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International Cargo Services: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

by Caprikrn

As an exporter of goods or services, you want to make sure you’re using the right international cargo service to get your goods from your warehouse to your customers. We’ll walk you through how to find an international cargo service that fits your company’s needs so that you can have peace of mind and focus on more important things like growing your business. Let’s dive in!


Determine your needs


Since every business is unique, it’s important to determine your needs and find a cargo service that meets those needs. International shipping can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal is always the same: get your goods from Point A, where you packed them, to Point B as quickly and cheaply as possible. Once you’ve identified your needs and know what you’re looking for in a company (e.g., do you need door-to-door delivery or just storage?), determining which company is right for you becomes much simpler. Here are some considerations when choosing an international shipping company:

1) Track record.

You’ll want to look into how long they’ve been in business and how many shipments they process per day. More established companies will likely have better resources, so they’re more reliable overall.

2) Customer Service Levels –

If you call customer service with a question about their services, will someone answer? Are there online FAQs? Who answers the phone? It’s also important to ask about what happens if something goes wrong with your shipment (what does their insurance policy cover?). With these questions answered, you’ll be able to find an international shipping company that really cares about their customers and has their best interests at heart.



Do your research


. If you are starting a business and need international shipping services, you have many options.
Shipping containers, ocean freight, and air freight are just a few examples of what may be available.
You should first research all your options before committing to one. This will help make sure that you find the right option that is both cost-effective and efficient for your needs.
The best way to research is by getting quotes from different service providers. Compare their rates in order to find the most economical option without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Remember that every company’s rates can change depending on how much space you need on the container and what type of cargo you’re shipping.



Consider cost


One of the most important things to consider is cost. You’ll want to figure out how much it will cost you to ship items internationally, and then weigh that against what your company can afford. The price of international cargo services varies based on where you ship from and where you’re shipping to, but as a general rule, shipping is cheaper within Europe than it is outside of Europe. The other major factor in determining pricing will be weight. If you’re sending something light like a piece of paper, your shipping costs will be less than if you’re sending something heavy like a box full of bricks.



Check reviews


Luckily, there are a number of ways you can go about finding the right international cargo service. First, try searching online to see if any companies are recommended. You can also check with your company’s shipper or freight forwarder and ask them who they use and what their experience has been like. Finally, you can ask around in your industry or with other businesses in your area for recommendations.



Ask for recommendations


The world is shrinking and so are our supply chains. From manufacturing to distribution, companies are finding they need to operate in more locations around the globe. For example, we’ve seen an increase in customers who have suppliers or customers on every continent.
However, managing international shipments can be challenging. You might encounter different languages, currencies, regulations and time zones. That’s why we’re here – to help you simplify your global shipping operations with one carrier that offers excellent service globally.



Make sure they’re licensed and insured


You should know what your cargo is worth and how long you need it shipped before you can decide on a carrier, but there’s more that goes into choosing an international cargo service than just price. There are three things to consider when selecting a carrier. First, ask yourself if this is a one-time shipment or something that you’ll be doing often. If it’s going to be a regular occurrence, look for carriers that offer discounts based on volume. Second, ask yourself if you need door-to-door delivery or just want transport from one airport terminal to another. Finally, ask yourself where your goods will be coming from and where they’re going.


Compare quotes


There are many international cargo services out there. Choosing the right one is key when it comes to your business. Here are a few things you need to think about when choosing an international cargo service.
1. Is the service reliable? 2. What type of services do they offer? 3. Do they have a solid track record? 4. What are their prices and how long does it take them to ship something? 5. Is their customer service good or will I be left in the dark if something goes wrong? 6. Will I be able to schedule pickups on my own or do I need someone else’s approval first? 7. Do they offer door-to-door delivery, air shipments, sea shipments, or all of these options?



Ask about additional fees


You’ll need to research your options and get an idea of what you can afford before making a decision. You can do this by getting quotes from different companies, asking your current supplier if they offer international services, or googling international cargo. When comparing prices and services, be sure to take into account the cost of customs paperwork and any VAT fees. Once you’ve found a company that meets your needs, be sure to read through their terms of service before agreeing on anything. Make sure you know exactly how much it will cost you in advance so there are no unpleasant surprises later on down the line.



Read the fine print


It’s important that you read all of the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to a contract. If you have any questions about what is being offered, ask before you sign. Also, make sure that you understand how much it will cost in fees and taxes, including customs brokerage fees and duties as well as delivery charges and other shipping expenses. You’ll want to take these into account when pricing your products or services so that they’re profitable enough to cover all of these costs.



Go with your gut


It can be a daunting task deciding on an international cargo service provider. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start. You should first ask yourself a few questions and narrow down your list of potential carriers. What cargo does my business ship? Is it time sensitive or hazardous? What are my budget constraints? Do I need an ocean freight forwarder? These are all things you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing an international cargo service provider.





International cargo services are a great way to get your products from one place to another, even if they’re not next door. From the time you ship your products until the time they arrive at their destination, there’s a lot that can happen. Find out how to choose the right international cargo service for your business so you can rest assured that they’ll do everything they can to ensure your products get where they need to go.

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