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ITIN for Non-US Citizen. The Internal Revenue System is responsible for providing direct access to legitimate ITIN holders.

ITIN for Non-US Citizen

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What is an ITIN?

ITIN stands for Individual Tax Identification Number. It is an IRS for the United States Individual Taxpayer.

This number is unique and it is assigned to non-resident aliens. Alien is a term that is used for foreigners living in the United States. ITIN is given to the Internal Revenue System to get involved with immigration.

In other words, the ITIN is a number that is allocated to people who are needed to file income tax in the United States. For those who are not qualified for an SSN (Social Security Number)

In the United States, it is a rule that all legitimate U.S residents need to have an SSN. This number is given by an SSA (Social Security Administration). Moreover, SSNs are used to identify U.S taxpayers and tax returns.

While ITIN is assigned to people who do not have an SSN or those who are not eligible to get an SSN. So, you do not need to use an SSN (Social Security Number), the ITIN for non-U.S citizens will be used to file their taxes to the IRS.

U.S. Tax ID number for non-citizens

In some cases, an alien may not legitimately get an SSN given U.S law. This requires tax distinguishing proof for all federal tax returns, The Internal Revenue System issues this number (ITINs) for all other people who are mandated to pay taxes.

In light of an SSN, an Individual Tax Identification Number is not approved work in the United States. This can be the number that is used as an Identification Proof.

It’s a fact that Individual Taxpayer Identification Number does not provide access to EITC (Earned Income Tax Credits). However, it is a number that is allotted by the IRS to process federal taxes. It works for nothing more.

So, the Internal Revenue System does not give a card with an ITIN number. Hence the SSA (Social Security Administration) does with an SSN. Moreover, no individual taxpayer needs to have both an SSN and an ITIN California. Only those citizens that have either ITIN or an SSN.

No Individual taxpayer can have both the SSN and an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number; citizens can only have either an ITIN or an SSN.

The Purpose of ITIN

For Non-US citizens, an Individual Tax Identification Number is only for the United States taxes. However, one cannot use this number for other than its primary reason. This also includes those citizens who need to file the United States Income tax return.

Following are some privileges that are not given by an ITIN:

  • Cannot access social security benefits
  • Cannot work in the United States
  • Access the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • You need to acquire legal status in the United States

ITIN for Non-US Citizens: ITIN application

The Internal Revenue System is responsible for providing direct access to legitimate Individual Taxpayer Identification Number holders. One needs to fill out an application form W-7 for the IRS ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

Right from the onset of the W-7 form instructs the applicants not to request an Individual Tax Identification Number on the off chance that they already have a Social Security Number.



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