the perfect place for them. Its two adjustable-height shelves hold three different sizes of bottles, and its door features soft-close hinges for added safety. It also includes a built-in mirror and removable magnifying mirror. For added convenience, it comes with a magnetized trinket tray.

IKEA Hemnes mirrored cabinet

The IKEA Hemnes mirrored cabinet in your bathroom can be a great way to enhance your bathroom’s beauty without taking up a lot of space. The cabinet’s adjustable shelves are made of impact and extra heat resistant tempered glass. Its back is coated with a safety film to prevent any injuries in case the mirror breaks. For proper installation, two people are needed to help assemble the cabinet.

A full-length mirror will enable you to see your entire look. A mirror that can reflect the entire length of your body will open up your bathroom and make it appear more spacious. You’ll also appreciate its ample storage space. With a large mirror, you can check your makeup, get ready for work or even spend a relaxing evening bath. You’ll love the convenience of having such a handy item right in your bathroom.

Pottery Barn Kensington recessed medicine cabinet

The sleek profile of a Pottery Barn Kensington recessed medicine cabinet is sure to make an impact in your bathroom. Its aluminum door frame is accented by a delicate beveled mirror and three adjustable tempered safety glass shelves. Available in three sizes and five finishes, the Kensington offers an attractive look to any space. Its sleek design and streamlined look will complement many styles of bathroom decor. The Kensington is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a medicine cabinet that combines function with style.

This medicine cabinet features a slim rounded frame and beveled glass doors. It is made of steel or aluminum with adjustable shelves and is sealed with a protective lacquer. This cabinet is mounted on the left or right side and can open from both sides. It has tempered glass doors that resist breakage. This piece is also available with a recessed base, which can be installed either side of a bathroom counter.

Westling medicine cabinet

A classic styled medicine cabinet, the Westling medicine cabinet has two adjustable interior shelves and a cut-out design. Whether you want a large or small medicine cabinet, this piece will fit perfectly in any bathroom. The tempered glass doors swing open and close for easy access to all your toiletries. Constructed from steel and polystyrene, the medicine cabinet is backed by a one-year warranty. Installation is simple and requires no tools.

When selecting a medicine cabinet, it is essential to consider its function. The medicine cabinet can double as a storage unit for items such as toothbrushes and makeup. Its design can be either recessed or surface-mounted. The recessed type is more aesthetically pleasing and requires a hole to be cut in the wall. The recessed design enables the mirror to sit flush against the wall, giving the bathroom a more custom appearance. Before you buy one, make sure that

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