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Land Smith’s Artistic Career In Theater Cinema

Land Smith’s Artistic Career In Theater Cinema

Land Smith’s Artistic Career In Theater Cinema

by Senior Editor

“I knew I was an actor before I ever stepped on stage for acting. I told my parents as a child that I would do it. In my eyes, the film industry is for creative people. Being a theater writer, I want to develop mind-bending concepts, make original content and enjoy becoming a significant part of the creative art industry.”


Many emerging actors and Superstars have made their way to Broadway, to make a dazzling appearance on the New York stage. Among the enticing theater artists who have enthralled the live theater, Landon Smith is now securing a big place as an emerging Broadway theater star. Landon Matthew Smith, a potent, fascinating, and passionate screenwriter has made a blooming career in the film industry. He has a true passion to write creative and original scripts.

The 17-year-old emerging actor and screenwriter from Canton Illinois began his career in the film industry in the year 2019. He opted to join the film industry as he wanted to utilize his creative mind juices in screenplay writing. He made his acting debut as a part-time actor and gave grandeur performances in Hollywood movies. The passionate and engaging writings of Landon Smith have made a hallmark at the box office. Having a vast experience in screen scripts writing, Landon Smith now envisions boosting his career in the film industry. After making a name for himself as a screen writer, and actor, Landon Smith has plans to make a glowing appearance in Hollywood theater as a script writer and actor.

Landon Smith Envision to Join Theater

What pulls Landon Smith towards bolstering his artistic career as a stage actor and theater scriptwriter is through writing original screen dialogues, and creating characters that express human emotion. While creating scripts, Landon observes the behavior and emotions of the characters and feels how an actor gets engrossed in the character. Moreover, he thinks that theatre allows us to see a different perspective of human life, analyzing the experiences and emotions of people. Through his scriptwriting, he has explored the personality and nature of people including their psychology, motivations, and conflict.  Aspiring to become a stage artist will enable him to comprehend emotional and intellectual situations that experience in our personal lives. Theatre acting help us to see real-life scenarios. Theatre scripts are unique, sometimes the actor speaks out spontaneously which gives a distinctive experience.

Further explicating his inspiration for theater acting, the live performance in theater develops a sense of participation among stage lovers. Sharing an experience with live actors and live audience members develop a human connection. Consequently, live theatre promotes social discourse and social interaction in people and helps bring potential social change to society.

 “Theatre is a shared experience. The audience and performers agree to suspend their disbelief and journey somewhere together. It is a temporary kind of community and we don’t have enough of that in everyday life.” Allison Latta

Landon Smith has a natural gift for acting but he aims to strengthen his stage performance through continuous practice. He studies books on how to become a competent stage actor. Moreover, reading books on acting has provided great help to Landon to learn stage acting techniques. He hopes to implement such tools and techniques to bring diversification in theater acting. He hopes to write scripts for stage plays. He has discussions with the local theater house to offer him stage-acting opportunities. He has plans to do some plays over there. Landon also desires to perform in a play at Spoon River College. He also intends to write scripts for stage plays, he has explored the playhouses where he can deliver his scripts. One of the best things about his scriptwriting is taking a story that’s never been made, and shaping it into something wonderful. He aspires to write original material that evokes emotion through action and imagination.

“Writing isn’t always easy, but if you are really passionate about it, it isn’t that hard either. I can look at myself and feel proud for accomplishing at least writing that not everyone has written. If you get the chance to write one movie and only one movie. It is the greatest passion for writing.”  States Landon.


What Makes Landon Smith a Great Theatre Actor?

Creativity in arts implies increasing flexibility and confidence. Inner confidence in Landon has helped him to stay committed to his profession. He confidently memorizes his script and enjoys taking rehearsals. Being assertive keeps him optimistic about his talent and abilities, empowering him to walk onto the stage and face a live audience with confidence.

The best actors remain resilient and do not fear failure. One of the reasons behind Landon’s successful acting career is to learn from his mistakes. In the early stages of auditioning, criticism of his acting and rejection was tough to bear. Even when his work was rejected, Landon never lose hope. Instead, he remained energetic and keeps moving on to improve his work. The career setbacks and life challenges have made him more adaptive and creative, enabling him to stay positive and enthusiastic.

“You need to be able to deal with rejection after rejection. You need to be resilient and have the ability to get back on your feet. Failure is only a step towards Progress, Progress is one step towards a complete goal.” Landon states,

The very best actors follow different acting techniques. According to Landon Smith, facial expressions and body gestures affect performance. As the stage in the theatre is far away from the audience, the actors should focus on projecting their voices and movement on stage. The voice should be clear and audible to everyone, especially to people sitting in the back row. Sometimes, the actor has to speak without microphones. This implies having a strong and healthy voice that will reach the back row easily.

When acting on stage, the audience and the actors have a strong connection. The actors must use more subtle, controlled, and natural expressions and gestures.  Landon suggests that stage actors should compare their facial expressions and gestures change when the audience comes closer. The actors should know the tactics of lighting and staging. It helps them to know where the audience is looking. This helps to fix the voice and the volume.

During rehearsals of theatre plays, actors follow different approaches. Some actors take time to read and understand the script, therefore, they spend weeks or months in rehearsals. While some take less time and make instant preparation. They are more interested in giving live performances. As to Landon Smith’s approach towards preparation, he is among those stage actors who spend many rehearsal hours knowing their characters’ personalities and memorizing their lines effectively.  Having all these preparation enable the stage actors to remain vibrant and energetic on the stage and give their utmost performance in the stage show.

To become an innovative stage actor, Landon smith inspires young actors to uncover something new, make new connections between ideas, and unleash new possibilities to excel in their performance. The extra knowledge will increase creativity and bring versatility to their performance. Moreover, the ability to transform beyond recognition is another skill that young artists should adopt to prove their acting talent. According to Landon, the actor should be skillful at playing a dramatic role. To become a reliable, confident, and versatile actor, one should challenge their comfort zone. It will help them to master their skill of acting and offer more appropriate performance options.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”- Stephen Hawking



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