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Stunning and Trendy Blinds and Curtains for Your Windows

by Christo

Finding the right curtains for your home can indeed be a difficult task. A curtain or blind that you choose should equally match with the overall personality and decor of the home. If not, it will look extremely out of place. There are many options for curtains that one can choose for their home. Aside from design and appearance, curtains can also provide needed privacy and help you control the amount of light that enters the room. Here are some ideas for choosing stunning and trendy blinds and curtains for your windows. 

Sheer curtains are a good choice which matches with modern and transparent curtains that give the airy feel. You can choose the materials for sheer curtains based on the sheerness you need. There are choices for deeper hues and thicker curtains. Various materials are suitable for sheer curtains, including lace, silk, plain, or even patterned. If you do not want any light to enter the room, you can choose embossed black curtains. Using transparent curtains can obstruct views as well as dim bright lights in a room.

  • Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are made with opaque materials, which obstruct the entry of light into the room or home. It is made of opaque foam, which helps transform day into night. The blackout curtains can act as insulators and shut down the noise levels. The opaqueness of the curtains help trap the heat inside the room during winters and let out light in times of summer. They are the best choices for people who hate sunlight falling over their faces in the morning. 

  • Flat Panel curtains

Flat panel curtains are made of cotton, linen, or other lightweight materials. These are unlined curtains with slight gathers. These curtain materials are usually preferred by homeowners because of their easy maintenance and the fact that they can be cleaned using washing machines. These curtains can be seen in digital prints and in newspaper prints. Black and gray are the usual colors of panel curtain shades seen on the market. The fabric is quite thick, which helps in blocking out the light. 

  • Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a typical style in Indian homes. A cafe curtain at one end of the window blocks the other half of the window free of coverings so that light can freely stream through. Cafe curtains are a great way to add a modern touch to your home. Slatten windows are usually decorated with cafe curtains. 

  • Eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains or grommet curtains are the most common varieties seen in homes. It is one of the simplest and most comfortable choices made by homeowners. The vibe or look created by eyelet curtains is casual and not at all gaudy. The eyelet curtains fit right into an iron rod, whose handles are screwed to the wall, and large metal rings are embedded on the curtain. They are non-fussy and hence easier to install. You can choose light or thicker materials, and they create a wave-like effect. It is ideal to use them for patio windows.

  • Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch-pleated drapes or curtains add a touch of elegance and grandeur to any room. They are also called French pleat curtains. Equal pleats within equal space folds are taken and pinched at the top with the help of pins or hooks, and then rolled into the iron rod, one set following the other. Putting them etiquettely into the iron rod is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. As the pleats are done, the requirement for the curtain material is quite high when it comes to this model. People place another translucent pleated panel to block the light from entering the room. 

  • Tab Top curtains

Tab top curtains are similar to eyelet curtains, and what makes them different is that they do not have attached rings for putting through the iron holder. Instead of metal rings, the curtain cloth is neatly cut into holes for sliding onto the iron rod. They don’t have many gathers like the eyelet curtain, so they do not consume much space when put together on one side. Most homeowners prefer these kinds of windows when they want their interiors to have a breezy appearance. Picking materials like voile and muslin is the right choice. 

  • Rod Pocket

Choose a rod pocket header if you want the rod completely hidden. Due to the concealed insert and the enclosure of the rod, these curtains typically need tie-backs and are more difficult to open and close.

  • Blinds with motifs

Blinds give your home a great outlook. You can choose blinds that have decorative motifs for your living room and bedrooms. You can also customize blinds with animal motifs for your kids rooms. 

Curtain Fabrics

  1. Cotton: One of the common material used in curtains is cotton fabric. There are various colours and textures in cotton material. They can be used to shear or even to dampen or as insulators against the noise.
  2. Linen: It is a natural material like cotton and it is of much more weight and more textured. It gives in more privacy but maintenance is much more difficult than rough texture.
  3. Velvet: Velvet is a massive material and dense material. It has a niche feature of bringing in luxury to the room. It is the best option to keep off light and sound from the room. The opacity of the velvet is suitable for rooms that require extreme privacy.
  4. Silk: Silk is an expensive and soft material. A silk fabric is a wise choice if you do not mind letting in more light than other materials. It also adds a luxe factor to the room.
  5. Lace: Lace is always used as sheer curtains. For decorative purposes we usually use lace. It doesn’t add to any privacy and lets in more light than other curtain materials. 
  6. Polyester: Polyester is a very versatile and highly affordable material. It is flammable and can absorb odors of the home.

How to choose the right curtains for your home?

  • If you are having difficulty in making a choice, you can contact interior design firms in Qatar
  • The number of panels in the home can play an important role in deciding the right curtains. If you have more than two or three window panels it will be ideal to mix and match curtain materials affordable and expensive. 
  • The style you try to project in your home is yet another factor that helps you choose stunning curtains for your home. The room and design also contributes to the selection of curtains. 
  • It is important to consider the curtain’s function carefully when choosing materials. If you want a curtain which obstructs light and noise, then get a thicker material. Curtains made of velvet, for instance, can completely block light from the outside.
  • Choosing the right curtains for your room is not rocket science. In order to make the right decisions, you need to get the right measurements.
  • Ensure that the curtains you choose go with the theme of your house.Give each room a unique personality by adorning it with vibrant curtains instead of the same old drapes that look the same in every room.
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