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Impact of tourism on economy of Turkey

by Abdullah12

Turkey’s economy is getting better day by day. After pandemic almost every country got affected. So did turkey’s tourism industry which effected the economy badly. But lately it has gained its position back in market creating many job employments and revenue.

Impact of Turkish tourism on employment and growth

Many reports and data were gathered and studied to see that how tourism has affected employment and growth. Recently, after 10 percent increase in tourism a 0.7 percent betterment was seen in the country’s economy. This further showed increase of 0.2 percent in growth and 0.4 percent in employment. Moreover, after vaccinations process the world is coming back to normal and so is Turkey’s travelling.

Turkish tourism earns $ 30 billion

2019 was the year when Turkey earned $30 billion until pandemic strike the whole world. In 2020 the revenue went down to $10 billion when only 13 million people could visit Turkey due to restrictions. 45% of these were European and the others were of CIS countries.

Impact on Turkey tourism jobs

As soon as the tourism of the country is increased the employment in the country increases. From medical to transport labor is needed in every sector. Turkey iResidence reported that the increase in tourism will have a positive impact on almost every sector especially labor industry.


All of this has somehow affected the economy of Turkey in a positive way. Yes, we know how badly the Turkish lira was affected in pandemic, but since vaccinations we have only seen improvement. Travelling to Turkey got much better when restrictions were removed and people didn’t have to go for 2 or 3 Covid-19 check ups that would cost them more. Since the tourism has increased now, Turkey is creating huge revenue plus increasing all sort of opportunities for the local people. This not only makes Turkey better, but is also motivating people from other countries to invest and live in Turkey.

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