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Steps to Replacing Your Roof

by Kara Masterson

A roof is essential to protect your home from the elements and keep you warm during winter. So it is always a good idea to replace your roof if it is damaged or not to function well. Roof installation can be a lot of work, so this article will give you some tips on how to go about replacing your roof.

Examine Your Roof

Before starting any rooftop project, you should take the time to inspect your old one thoroughly. Look for leaks around seams, damage in shingles, rust near vent pipes and chimneys, and other signs that indicate that it’s time for a replacement.

Remove Your Old Roof

Once you are sure it is necessary to replace your roof, it’s time to start taking it off. First of all, you should find out how your roof is supported and how to get up there. Then, use any equipment you might need, such as a rope and pulleys if you have a steeply sloped roof. Recycle any old materials that can be reused, such as nails or shingles but then trash the rest, such as damaged or rotten parts of the roof.

Prepare Your New Roof Shingles

Although most roofs today are made out of sheet metal, many of them come with asphalt or clay-based tiles that need to be covered with something else before they can be installed. A residential roof replacement usually involves either asphalt or a synthetic material such as asphalt-impregnated fiberboard. Purchase some roofing cement, shingle nails, and a nail gun.

Install Your New Shakes

Be sure to follow the instructions for your new shingles carefully when installing. Holes in the roof should be patched with felt paper and sealed with roof cement. The shingles should overlap at least five-six inches to prevent water from seeping in between them. It is also essential that they are nailed down securely on the outside and let loose on the inside so that hot air can escape during the summer months. Then, clean up your installation area and any mess you might have made during or after your job.

Install Your Nearby Chimney

Your job is not complete yet, though. Your new roof will not be complete until you install your chimneys. Obtain a chimney cap, the metal covering that goes over the top of your chimney, and attach it to the top of your chimney using sturdy nails and screws. Once you’ve finished attaching all the pieces, cut out a piece of plywood to cover it from rainwater. Finish up by cleaning your installation area and calling in a professional to check out your work. After all, it never hurts to get another set of eyes to review your work.

Move Back In

When you’re done, your new roof will make your home a more attractive place to live and for others to visit. If you’re looking for ways to improve the look and value of your home, replacing your roof is a great way to do so.

Replacing a roof is no easy job. It shouldn’t take you more than a few days to complete the task. The most important things you should keep in mind while replacing your roof are safety, durability, and aesthetics.

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