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by Scarlett Watson

Food Intolerance

ภูมิแพ้อาหารแฝง Food Intolerance

hidden food allergy is a disorder that occurs in the digestive system after eating food that is allergic to it The symptoms are not as severe as a sudden food allergy. But it will be a nuisance for people Occ88 with symptoms. Food intolerance can be caused by many factors. But most often it comes from a lack of digestive enzymes. This makes food difficult to digest, poorly absorbed, resulting in various symptoms. followed in the end.

What is the difference between food intolerance and general food allergies?

food allergy Caused by the fact that we touch or eat food that contains allergens. When an allergic reaction will show symptoms occur immediately, even a small amount will have effect.

hidden food allergy Caused by touching or eating foods that contain those allergens. When an allergy occurs, symptoms are much slower than typical food allergies. It may take more than 48 hours for symptoms to appear.

hidden food allergy symptoms

Intolerance manifests itself very slowly. So what should we observe if there are any abnormalities? that happens so often that it’s suspicious The symptoms may be as follows.

  • Bloating or acid reflux-like symptoms
  • Constipation alternating with diarrhea
  • stomach ache
  • Headache, chronic migraine
  • squeamish
  • runny
  • chronic acne
  • rash, hives
  • easy to gain weight

ภูมิแพ้อาหารแฝง Food Intolerance

how do you know a latent food allergy

If you survey yourself and follow the symptoms above. And try to avoid food that is questionable and still not better. Should come to check for hidden food allergies. in order to know the exact cause By undergoing a blood test for food allergens, type IgG, which can detect up to 216 types of allergens. What is the underlying food allergy? by the way is send blood for examination analyzed in the laboratory Which will report the results of the test as a level of food allergy for each item. so that we can prevent and avoid various hidden threats of diseases that may occur in the future Intolerances are unable to take antihistamines to improve their symptoms. If still left for symptoms to accumulate continuously without treatment or get a proper diagnosis may lead to the development of various diseases many can follow

Therefore, if you suspect that the symptoms we are experiencing are suspected of food intolerance or not. should have a blood test To diagnose allergy, although it is not a serious disease. But it interferes with daily life quite a bit. If we know the cause of allergic reactions I will be able to avoid things that cause allergies. And will help reduce symptoms from allergies as well.


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