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Rug Stain Removal – How to Remove Stains from your Rug

by Parker

Sometimes, the worst scenario is possible. Red wine spilled on a new dining room rug. Muddy boots fell on a hallway rug made of pale cream.

Most stains can easily be removed at home depending on the material and quality of the rug. Luxurious rugs can be extremely durable and you don’t need to hire a professional cleaner. Learn how to remove stains from your rug with household products.

Rug Stain Removal – Getting Started

Rug stain removal is crucial. The rug fibers will absorb the spillage if it is not removed quickly. First, remove all excess substance. Blot liquid spillages with a kitchen towel or a white absorbent fabric. Use a metal spoon to scoop up solidified substances.

Use household products to remove stains from rugs


Beer is a great tool for removing stains from fabrics, as many people will be surprised to learn. You can remove coffee and tea stains by rubbing beer on the rug. Rub the solution into your rug and it will eventually disappear.


Wine stains are the most difficult and resilient of all, and they are a common nightmare for house party hosts. You can prevent it from leaving a lasting impression by acting quickly. First, you will need to wipe the red wine stain off your rug with a dry cloth. You want to absorb as much of the spillage as you can. After the stain has been absorbed into the cloth, you can sprinkle some white salt on the area and let it sit for five minutes. The stain should be lifted from the carpet if you did the right thing. You need to lift the salty deposits off the rug and you will miraculously save it!


Shampoo is great for removing cosmetic stains. You can use shampoo to remove stains still fresh from your rug. Allow the solution to sit for 5 minutes before washing it off with warm water. The shampoo should have completely lifted the stain.

Shaving Foam

Although shaving foam’s stain-removal properties aren’t well known, it can be very useful if the stain remains fresh. Apply half a teaspoon of shaving cream to the affected area. Blot the stain with a paper towel and then cover the area with foam. Use a sponge to get rid of both the stain and the foam. The stain should have disappeared completely.

How to Remove Rug Stains

Use the appropriate tools

Be careful when cleaning your rug. Don’t use tools that could cause damage to the rug’s pile or create new stains. Any abrasive tools can damage fibers and catch them. Scrape away stains using a spoon and not a knife. Use a soft cloth to remove stains. Be aware that dyed cloths and sponges can transfer some of their dye onto your rug. Use something white or un-dyed instead.

Use Carpet Cleaning Products Carefully

Some carpet cleaning products can damage your rug with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can cause your rug to look unattractive by bleaching out its colour. This may not be possible for a rug of low quality. A professional will have to re-dye the rug or re-weave it for a hand-knotted rug.

Careful with Drying and Cleaning Techniques

Do not scrub the stain vigorously. This can cause damage to the pile. Instead, apply pressure to the stain and gently smoothen the pile one at a time. Make sure your rug is flat before you allow it to dry. Make sure that the pile faces the same direction. Otherwise, the affected area will appear lighter. This is especially important for hand-knotted rugs. This is important because the threads of a hand-knotted rug are not facing directly upwards, but at an angle. Run your hand down the rug’s length in one direction, then turn around and do the same for the other. It will be more smothered in one direction than in the other. Smoothen the pile so that it lies in the same direction.

It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe if a luxury rug is accidentally spilled on. Your rug can be restored to its original glory with quick thinking and simple products.


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