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John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor Price, Features and Specifications- Khetigaadi 2022

by Guptamukesh

The John Deere Company was established in 1998. The founders of the company are John Deere and Charles Deere. The goal of the John Deere company is to manufacture and sell distinct and advanced-feature tractors, farm implements, and harvesters in India. John Deere tractors are available with special and advanced features for different types of work.

John Deere is an American company that manufactures heavy equipment, diesel engines, and other parts of tractors.

The starting price of the tractor is 4.70 lac, and the HP value ranges between 35 HP to 120 HP.

The most costly model of tractor John Deere is the John Deere 6120 B and the cheapest model is the John Deere 3028EN. The most popular models of tractors John Deere are John Deere 5310, John Deere 5050D, John Deere 5405, John Deere 5105, and John Deere 5210. Some mini tractors that are also available in India are John Deere 3028EN, John Deere 3036 E, and John Deere 3036 EN.

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Specifications of John Deere Tractor: 

  • The John Deere tractor comes with a 35 HP to 120 HP. 
  • The starting price of a John Deere is Rs 4.70 Lac.
  • The tractor is easy to handle, it has advanced features and modern technology. 
  • The speciality of this tractor is it comes with a green and yellow colour that represents the colour combination of agriculture. 
  • The tractor John Deere offers a 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. 

Why Should Farmers Buy a John Deere Tractor?

The John Deere tractor is one of the best tractors in India. The tractor has unique styling, and strong tractor engine quality functions, the tractor is easy to handle and has a trusted identity at the best price. Every model’s parts are easily available. This tractor is reasonably priced in the market.

Frequently asked questions about John Deere Tractor: 

Question: What is the John Deere Tractor Price?

Answer:  The cost of this tractor is 4.70 Lac.

Question: What is the HP range of John Deere Tractor? 

Answer: The Hp value of this tractor is 35 HP to 120 HP.

Question: Who is the founder of the John Deere company? 

Answer: John Deere and Charles Deere are the founders of the John Deere company.

Question: Are John Deere tractors available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive? 

Answer: Yes, John Deere Tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD. 

Question: Which John Deere Tractor Model is costlier? 

Answer: The John Deere 6120 B is the most costlier model.

Question: Which models of mini tractors are available in India?

Answer: The mini tractors in India are: John Deere 3028EN, John Deere 3036 E and John Deere 3036 EN.

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