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Softphone software

List top 6 benefits of Softphone software for your business in India

Benefits of Softphone software

by aileenscott604

Since communication technology has become prevalent, flexible communication methods have become more important than remote work.

Softphones are devices that handle all the capabilities of desk phones.

With a softphone, you can convert any device to a cloud telephony phone.

Softphones are capable of integrating all modes of communication like voice, video, and chat.

Additionally, softphones provide specific benefits that desk phones cannot provide or even offer.

Benefits of Softphone:

#1. Huge Savings:

Unlike desk phones, softphones don’t require any hardware equipment, and installation can be done easily without the involvement of the IT department.

Cloud-based softphones enable you to place audio and video calls, as well as international calls, at a reduced rate, through an internet connection.

Up to 45% can be saved by switching to softphones from desk phones.

#2. User-Friendly Interface:

By dragging and dropping a colleague’s name besides the softphone’s name, you can easily transfer the call to them without the need to dial an extension. Additionally, you can set up options like busy, not available, and do not disturb when you aren’t ready to take the calls. You can get incoming call notifications with caller IDs and caller profiles.

#3. No Dedicated Lines Required:

There are many softphone applications available both on the service provider’s website as well as on selected hardware platforms. Hardphones do not require dedicated networks and are configured as softphones.

#4. Effective Integrations:

In addition to being easy to use, softphones can easily be integrated with third-party applications like Outlook, CRM, etc. Integrating your softphone with your CRM allows you to review previous call logs and pertinent customer information before making a call.

With softphones, you can have a more unified mode of communication with your customers.

#5. Audio & Video Conferencing:

Audio/video capabilities of softphones allow you to conduct one-to-one or multiparty conferences. Softphone services allow you to share your screen during video conferencing, which helps you better coordinate with your employees.

#6. Accessibility & Portability:

As softphones can be accessed from any device, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs, they are more convenient to use. Since softphones run over the internet, you can make calls from anywhere, anytime, from your preferred device. It helps in taking your business communications to the next level since softphones are easy to use and accessible.

A softphone system provides all the features that remote workers need. You can access all business phone system features anywhere in the world. You can also use BYOD devices with this solution. The app can then be installed on any mobile phone, allowing employees to work anywhere they need.

Are softphones better than hard phones?

To be honest, softphones are not in direct competition with hard phones. They both offer users the ability to make calls, send messages, and manage their business communications. An actual phone is a hard phone, while softphones use VoIP technology to simulate the functionality of actual phones. Employees may have valid reasons for choosing one over the other. The best providers are aware of the importance of having both available in a single telecommunications solution.

Softphones based on the Cloud already offer voice, video, and data sharing, so team messaging and team collaboration functionality is a short design hop away. It also offers to-do lists, document sharing, a team calendar, and great video calling, all of which are valuable but cost a bit more, too.

Vendors of business software are now adding new functionality to their products based on what their customers want. Collaboration features will continue to be integrated into VoIP solutions in the future. Both desktop and smartphone applications are available for the 8×8 Series softphone clients. The methods listed above allow users to make and receive calls, check voicemail, and hold online meetings with options like chat, shared screen, and video conferencing.

With softphones, you are relieved of the financial burden of owning or leasing many physical phones. Additionally, the running costs of communications are not that high. A number of lines are required to ensure that phone service is available. The lack of equipment also eliminates most future maintenance costs.



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