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Assisi private trip From Rome

Most Exciting Shore Excursions From Rome To Leave One Frenzied

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Italy has been beckoning international tourists for a long time. Indeed, the country boasts of a vast range of alluring tourist spots including forts, palaces, monuments, sea beaches, and more. While Florence and Venice have got wind under their tails in terms of popularity for tourists, there is a vast array of other places and spots that can truly evoke the sense of authentic Italy.

There are many companies that give passengers the privilege to take the cruise to all major ports of Italy for shore excursions. These shore excursions are well-planned for the cruise passengers to help them discover the fancy tourist destinations of Italy in an economical and valuable package. Cruise goers can book their private half-day tour or has full-day shore excursions in Rome based on their interests and preferences. These cruises will take you to the places that will leave you frenzied with their beauty and charm.

It is always better to let professional companies to fix up the shore excursions Rome for you instead of doing it on your own; because you may face different problems like transportation and the inability to enjoy yourself to the fullest since you have to arrange various different things.

Enchanting Spots in Shore Excursions Rome

 There are spots like Assisi where you can get the authentic taste of Italy. These places are far away from the big cities and modern highways such as Assisi in Umbria. This place is home to the beloved Saint Francis and is a sacred destination for Catholics. However, Assisi is more than just a sacred place. It is known to be Umbria’s world heritage town and a haven of art, architecture, and culture. A shore excursion from Rome can take you to the awe-inspiring town of Assisi.

A Picture Perfect Town

Pilgrims have been visiting Assisi since the 13th century, but you don’t need to be religious to enjoy a visit to Assisi. To be precise, this is a postcard-perfect town hemmed by the long, undulating Umbria hills and the Monte Subasio forests. Also, it is one of the best-preserved medieval towns and a gem in Italy’s tourism circle. A private trip to Assisi can truly offer a lifetime of memories.

Your Assisi private trip From Rome

If you are interested in savoring the sight and sound of Assisi, a private trip from Rome can be an exciting and enchanting one. A good Assisi private trip From Rome may include the following:-

  •  Pickup/drop at your Rome hotel
  • Drive to Assisi in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Visiting the Basilica of Santa Chiara
  • Visiting Town Hall Square
  • Visiting Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
  • Visiting Via San Francesco
  • Visiting leather goods Artisan shops
  • Tasting Local food specialties
  • Visiting Basilica of San Francesco (St. Francis)

Things To See In Assisi Private Trip From Rome

The entire town of Assisi basks in the coveted UNESCO heritage site status, but it is not without reason. Indeed, the profusion of art and historically significant buildings is here for all to see and explore. Moreover, there is a range of awe-inspiring collections in every building. The Basilica di San Francesco has a collection of paintings and frescoes that may rival many art museums. The town is also famous for its historical role in the diffusion of the Franciscan Order.

You will be heading north and passing the medieval villages of Todi, Deruta, and Perugia before entering Assisi during shore excursions Rome. Indeed, one of the most significant aspects of Assisi is its Medieval architecture, which is extremely well preserved. Apart from several spiritual sites, you can go through artisan shops, delectable local foods, leather goods, chocolate, and cured meat.


Assisi is known for its heritage tag, its museums, towers, buildings, and the legacy of St. Francis. Choosing a shore excursion to Assisi can be one of the most exciting and enchanting escapes to Italy. Just make sure that you have chosen the right travel maker.



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