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Lesser Known Facts to Learn About Hollywood Smile Makeover

Lesser Known Facts to Learn About Hollywood Smile Makeover

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Hollywood smile makeover possesses the ability to offer a flawless smile which people wants to be perfect in each way possible like colour, whiteness, size, shape and space. Sometimes, people become self-conscious with their smile especially when they see the desirable smile of the celebrities around.

If you are planning to get such a smile, read on this blog to know more about it before you make the final decision.

History of Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile was introduced with a purpose. The actors and public figures with discoloured and crooked teeth need attractive smile to flaunt. Dr. Charles Pincus in 1928 made the porcelain veneer to use in filming only. This acrylic material attached to the teeth of the actors using light adhesive and pulled off at the time of sleeping, brushing and eating.

Celebrities possessing Hollywood smile

With the emergence of Hollywood Smile, it had attracted several celebrities with its amazing results like Fanny Brice, James Dean, Joan Crawford and Walt Disney. It was Shirley Temple who was losing the baby teeth when the famous Dr. Pincus offered her set of veneers for observing the transition and the great smile was created. Later it has cheered up countless hearts including the famous personalities.

Hollywood Smile – An ongoing trend

Once it comes to notice of the people, the demand of Hollywood Smile starts evolving. Over time the touch of technological advancements has turned the process to become permanent instead of providing a temporary touch.

Many celebrities of these days like Miley Cyrus, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise obtained the perfect smile with this updated cosmetic dentistry. Now, it becomes accessible and affordable to all people who want a flawless smile.

What involves in Hollywood Smile Makeover

Any common person can feel like a celebrity with Hollywood Smile. The healthy and perfect looking smile helps in elevating the professional career of the patients if they are in politics, sales and entertainment business. Previously Hollywood smile only involved veneers but over time dental implants, bridges and crowns are also become a part of it. Here are some procedures involved in Hollywood Smile Makeover.

Porcelain Veneers

In order to get Hollywood Smile, many celebrities opt for porcelain veneers. Made of thin ceramic shell it fuses to front of teeth using dental bonding cement. This will provide the perfect appearance in terms of colour, size and shape. It is ideal in correcting numerous dental issues ranging from discoloured teeth to misaligned teeth.

With veneers you have the full liberty to choose the whether to correct only a single imperfect tooth or multiple teeth. Solid and strong tooth structure should be there for supporting the veneers. So, if anyone has physically compromised or weak teeth this is not the suitable option.

Dental implants

Sometimes you need to replace some teeth or missing ones to pertain the perfect smile. Dental implant is the solution to those obstacles in the journey of your beautiful smile. Despite the placement of the dental implant, the dentist will ensure that it matches the space, colour, size and shape of the surrounding teeth. It offers natural-looking results and doesn’t become prominent within other veneers, crowns and teeth.

Dental bridges and crowns

Dental bridges and crowns snugly fit on the full tooth in order to protect the fractured and weak ones. Apart from structural reinforcement in mouth, it enhances the dental appearance matching the veneers and natural teeth. Those who have healthy teeth don’t require bridges and crowns as Hollywood Smile.


Many celebrities had crooked teeth and they address it with Hollywood Smile Makeover. In case you too have misaligned or crooked teeth then straightening them using Invisalign becomes the pivotal part of Hollywood smile. The process involves set of plastic moulds or tray of aligners for repositioning the teeth over time.

Zoom! Whitening

At last, you smile cannot be Hollywood Smile with no white dazzling gleam. Zoom! Whitening treatment effectively lightens the shade of the teeth in an hour. Also the dentist will provide you with at-home trays. To ensure the effect for a long period, whitening session is must that will resemble the celebrity smile. It is just topping on ice cream post realignment and structural procedure.

How much will Hollywood Smile Makeover cost in Turkey?

The hollywood smile makeover cost in Turkey depends on the procedures your mouth need for providing desirable result. But when you go to Turkey dental centre for Hollywood Smile you can find the following packages:

  • Veneers Holiday Package-£2850 / €3290
  • Full mouth dental implants Travel Package-£12500 / €13260

Interesting part is the clinic provides all-inclusive package to the patients who come from overseas to get the perfect smile here. Therefore the packages will cover basic amenities like accommodation at 5* hotel and VIP transfers to and from airport, clinic and hotel.

The veneers package involves 14 zirconium veneers- 8 for upper jaw and 6 for lower jaw. On the other hand, full mouth dental implants package comes with 13 implants, bone graft and sinus list (if required) and porcelain crown. Consult with the dentist to determine the most suitable option for you.

How much time Hollywood Smile Makeover consumes

Similar to cost of smile makeover the time it consumes also varies depending on the process you choose. But be prepared to spend minimum an hour for so with Zoom! Whitening.

Other procedures can take 2-3 months to provide you the desirable smile. However, when you go for Hollywood Smile in Turkey you can get it done within a week. Still, it is advisable to consult with the dentist to know how long the process will take to finish.

Start your journey of perfect smile

In case you have decided to get a Hollywood Smile Makeover then you must select an experienced cosmetic dentist. You can choose to visit Smile Makeover Turkey for personalised approach of a perfect smile. Before starting with the treatment consult with the dentist and know about the timeline, budget and goal. You can choose the right package which comes at unbelievable low cost than other countries including UK.

Even the clinic makes necessary arrangements of accommodation and transfers for the comfort of the patients. So embark your journey of a new and perfect smile today. Make sure to take care of your new smile with proper diet, professional dental cleaning and dental hygiene. By this way only you can make them last for long.

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