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Occasions are an essential part of human lives. Every occasion celebrates a new beginning. When someone invites you to any occasion, the first thing that you will think about is what to gift. Apart from the materialistic things, another thing which is healthy as well as worthy of gifting is fruit baskets. This is quite an underrated gift for celebrations. But if gifted wholeheartedly the host will surely love it. But, if you are still confused about when to gift fruit baskets, let us give you some ideas for occasions.

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day:

Though you don’t need any specific day to make your parents special, you can make their day anytime. But, if you want to make them feel a bit more special on the days the world has decided as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you can go for the fruit baskets option. It is a healthy and very thoughtful gifting option. You can select their favorite fruits in the basket. Make sure you do not include those fruits which are not meant for them due to their disease (if any).

  • Celebrate your love:

Even if it’s not Valentine’s Day, you can still make your loved ones feel special by throwing a surprise cute little date. Apart from chocolates, wine, nachos, and other snacks, you can gift them a fruits basket. This is not only a cute idea, but she will feel cared for too.

  • Gender reveal:

Gender Reveal celebrates the gender of the baby in the womb. We all know, how much important it is to take care of the mother-to-be who is carrying a baby in her womb. This is an essential period when she should eat all healthy food not only for the nutrition of her baby but for her health too. So, next time when you are being invited to any Gender reveals party, without giving any second thought, gift a fruit basket to the parents-to-be.

  • New Baby Arrival: 

The most crucial period for a woman is right when she gives birth. The postpartum period can be very difficult for some women, hence this is the period when she needs the most amount nutrition, as she will be feeding the baby too. Nothing can be a more thoughtful gift, than a healthy big basket of fruits.

  • Congratulating Occasion:

A basket of fruits can also be gifted as any congratulating gift. Apart from the above-mentioned occasions, a fruits basket can also be gifted on occasions like housewarming, thanksgiving, tailgating, etc. So, when you are out of ideas, you can go for this option without any doubt.

These were some of the occasions where you can gift a fruits basket. Now, if you do not have time to go out, and buy fruits, and need them within a day or two, then it’s a serious issue. But, do not worry! You can visit our website and select your fruits basket according to you, and if you order by 5 pm, then whoa, you get the next day fruit basket delivered to your doorstep. Also, if you are unable to visit the host’s home, but still want to gift them, then you can even get your gift delivered to their home.

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