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Importance and Types of Car Servicing

by Parker

Regular car servicing is important for maintaining your vehicles and fixing any problems that may arise before they cause damage. Most people believe that an annual MOT is necessary to maintain a good condition. An MOT is a test. Servicing will only show the problem and notify you of the need to replace it immediately. This ensures that your car runs smoothly. There are many reasons behind regular car servicing. Service centres offer many services for car servicing. These types of servicing are discussed and why they are important.

How Do I Know When My Car Needs a Service?

  • Car ownership is a huge responsibility. Watch out for signs your car may need servicing. These are signs that your vehicle needs to be serviced.
    • The vehicle’s check engine light is on.
    • While driving, the car vibrates.
    • A strange smell could indicate that your car is leaking oil, or parts of the car are rubbing against one another.
    • Smoke is emitted from all car parts, including under the bonnet.
    • It is good to have your car serviced at least once a year, even though this may seem counterintuitive. A six-month service interval is recommended for new cars. This should be done regardless of whether you see any of the signs as mentioned above.

Why car servicing is important?

  • Regular servicing of your car is important because it helps keep your vehicle in good health, increases fuel economy and protects you from possible breakdowns
  • Car servicing can help you avoid unexpected car breakdowns.
  • Although car servicing may seem expensive, it is a good investment. Regular servicing can help maintain your car’s resale values and protect it from unexpected damage.
  • Regular services will make cars more fuel efficient. Unserviced cars will not run at their best. From small issues such as oil changes to major issues such as faulty exhaust, these issues can significantly impact vehicle fuel consumption.
  • The car service in essex is a safety service. All important parts and components of your vehicle are thoroughly inspected. The suspension, engine parts, and braking system are tested and highlighted if necessary.
  • Many car owners avoid servicing their vehicles because they think an MOT suffices. The MOT is a test that determines the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It doesn’t require any repairs. It is required by law. Although it is optional, car servicing is highly recommended. Car servicing is an optional but highly recommended service that checks the car’s mechanical parts to ensure it’s in its best condition.

Types Of Car Servicing

Interim Service

This service is only for cars that have driven more than 20,000 miles each year. It may be necessary to service your car more than once per year depending on its service interval. However, you might not need to service your car every year. Checking the basic roadworthiness of your vehicle, including checking the brakes and tyres and leaking hoses and changing oil and filter, will be done. If necessary, vital fluids like coolant and brake liquid will be added. These are the standard interim service. However, garages may remove the wheels to inspect the brake pads and check the belts of the auxiliary driver as part of the service.

Full Car Service

This is also known as “Silver Service”, and it’s recommended to be done every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Full car service includes many checks and replacements, but few are available.

Radiator and coolant system check, Inspecting AC System, Change of Air Filters, Exclusive Bra Inspection, Inspecting Wheel Bearing and Shock Absorber, etc.

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