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Must Have Features of Business Messaging App

Are you looking for the best business communication tools? Are you stuck on selecting one? Here are all the features you must look for before settling on one.

by asloob

Every business needs to have the best communication software and tools for engaging with its employees.
As soon as this objective was realized, various business chat apps were designed. Undoubtedly, every application is different but has some standard features required in every messaging app.

What are those elements that are must to have?

Security and privacy

The first and foremost characteristic of any business chat app must provide the security and privacy of its users. The reputation and image of the app depend on the ability to maintain the safety of the information provided. The higher the security, the greater the chance to establish users’ trust.

Visually appealing

The components must be easy to understand, and the app’s layout must be user-friendly.

Contacting the employees

Instant messaging and 1:1 calling feature along with a group conference and group chatting for business meetings.

Sharing multimedia

Ease to share any file. Be it an image, document, excel or slides. A promising app supports all the above media.

Availability and presence

The software must be accessible on a desktop or browser and operate on Android and iOS.

Affordably priced plans

If a software provides features like none of the other apps, the pricing must not be extreme that it becomes challenging to choose its services.

The plans must be reasonable that businesses select your messaging app for all their business needs.

Ad free experience

No one likes to witness multiple ads pop up on the screen, especially during work.

Screen sharing

During business meetings, sharing the screen is vital for providing instructions and explaining ideas.

Advanced features like

  • Voice recording becomes convenient when there is a lot of detail involved that needs to be shared without miscommunication.
  • Speech to text feature makes tasks easy as it simplifies typing.
  • Read receipts and the status of employees make it clear if the employees have received the information. Status like ‘online’, ‘offline’, ‘available’, ‘do not disturb’, and ‘not available’ makes other employees aware of the currently working people and who are not.
  • Notice boards and notification panels must be present in the app because it enables the quick spread of important information like the time of the meeting, announcements, etc.
  • Saving crucial details by marking them using any symbol saves time searching for a particular message.
  • Replying to a particular message clears provides doubt free conversation.
  • The copy feature in a message makes sharing data quickly.
  • Enabling the modification feature for a sent message lets the users eliminate errors promptly.
  • Mute option for messaging lets you focus and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Detailed Search bar

The search bar lets the users find a particular message and file by filtering date and time that must be present.

Storage and Recording

The business chat application must have inbuilt ample storage and conference recording option.

Demo or trail

For first time users of the app, a demo or trial must be made to help the employees understand the features easily.


Selecting wallpapers, fonts and layout makes the users comfortable using the software as they can choose how their business messaging app must appear.

Biometric authorisation

As smartphones have the ease to provide access by biometric features like fingerprint, facial recognition etc., business messaging apps must also have these features to deliver easy access to their users.

Easy help support

Once an app becomes widely used and trusted by companies, it must not neglect its user experience to be compromised. Feedback to improve and provide help support to organisations for maintaining the rapport between users and service providers.

Some business messaging apps provide extraordinary features and stand out from others, they are

Troop Messenger

Easy business collaboration tool which provides all the features mentioned plus many more not listed above. Accessible and flawless communication software in more than ten languages makes employees engage and connect easily. This unified business teamwork platform is unlike other software and messaging apps. Troop Messenger has features that no other tool in the same space has. It simplifies the usage of the tool with search filters present in the chat area to filter out text files, images, videos, flagged messages, and others, each separately.


Connecting professionals’ is the main objective of this messenger app. This private app helps employees socialise regarding necessary details to run their business smoothly. Profile of individuals is easily visible, and this app also has every feature you are looking for in an enterprise messaging app.


Virtual workplace like no other. Trusted and used by many corporations, this messaging app is a world of fantastic workspace in itself. Features are endless, providing an incredible experience to work. Many employees feel satisfied working with this app. This app is a step ahead of all business necessities.

Why are unique features in apps necessary?

The answer to this question is simple. To make monotonous work-life easy and systematic.





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