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Save Money at Supermarket

Secrets to Saving Money at the Supermarket – 8 Tips to Start Saving Today

by sarakhan

The cost of food shopping represents a significant portion of a household budget. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest ways to reduce expenses and save money.

Here are eight tips to help you save money at the supermarket checkout.

1. Never shop while hungry

Always shop after a meal to avoid impulse buying on an empty stomach. Supermarkets are the best allies for those who are considering dieting. For those who are on a total diet, the supermarket should be like a second home.

2. Never go into a store without a list

If you just wander the aisles, you’re more likely to put things in your cart that you don’t need. Again, avoiding impulse buys can significantly reduce your spending at the supermarket.

3. Get all the coupons

In the past, good shoppers spent hours each week clipping coupons. However, with new couponing technology, they can save money without having to bother with paper coupons. If you have a savings card, you can use the printed coupons that the sales staff at your local store will give you with the receipt, as they are often printed for products you always buy.

You can also print food coupons online. Simply check the box next to the coupon you want and print it. This way, you won’t have to digest coupons for products you don’t use, and no one in your family will spend money on products they don’t like just because they have a coupon.

4. Use a credit card that offers rewards for food purchases

These points can add up quickly if you spend a lot at the store, allowing you to buy nice things for your family or go on vacation.

5. Reduce and reuse

What products on your grocery list can you reuse multiple times? Plastic freezer bags should be washed well and whenever possible, food containers should be used instead of plastic bags. This is also a more environmentally-friendly choice.

6. Buy in large quantities at supermarkets to save on non-food items

Compare prices at local discount stores for items such as paper towels and bath towels with more expensive items such as water purifiers and light bulbs.

7. Try to buy brands

Whenever possible, buy private labels and wholesale products.

8. Wash food

As soon as you get home from shopping, wash and dry your fruits and vegetables so they are edible for your family. Slice vegetables and place washed fruit in a dish on the counter. If vegetables and fruit are readily available and ready to eat, it’s less likely that you’ll find yourself weeks later with a plastic bag full of liquid vegetables in the fridge.

To save money when purchasing food, it is important to plan ahead and make conscious purchasing choices.

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