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On Demand Business to the next level with Gojek Clone App

by archiecadell

Starting up an On-Demand Multi-Service Business in 2022? The first thing you have to do is build your online presence. Or you might as well build a digital platform to scale the business to a wider audience. How can that happen if you have no clue about technology? My dear Smart Entrepreneurs, building a Global Presence and Serving an audience larger than nearby residents can all be done with the Market’s Most Perfect, All-in-One App called the Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App.


The question is HOW? Find out the answer here:

  • It has all the Latest Features

KINGX 2022 App contains all the latest, market-trending, and profit-seeking features. To name a few,

  • Wallet-to-Wallet- Transfer
  • Video Calling the Service Provider
  • Back-to-Back Trip Acceptance
  • Rate and Review the Service Provider
  • Smart Login with Biometric Authentication
  • OTP to start the task


These are only a handful of useful features users can find and avail of on the Gojek Clone App.

  • Includes Two more Components to its 70+ On-Demand Services

Yes! This App now includes two more components, Online Video Consultation and Service Bidding. Both these services are exclusive to only KINGX 2022.

In Online Video Consultation, the user can book a consultation session with Doctors, Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors, and even Astrologers. Thus, without meeting Face-to-Face, the user can talk about their problems and transfer the consultation fee online via their credit cards!

In the Service Bidding Components, the users can post a task on the On-Demand App Solution, after which, the providers can start bidding for the task. The App User can see who all have bid for the task, what offer they have made, and which of them suits their needs the best! And thus, based on these filtrations, the user can hire one of the bidding parties and get the job done!

  • It Includes Basic and Luxurious Services

As mentioned, KINGX 2022 has fundamental on-demand services such as Online Taxi Booking, Food Ordering, Grocery Delivery, Parcel Delivery, etc. On top of that, this App also includes Luxurious On-Demand Services too, like On-Demand Massage therapists, Beauticians, Delivery Genie, Professional Dog Walker, and many more.


Sounds next to impossible? But it is not. Trust me!

  • The entrepreneur will earn Commission on every Service

The Entrepreneur will earn Commission per Service that gets rendered via the App. The Service Provider will give a certain percentage of their income to the App Owner in order to continue rendering services.

Say, the Entrepreneur will earn a 10% Commission on every Taxi and Moto Ride, a 12% Commission on every Massage Service Booked on the App, and so on.

  • Membership Subscription Plans

The other way in which the Entrepreneur will make profits is when a Service Provider will purchase the Subscription Plans. The provider needs to purchase one of the many plans before they can start receiving service requests on the Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022.

Since the Entrepreneur is the sole decider of the number of Subscription Plans, their prices, and their features, they can set market-relevant profit margins on every plan.


Becoming a Millionaire isn’t too difficult right? I’ll say if you dream of becoming the owner of the World’s Most Perfect Gojek Clone Script and starting your own On-Demand Business, then come straight!

Let the Industry Leaders and the professionals help you reach the pinnacle of success!

Launch the App in only 7 Days!

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