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Repair PST Files Using PST Repair Tool

by alainajodi

Damages to the Outlook or any other data will have a negative impact on the business operational workflow. Along with it, the adverse effect could be on the company’s productivity. MS Outlook uses PST files to store its user system/ local directory data. If corruption happens to the PST, there will definitely be a malfunctioning of the Outlook application. However, many methods are available that repair PST files. Some of them are free, and others have some price attached to them.

We have mentioned some popular & best techniques to remove PST file corruption in this write-up.

Solution 1: Repair PST files using the Microsoft Inbuilt ScanPST.exe tool

Users can utilize the free inbox repair utility (ScanPST.exe) to solve PST corruption. It is specially built to repair PST files that have minor corruption. But it is advisable to backup your PST file data before using this tool.

Its capability is limited to solving only the small corruption error in the PST file, and there are incidents where this utility stops working or freezes in between repairs. To resolve such issues, a professional third-party PST repair tool is required. To repair the PST file of MS Outlook and get access to the lost data, it is recommended to utilize the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool.

Solution 2: Reliable Technique to Solve PST Corruption Issues

As discussed above, the need for third-party software like the Shoviv PST Repair software is really needed. Now let’s take a glance at its advanced functionality. This software has much more capabilities than the scanpst, as it makes the recovery of severely corrupted PST easy. Due to its easy UI, all users can smoothly perform the PST repair task effectively.

  • The tool possesses high-end capabilities as it can easily add up multiple .pst files and swiftly repair them simultaneously.
  • Filter & search options are also inherent features through which the user can search for any PST file from the local directories, and using filter options, the users can remove or include any desired .pst file.
  • Advance functionality like recovering hardly deleted data from the PST is also part of the software features.
  • It makes sure not to change the hierarchy of the PST file folder, and its item once added into the software.
  • This software is embedded with the incremental advance option; it proves beneficial when interruption comes during the repair process.
  • It allows the users to save PST files into new PST, EML, and MSG format.
  • Whether users are using any Windows Operating system, the tool supports all of them.
  • This software has a free demo version that lets the users know how does the software work and what is its features.

Quick Wrap Up

Users can utilize inbuilt utility like ScanPST.exe to repair PST files dealing with minor corruption. In addition, this tool has its limitation. To overcome the problem faced by the user while running the Inbox repair tool is by implementing the third-party software. We have discussed its features and how it can help make the repair process more convenient.

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