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What is Data Science

Is Data Science A Must In The Present Era Of Technology And Big Data?

by raajanmehta

As we are advancing towards an era of big data, the requirement for its storage is growing drastically. It has emerged as the major challenge and concern for the enterprise industries until 2010. Now, the face of the problem has changed, and the focus is shifting to the processing of this data.

Well, Data Science is the fish’s eye here as it carries a lot of potentials and is emerging as the future of Artificial Intelligence. Hence, it has become extremely important to understand what exactly data science is and how it can bring value to your business. Understanding Data Science, is a multidisciplinary amalgamation of algorithm development, data inference, and technology in order to solve analytically complicated issues.

Data, as the name Data Science suggests, contains tons of raw information and data that can be utilized in many creative ways in order to generate business value. This has led to the emergence of a new breed of analytical data experts called Data Scientists, who possess the technical skills in order to solve complex issues.

You can call the experts and professionals in the field of Data Science, a mathematician, trend-spotter, and computer scientist. They are really sought-after and highly paid.

What Exactly is Data Science

Data Science, in simple terms, can be considered a set of tools, machine learning principles, and algorithms that are aimed at serving one simple goal, and that is to discover hidden patterns from the raw data obtained from various sources. The job of a Data Analyst is to explain what is going on by processing the history of the data.

It won’t be wrong to say that Data Science is primarily utilized in order to make decisions and predictions with the usage of predictive causal analytics, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics.

When we talk about how Data Scientists manage to mine the insights out of a particular dataset, it all starts with data exploration. The crucial role of a Data Scientist is to carry out the investigations of leads and try to establish an understanding of a pattern or characteristics within the data. All of this demands a significant dosage of analytical creativity.

In addition to this, Data Scientists are sometimes required to apply quantitative techniques in order to get a level deeper. This includes activities such as doing time series forecasting, synthetic control experiments, and segmentation analysis. The insights driven by data are the core to providing strategic guidance. This allows Data Scientists to provide guidance to business stakeholders on how to act on whatever they are able to find.

Pre-Requisites to Getting Involved With Data Science

Well, if you are reading this, it clearly means that you are interested in getting involved with this field. So if you are planning to build a career in this field, this is you are at the right place. Data Folkz is your one-stop destination, as it offers the best-rated 100% job guarantee program in the field of Data Science.

We will be talking about the requisite skill set in order to begin your career in Data Science.

Mathematics Expertise

You are, first of all, required to view the data through a quantitative lens. This is because there are dimensions, textures, and correlations in data that can be expressed mathematically. Extracting solutions to several business problems requires the involvement of building analytic models grounded in hard math. This is where being able to get the underlying mechanics of those models is key to success in building them.

Even though statistics are also important in the area of Data Science, it is certainly not the only type of mathematics that is required and utilized.

Strong Business Understanding

If you intend to become a Data Scientist, you must equip yourself with the skills of a tactical business consultant. This is because Data Scientists work so closely with data that they are skilled enough to learn from data in a way no one else might. This leads to the creation of the responsibility of translating observations and finding into shared knowledge. This is done while simultaneously contributing to a strategy on how to solve core business complexities.

Having a strong business understanding is as important as having an acumen for algorithms and technology. A clear alignment is required between the projects based on Data Science and business goal.


Anyone who wishes to build a career in this field is expected to possess the knowledge of creativity and ingenuity. That too in the adequate utilization of technical skills so that the solutions to complex problems can be found.

As a Data Scientist, you will be working on huge amounts of data sets and complex algorithms. Hence, this means you are required to have more knowledge than just Excel. You will have the skills and knowledge to code and the core languages in this field, including R, Python, & SQL.

You must strive to become a solid algorithmic thinker and must have the ability to break down complex issues easily. Also you should be able to recompose them in ways that become easy to solve.

Why You Should Choose Data Science

Earlier, we only had to deal with data that was structured and drastically small in size as compared to the amounts of data we have now. All this data comes from different sources, such as text files, sensors, financial logs, and instruments. To process this huge volume of data, we require more advanced analytical tools and algorithms. This is for processing, analyzing, and drawing meaningful insights out of it.

This is not the only reason why Data Science is becoming more and more popular. Let’s dig into some of the more important reasons why Data Science is emerging as a great career option. Also, we will learn why there arises a dire requirement of its understanding for its utilization to increase productivity.

Ability to Judge Precise Requirements of Customers

When you have access to data such as past browsing history, age, purchase history, and income. With the knowledge of working on data adequately, you will be able to train models even more effectively. This is done so that your model can recommend more relevant products to your customers more accurately than ever.

Access to Intelligence

We are talking about intelligence, such as your car having the knowledge and intelligence to drive you home. Self-driving vehicles gather live data from sensors like cameras, radars, and laser. This is done in order to facilitate the creation of a map of their surroundings. Decisions are made on the basis of the data obtained, like when to accelerate, when to decelerate and lower the speed, and when to overtake or take a turn. This ensures making use of advanced machine learning algorithms.


Data Science is certainly the secret sauce for any firm that wishes to enhance its business by being more data-driven. The projects based on Data Science can provide your business with multiplied returns on investment. It will be both from the development of data products and guidance via data insight.

This goes without saying that building a career in the field of Data Science will surely be beneficial to you. Given the vast potential of Data Science and relatable fields, it is a great opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the field.

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