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In 2022, below are the top 7 online music promotion services

In 2022, below are the top 7 online music promotion services

by Isabella R. Smith

Increase the number of people that visit your website and the amount of music you sell.

The music industry is thriving, and it will only continue to grow. The issue is that, with so many artists vying for attention, not every one of them receives the acclaim they deserve. This post will present you with a list of the top 7 music promotion services available online in 2022, which will assist you in promoting your music and increasing your earnings!


1) Promozle 

Promozle is a music marketing organisation that focuses on helping independent musicians develop their fan base organically. They do this by putting you on prominent YouTube and YouTube playlists, as well as hiring playlist curators to assist promote your material across other platforms, such as social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram, where fans can see what’s newbie-friendly about our work! Promozle knows how to get your music discovered by genuine fans who will be excited by what they hear, with over 4 million followers on YouTube and 38+ million views on YouTube.

Another advantage of Promozle is that they offer more personalisation than any other online music promotion business. Take a look at their website to learn how they can assist you right now!

2) Music Promotion by Video Boosters Club

Video Boosters Club Music Promotion, a music promotion business, has helped 15 thousand bands and musicians fulfil their full potential by getting their music heard on several platforms. In today’s digital age, anything is possible when their connections and audience are on social networking sites like Soundcloud and TikTok. They are considered one of the best services for this type of job, with many satisfied clients who use them to market themselves or other unestablished talents.

Video Boosters Club is a leading music marketing firm that has helped musicians promote their work through customised advertising campaigns, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue. OMP can provide thorough music marketing guidance in addition to assisting bands and soloists in increasing their exposure. They specialise in personalised Facebook and Instagram ad management so that your band has the highest chance of success on these platforms!

They’ve hired a dozen people, collaborated with Universal Music, and are still going strong in 2022. The best thing is that they have worked with a diverse spectrum of musicians in the EDM, electronic, rock, and metal genres.

3) Make a Playlist

Playlist Push is a music promotion service that can put your song in front of tens of thousands, if not millions, of people. They take care of the legwork when it comes to getting your music noticed by collaborating with influential people across social media platforms like as Tiktok and YouTube (their main focuses)

When you join up for Playlist Push, they instantly get to work getting your music in front of key Tiktok users who can help it become viral! They may also allow you to use paid adverts that are most suited for the content of your songs/videos, which will then be seen across several social media platforms.

Furthermore, Playlist Push can give you with weekly or monthly reports that describe how your song is performing across various streaming platforms, ensuring that you always know what’s working and what isn’t! This platform streamlines the procedure for artists who want to get their work in front of a large number of people at once.

4) Melobeam is a website that allows you to submit your work.

Melobeam is a music submission service that has assisted in the placement of over 2 million songs on playlists, radio airplay, and blog posts.

You’ll never have to worry about how to portray yourself again, thanks to a straightforward interface for sending your tracks to curators with either regular or premium credits (which can subsequently get them played). The flexibility of this creative credit system allows them to collaborate with a wide range of musicians, regardless of genre.

After you’ve submitted your track to the curators page, they can decide if it’s a good fit for their audience. If the curation is potential and both sides agree, Melobeam will give artists that are eager to release new music access to playlists prepared expressly for what types of songs might work well together, offering audiences an even greater choice than before! For all parties concerned, it’s a true win-win situation.

Melobeam’s curators are hand-picked from all around the world and can help you get your music heard – this service isn’t just for the US market! This platform goes above and above by giving artist contributions that have been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and other major music publications.

Melobeam will continue to assist artists from all over the world in 2022 by connecting them with the top curators who can feature their music on some of the most popular playlists!

5) Promotion of Playlists

Playlist Promotion has approximately 3000 playlists in its network, with new and unusual genres being added on a regular basis. Because major labels trust them, their clients can rely on Playlist Promotion for music discovery across all types of musicians – not just those that are currently popular, as you could find elsewhere!

Bands and musicians can be included on hundreds of playlists by using Playlist Promotion. Their crew listens to and reviews every song that is submitted for approval, and if it is approved, they will create a YouTube marketing campaign to give your tune the most exposure possible!

Playlist Promotion handles everything for you, and once it’s been authorised by their specialists, the sky’s the limit in terms of where it could be broadcast!

Playlists are the lifeblood of any playlist maker or follower, and with Playlist Promotion’s help, you can rest assured that your efforts will be acknowledged. There is valuable data being offered in the form of thorough reports about each playlist, including information such as follower numbers after promotion efforts have been made – valuable data that helps you improve as a musician.

In 2022, Playlist Promotion will continue to work with some of the industry’s biggest stars while also assisting up-and-coming musicians in getting their music recognised by a larger audience. They’re passionate about what they do, and it shows in their ever-expanding playlist network!

6) Fiverr.com

There are over a dozen professional music promotion firms available, but if you’re searching for something different, Fiverr could be the answer. This platform will supply just about anything to promote your band, from social media campaigns to live concerts, with the help of freelancers with specific expertise in various disciplines such as web design or video editing.

Fiverr is an excellent resource for finding musicians that can assist you in promoting your band or CD. Professional playlist placements, sponsored advertising campaigns, and other services are available from freelancers of all types – including those in various pricing ranges! Consider how satisfying it is to have people raving about one of your songs on TikTok. The best part is that Fiverr is really reasonable for a musician without a large marketing budget, so get started today and get quality exposure at a low cost. That’s what we call achievement!

7) PR Playlist Pump

Playlist Pump PR helps indie bands and musicians connect with playlist curators through a variety of services. They’re also specialists at managing campaigns on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Soundcloud! When it comes to marketing, the Playlister pump promo team has connections to over 13000 playlists, so there’s never a shortage of content ideas or chances!

This platform is excellent since it combines social media marketing and playlist promotion. Playlist Pump PR may assist you if you have a wonderful song that needs some human engagement to bring it over the hump.

In 2022, Playlist Pump PR will continue to provide excellent services at an inexpensive price for any musician seeking outstanding marketing.

Last Thoughts

Before choosing a music promotion agency to work with, be sure to consider your ideal target demographic, approach, and budget. You can use a variety of internet video promotion services to promote your work. These seven were chosen because they provide excellent value for money, excellent user reviews and ratings, ease of use, and additional features such as quality control when it comes to uploading content. You should think about all of these things while deciding which one is ideal for you, but maybe this list will make it a bit easier!


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