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Home nurse for the baby

Responsibilities of the Home nurse for the baby

Home nurse for the baby

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Home nurse for the baby enters the field to work with the babies. Some tend to work in obstetrics labor and delivery), pediatrics, or specifically as neonatal nurses.

Home nurse for the baby

Working in obstetrics requires home nurses to work with mothers and babies, often providing prenatal, intraparty, tum, and postnatal care. Obstetric nurses monitor the vital signs of patients and babies, assist doctors during labor and help teleporters how to feed, change and bathe their newborns.

Working in pediatrics involves working with babies, children, and adolescents.


Specific duties depend on location, as pediatric nurses can be found in hospitals, doctors’ offices, doctors, and even surgery centers. Similarly, becoming a neonatal nurse is a subspecialty of nursing that involves working with newborns who may have a variety of medical problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, different levels of care are required, but these nurses usually work with babies during their first month of life.

Whichever of these three areas you end up working in, there are significant responsibilities to be aware of if you are caring for an infant in some way.


Professional responsibilities

Below is an overview of professional home nurses for baby responsibilities in each role.


The job responsibilities of a labour and delivery nurse.


  • Provide emotional and medical support to the mother during labour
  • Monitoring the vital signs of the fetus and mother
  • Track the intensity and duration of contractions
  • Administer any necessary medication and/or tests
  • Assisting the doctor during labour
  • Support the mother during labour
  • Assist the doctor if any complications arise
  • Monitoring the condition of the baby after delivery
  • Educating the mother on the correct way to feed, bathe and care for the newborn baby


The duties of a pediatric nurse.

  • Develop an understanding of the developmental stages of the infant
  • Test infants for appropriate stages/interactivity
  • Helping to treat a wide range of acute and chronic medical problems
  • Helping to provide care for a variety of surgical conditions
  • Measure appropriate vital signs
  • Provides education and guidance to families
  • Focuses on disease management, prevention, and assessment


The job duties of a neonatal nurse.


  • As a neonatal home nurse for a baby, the job responsibilities become more serious as you will be involved in the care of keeping the newborn alive until one month of age
  • Administering appropriate medication
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Providing life-sustaining nutrients to the baby
  • Monitoring the baby’s breathing
  • Monitor appropriate lung development
  • Assist with treatment planning and examinations
  • Maintain and update patient care records
  • Educating parents on necessary family procedures


Legal and ethical responsibilities

As a nurse working with infants, there are also significant legal and ethical responsibilities to consider. They will be working in an extremely complex organization. Every day, legal and ethical issues are incorporated into their nursing practice. This includes their direct work with patients, families, and doctors, but also their role and rights as a nurse.

They will be expected to act as a guide to help families and their babies on their journey through specific illnesses and medical issues.

Home nurses will need to ask patients if they understand the difference between research and treatment procedures. They will at some point talk about the benefits and disadvantages of certain medications.


Emotional responsibilities

At Eureka’s Home Health Care Centre, nurses have an emotional responsibility. This is to the babies and families they work with. They are expected to act as a mediator between patients and families, doctor and other important parties.

As a nurse working with infants, this balance becomes more sensitive. As maternity nurses, they will walk a fine line between teaching mothers how to care for their babies and acknowledging their intuitive and medical needs. Pediatric nurses may feel strongly about providing care in a particular way but must abide by the decisions of the doctor. Neonatal nurses will be working in an extremely sensitive environment and will be caring for a very sick baby, which in itself is already very difficult. However, they will also have to consider the potential emotional grief of the family.

The incredibly unfortunate reality is that not all babies survive the terrible medical problems they face. They may witness families losing their babies after three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. They may witness first-time mothers and losing their babies to complications during childbirth. In such cases, nurses in Eureka provide some level of support for families



At EUREKA HOME HEALTH CARE IN UAE, our goal is to give you and your family peace of mind. Our caregivers and home care nurses are specially trained to work with children. We are passionate about providing excellent care and treating our patients like family.


Services offer by eureka home health care
  • Our pediatric home care offer includes.
  • Cleaning utensils and bottles
  • Changing clothes and nappies
  • Ensuring timely feeding of babies and children
  • Establishing regular sleeping habits
  • Ensuring that children and babies are well cared for and bathed

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