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Role Of A School Security Guard

Role Of A School Security Guard: Duties & Responsibilities

School Security Guard Services

by Rajan Sharma

A security officer at a school could have a full schedule. It needs more than just keeping an eye on the corridor crowds; there are additional duties involved. The job also requires a lot of interaction with the teachers, staff, visitors, and authorities. The requirements for the position may vary slightly depending on the state and the school system. The guard’s duties will also change if they are a police officer on the job. Depending on the type of school, such as elementary, high school, private, or college, the job description may alter. Explore role and responsibilities of school security guard services.

Basic Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a position as a school security officer, you must have completed high school and be at least 18 years old. Guards need to be in good physical condition as well because they spend a lot of time standing and moving about. In certain situations, school security guards may need to physically detain attackers. Since you are unarmed, you may want to learn some self-defense techniques. Before being allowed to enroll in classes, a credit check and background check will be required. Additionally, you must pass a drug test and undergo fingerprinting. Credible references will also be necessary.

You must be able to remain composed under stressful situations. Parents and some students can occasionally be very disruptive. By maintaining your composure under pressure rather than losing it, you can handle some circumstances successfully without resorting to violence.
Enrolling in some college courses with a law enforcement focus can be beneficial even if it is normally not required. You will distinguish yourself from the competition and exhibit a level of dedication to the industry.

Training for School Security

After completing the initial requirements, you must complete professional security guard training in order to meet the requirements in your state. You won’t need to take gun safety courses because the majority of school security personnel are unarmed. However, some schools would need to provide this training given the increase of armed school security personnel. Some schools might make it a requirement for you to learn how to use video cameras and metal detectors.

You must pass an 8-hour introductory training programme in order to work as a security guard. Once you’ve completed them, you can submit applications for select security guard jobs. You must finish an extra 16 hours of coursework during the first 30 days of your employment. You’ll probably need to finish another 16 hours during the next 16 months.


Some governments or universities can insist that you have some prior security experience. Working as a police officer, campus manager, security guard, or school security officer could take two or three years. You can also be asked to provide evidence of your interpersonal skills with students.


Once you’ve finished the programmes and obtained your accreditation as a school security guard, you might still need to take additional courses offered by the school district or even the institution where you’ll be working. You’ll likely also need to do additional training every year.
In some states, security officers are required to register with the state. You may also need to be knowledgeable about first aid.

Community Relations

Following completion of the programmes and receipt of your certification as a school security guard, you could be required to take further courses offered by the school district or perhaps the institution where you’ll be employed. You’ll probably need to do additional training each year as well. Some states require security officers to register with the authorities. Additionally, first aid knowledge may be required.

Some Specific Responsibilities

The responsibilities for this position will vary by state and educational system. Typically, you can count on at least these things:

  • Patrol the school’s property and any surrounding uncontrolled areas.
  • Become involved in potentially harmful activities and urge pupils not to partake in them.
  • Set an example for the class in terms of behavior, appearance, and grooming.
  • Assist with keeping an eye on students as they enter and leave the building and during lunch and breakfast.
  • Help kids get to class on time, and keep the hallways moving with a continuous flow of traffic.
  • Intercept visitors, check their IDs, and if necessary, help them to the exits.
  • Inform the police and emergency personnel of any emergencies or unusual circumstances.
  • Inform the proper parties of any sign of substance abuse, serious medical issues, child abuse, suicide possibility, or alcohol abuse, among other things.
  • Ensure protection of finance and admin department in the school premises.
  • As required, lend a hand to the emergency teams, including the police and fire departments.

1. To protect students

Of course, one of a school security guard’s most important duties is to protect the children. Keep in mind that protection in this context includes teachers as well as children.

  • The school’s security officer should: Be equipped with the right equipment and training.
  • Regularly patrol the area near the school.
  • Constantly visible at the entrances and exits of the school.
  • Bring the kids to the bus in a secure manner.
  • Don’t hesitate to help a student if they ask for it.
  • Be on the lookout for any sketchy persons or activity near the school.
  • Be engaged and committed to his responsibilities.

2. To enforce rules and regulations

The security officer for the school must also be informed. It implies that he needs to be familiar with the policies and procedures of the organization. By doing this, he keeps the school in order. In this way, he aids the school’s disciplinary panel.

3. To teach students about self-defense

A school security guard’s disposition isn’t always gloomy. But he ought to be courteous to them. His friendliness suggests that he can convince students of something with ease. He has been entrusted with significant duties including instructing and practicing with children. Because of the requirement for pupils to know how to respond in diverse circumstances, it is essential. There is more to education than just books, copies, and speakers. Practically speaking, education also has an impact on how people actually perceive good and evil. His responsibilities are varied in this regard.

4. To help in emergencies

A school security guard is effectively in charge of the establishment’s security. As a result, he should always be more attentive and engaged. He should act immediately in the event of an emergency, such as a fire, illness, rain, etc. Depending on the situation, he should either call the fire department or a doctor.

In case of bad weather, he must also immediately leave school. He needs to learn how to manage his anxiousness so that he doesn’t induce fear and panic in the students. This feature is important and demonstrates his professionalism.

5. To monitor students activities

He constantly keeps an eye on everything in his capacity as a school security guard. Monitoring and supervising pupils’ behaviour while they are away from the classroom is another essential responsibility. If he notices any students acting inexplicably, he must notify a higher authority right away.

Additionally, he ought to settle any conflicts that arise between students. Once more, we need him to interact with students in a friendly manner. He might therefore find it easy to persuade them to apologize.

6. Division of labor among security guards

One guard cannot do each of these tasks due to the size of the institution. A school should have more than one guard on duty. To do their work effectively, security guards should distribute their tasks among themselves. Each security guard must be conscious of their responsibilities.

These examples explain what a school security guard is responsible for doing. Keep in mind that in addition to protecting our kids, he also aids in their physical education. Therefore, we must show him the respect he deserves. Be cautious and intelligent enough to select the ideal security guard for your establishment.


Security guards are very essential to the organization and are actually needed for the safety and security. They are so proactive that they are the first person to address any unhealthy situation. A school has the responsibilities of the students as well as the teachers. Apart from this they are also responsible for maintaining the decorum in the school. Hire the best security guard company today!

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